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Hi everyone! So, we're going to make some paper crafts, right Rocket? 'Yeah' I've got my scissors

Show your scissors 'My scissors' We're going to make this Which is a print out of; what do you see there Rocket? I see some birds, yeah? Chicken, there's an owl There's a penguin

So this is called A Tiny Book of Birds by The Toymaker It's a really cool website that has a lot of 3D paper crafts My assistant who is handing over the colors for me What color is that? That's not a colored pencil That's a piece of paper So we got nationally and now we're going to go back and listen one long stretch your food is ready so i can get together in here like an accordion section out like any other page and there's a flattened here at you you you can together know basically everything like you and me right or get back notice how impossible for letting them dry went to drinkin and havin your side when you are marketing community first mark please make an impression in the back great we are going and we let the back clipping so what you have now it's like an art here that last day next week and we have a little kill know what time it is right now any kind of not working right here then now it's party one giant ball you red berry cart got the ice-cold lemonade e7 sweet peppermints the strawberry cream three layers of warm chocolate cake for cuts but no between frosting by bright red cherry night coming on and very sorry that we got the party to read or maybe a little meet you I'm monkey some probably enjoyed watching that video ad and you have questions on me any crap no comments no we're going to be making someone and more efficient


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