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Hello and welcome back For those of you that are new to my channel, here you can find Hot Wheels related videos, debates about this collecting hobby, storage solutions, cards differences, differences between different series and so on

Hot Wheels Finds and those fun Playing with Hot Wheels videos, where we play with different play-sets and track sets When we take a break from Hot Wheels we open Kinder Surprise eggs to find the cool surprises hidden inside And some of the complete series From time to time we also try different manufacturers of die-cast cars and play sets, like the Nano Speed or Disney Cars SUBSCRIBE here on youtube or stay connected thru one of those social sites, like Googe + , facebook, Twitter to stay up to date with all my content

In today's video i am going to show you my latest finds, one of them is this Batmobile, i think it is the action figure Batmobile, i am not sure exactly how it is called Yes, i don't like those rims, the faster than ever 2 rims, but i don't have this particular model, so i wanted it, probably in the future am going to replace it with another variation that has different rims Some of the stores here are getting new Hot Wheels, well new for me, new mixes, if i am not mistaking the cars i found are from the G mix, the short card G mix, i am not sure if it is the same as the American mixes Of course the Prototype H-24, as you may know, i want to collect all variations of it, this model i really like, it is one of my favorites and i have most of the releases, not all of them, i am missing some of the first ones from 2009/2008 and i am also missing the Mystery models, i think it was one in 2010 and one of them last year, if i am not mistaking And as you saw in the beginning of my video Mcdonald's and Happy Meal have Hot Wheels cars again

They are not 1:64 scale size, they are a bigger scale, but of course i had to grab a few and see how they are They are a bigger scale size, they are all made out of plastic and each and every one of them has an action Of course, like in the past we only have four of them, we have the stickers sheet and the pamphlet with all the cars in this series We have this one and i also have the first one, i missed the second one and i don't know if i am going to get the last one The last one is Super Blitzen, this is Impavido 1, Air Slayer and i think this one is called Turbo Car, but i think it is Twinduction

The action for this car, let's apply the stickers and see how it looks I say it looks a lot better with the stickers applied, we actually have a window tint now, it has a pull back action Also the first one we had it is Air Slayer and it is actually a motorcycle, with this back thingy, i am not sure how to call it, this one also has a pull back action and when it reach the desired speed the motorcycle is launched These are my latest finds, European collectors be sure to stay tuned at your McDonald's, i am pretty sure you will receive these Hot Wheels, American collectors, well, i am not sure, somebody let me know in the comments section below if you already have these or if you are going to in the future Thank you for watching and for staying with me the whole video, happy collecting and see you on my next video


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