My Stuffed Toy Cute Animal Collection I love Stuffed Toys September 15, 2017

hi YouTube hi Internet hello warriors good evening now this is for Kevin I'm showing Kevin my stuffed animal collection here so here is the purple bear yep the purple bear and here is well this was a dog but he lost his eye you see that his eye is gone I think spud ate his eye and here is what the heck is that called I still have the price tag I can't believe I paid ten dollars for that what the heck if you guys can't remember what these are called oh my gosh they I had a one that used to talk Oh what the heck I cannot I still can't get over I spent ten dollars from what was it called from styled a place called style oh the fur bees it's a Furby I had a Furby I spent ten dollars for that I can't okay so here's a cat here's a cat I'm wondering I know they're supposed to be collectibles I'm wondering if they've gone up in price here's another cat I think this is a little white cat yeah he looks a little dirty and here is a bear a little bear he looks like he has a German symbol on him possibly and what else oh another cat I got another cat maybe I should make another video sometime of just cats I could do that and here is another Furby let me see how much I paid for this one another Furby I cannot believe I didn't even take the price tags off do you see that I've got another Furby this one is made in China okay so I've got a Furby there and this is an angel bear this is an angel beer here okay this is my stuffed animals here's another purple beer I like the purple beers ice I still like them here is an elephant a blue elephant okay oh I've got another dog and he's got his eye yeah I've got one and he's still got his eye here's it this looks like a dinosaur a dinosaur squirrel I've got a little squirrel here do you see that little squirrel and I'm not a dog a black dog oh he's cute oh he's so cute and another Furby I got another Furby I can't believe I've got all these fur bees and I still got the price tag on them I don't think they talk let me shake him shaking nope okay this is my stuffed animal collection I got another dog I've got three I got three of these kind of dogs they kind of remind me of the Taco Bell dog you guys remember the Taco Bell dog now I've gotten a tiny this was a tiny red bear and I have got this looks like it's a praying beer oh he's kneeling and saying his prayers do you see that or he could be drunk and passed out I think he's supposed to be kneeling and saying his prayers okay and what else do I have Oh another dinosaur I've got another dinosaur so that yeah this is my stuffed animal collection can you guys believe I have a stuffed animal collection oh and in the Box I've got I've got one more beea in the box oh this one it has a crown this one I think is a princess this was the Princess Diana I think they were supposed to be the princess collectibles or they called them the Princess Diana I can't see on there but yeah this one has a crown that goes on it just like that and yeah so but what the heck else do I have in there Oh mm-hmm okay but I think that's it for right now I want to thank you guys so much for watching my stuffed animal collection here please thumbs up this video smash and hit the thumbs up share it with your friends subscribe leave comments suggestions ideas and I'll see you guys soon I love you peace love and avocados


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