Mom argues with child over gender appropriate toys | What Would You Do

Honey, did you pick out a toy? Yes mom, I want this! No no no, you are not turning out like that toy! How about this?No I don't want toys like that

I really wanted this But this is more for you! ButI

No buts about it No, son of mine is going to be playing with the doll You're in a toy store when you see a mother preventing her son from getting what she considers a 'girl's toy'

Worried about how it might change him Do you step in and tell her mom that toys are toys? Or do you agree that maybe he should stick to the more traditional boys toys? What would you do? You said you'd get something I wanted! But just not a girly toy Our cameras are rolling at tons of toys in Wyckoff, New Jersey where our mom Michelle is pushing her son Avey toward a so called 'boy toy' But I have all those toys I really want a princess

I'll hide it in my pillow when my friends come over if you don't want me to have it out This woman clearly hears Avey's plea Well, I don't want you playing with dolls Put the doll back Put the doll back honey, and she reassures our mom that Avey's request is not unique Sometimes my son does that too I have him just play with a little bit like a king rather than a queen stuff So

Here's like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle He wants a doll She suggests a compromise Maybe KenI don't know

He wants a fairy princess * Mumbling * It's okay I just worry You know, what it'll lead to

Where it will go I understand sometimes when you fight too much, really goes the other way "Hi there" I'm John Quinones With What Would You Do? I'd never think I'd be on I'd be on this show I felt for him I really did and my son's his age So, I think you are what you are and I, i really thought he should be whatever he wanted to be

No reason for the mom to be worried Well You know I I do understand a lot of people They don't think progressively, but at the same time you want your kids to be happy And I wanted to be happy That's all Throughout the day, there is a shortage of shoppers sharing their opinions

This woman agrees with our son She says, "it's too girly" Yeah I think you should have whatever you want to have and this lady suggests, "you are who you are" I just don't want him to turn

Well, I don't think you are going to have a choice And then, there is this man This man right here wouldn't buy a barbie doll for his son

Nope He wants these dollsbut even he thinks her son should get what he wants

That's what he likes Let him get it We roll again, honey I'm worried about the things you're liking these days Look, I can put my doll in this And as this man walks in, our actors quickly grab's his attention That's for girls! It's a a doll, a fairy princess My son has one and he's not playing with it anymore I'll be glad to

let him have it You don't want a used toy But your son plays with

Used to

Yeah I guess I'm just worried that This you know, this will stay with him And? And when he gets older that, it'll be a problem um Well, nothing happened to my son Whatever it is that you're thinking could happen and I don't know if you want to stifle creative sort of energy you know, that's my opinion

We're going to fuel it See what it becomes versus You know not allowing it to develop and become something that could be beneficial down the road someday But what if we switched things up and now it's Amanda who wants what some might consider a boy toy I? I dont want a Barbie B-but girls play with dolls boys play with trucks Those words hit these women like a dump truck my little girl Hi, Rosa, really yells Oh, you're not I tried with this other waste matter I tried for years Yeah, I'm just afraid you know and see everything is void pour on the void that shall become like a boy now now

They don't Scream a line, it's also when it's against the grain it's even more attractive So it's better to just say Very frankly there I just think you can't do that Doesn't matter you want to who your kid is no matter what? children should be able to Play with whatever It's A if it's the trust with the doll and the message was simple Let them play with what they want to play with You know what straight A's get you choice of a toy Oh except the truck because girls don't play with trucks Why can't I get a truck though? Cause girls dont play with trucks and you can a get doll though, and I don't I know Now this woman rolls in to our daughter's rescue But if she wants a truck and she's the one that got the straight A's and she should get what she wants But she's a girl my daughter her first toy was a dinosaur because of my son, how'd aren't you worried? No what no what could happen my son's going to be 18 and my daughters 14 and They're fine But look at I mean she's starting to dress like a boy, but the old wrestling look at this one She's a sweet little thing and she worked really hard she got those aids right Wanna get what she wants look at that face

How could you say no can't we okay? Where does it say for boys Does it say that anywhere? Useful from the heart I want you to be politically correct You know person as a person you can't change what you are so you have to embrace it you know This is a new generation We roll our cameras one last time No boys toys get this barbie doll this car be table looks so good with your others good I don't like pink stuff anymore I keep on telling me that okay Well You look really nice, okay? No, you're not getting that we know mother and this store is going to buy her girl a dump truck I don't like pink bell, and I don't like farms then get purple as this mom steps away her daughter steps in Sometimes what when I was young, I used to places It with Rose I was like so done with my brothers like legos see she's allowed to get that best Bike and I like that that she wants to buy the Incredible Hook I Know I'm alive right sorry icicle Thank you for talks with my mom And she's not the only brave little person we meet today I didn't think that's good because this girl to play boys oven boy to close girl stuff If you want to consider it boys toys to voice what you can open also consider it beautiful if a girl really wants I'd like my my sister's because she like loves to play dolls would it matter right? Anyone could be free or open to do whatever they want It doesn't matter if it's a boy or a girl


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