Marvel Legends X-Men MAGIK Walgreens Exclusive Action Figure Hasbro Toy Review

It's time to review magic Hey guys we host supersorrell Thank you very much – Yeah, it's Marvel's magic from the x-men wave as a part of Marvel Legends line by Hasbro I'm really excited to have this figure

First of all, the figure is gorgeous looking Have you seen the artwork on the side of the box or? Nicely nice We do like that a lot He is awesome Magic is the sister of Colossus I can never pronounce her name I've got it written up on my notes here cuz I can never pronounce her name Elena Rasputin Elena Nicknamed her house It's the middle name, but it's Elena Rasputin, and she's the sister or a sweetener she is the sister of colossus and was featured in the x-force comics x-men giant x-men number one she was in and the Age of Apocalypse in the Age of Apocalypse storyline she actually meets blink and they're actually making a blink Marvel Legends real soon and she also replaced blink in the Excalibur in the Excalibur stories where they also had like Captain Britain and psylocke and that's where we saw her the first time and Silex technically he's Is this convoluted storyline? But yeah basically That's where magic comes when she's gonna be him that she's the word Papa the New Mutants and she's gonna be in the New Mutants movie Which was she'll be played by Anna Taylor joy in the new movie So I keep looking to my notes But yeah, it's a great figure in a Walgreens exclusive in the United States But I got mine here from in-demand toys here in the UK in demand toy store code UK

Please do check them out They are a great company if you don't pay me to say that I just like to recommend them because that's where I get a lot of my collectibles from In demanding Kapow toys are usually the top two that I use because everybody keeps us giving the comments Where do I get my stuff from however managed to get this in the UK? However got this early Whatever I don't do anything in particular I just literally pre-order from in demand and Caputo's and then No pay for them what you guys do so definitely check out the companies and they do get a lot of stuff and The bonus to get the hands on the exclusives, which is brilliant And from what I'm aware of I think both companies are kind of working towards getting that spiderman ps4 variant as well from Gamestop I know Kapow definitely are because they put a thing on the other day saying they were trying to get a hold of one Um Sorry, I'm coming bacon in my beep But yes She was am in giant x-men number one back in 1975 in the uncanny x-men 145 as well the first eight years of the character She was in frequently appearing as a background character And she was a part of the Age of Apocalypse storyline as a young girl We're meeting for the first time and he's actually saved from a camp

Like it's like a camp when Russia gets destroyed if remember rightly by by apocalypse and she's in a camp and a young Weapon X and Sabretooth save her so Interesting storylines Anyway, let's get on with the toy review So this is the image on the back of the box which is a very nice product shot and does actually have a little bit of a blurb here which states a Powerful mutant and sorcerer Elena Rasputin's wields the saw soul sword a weapon crafted from her own soul Mm Nice and she lived wagon because she's a sorceress All right, guys, let's break her out of the packaging I want to get this figure out I Was really excited when I have when this came up for pre-order in the UK Being a walking exclusive Sometimes you can't always get a hold of mummies Won't where we do get them here in the UK They never have the stickers on which is a shame So they're clearly from like a different stock somewhere That's the one downfall up into the UK and is exclusive elsewhere we don't get anything to stick And that's how that sounds really trivial but sometimes there's a lot of worth in that little sticker She comes where there's so many accessories guys We've got Blue Lightning accessory that goes on her hands like stomped and she has the little red dragon which looks very similar to the one that came with a Cape ride We have the sword

Well, the thinner piece of thin saw with blue around it, which looks very similar to the one that came with Typhoid Mary It will all come to me guys of you bear with me She also comes with an alternate hand, which is the flat left flat open palm hands, so it looks like she's casting and She also does come with him a flaming skull head I'm not sure why he's not for her That a new pet head folk goes right now I have no idea However, that probably will go on my Ghost Rider I Mean look at my Ghost Rider on the bike and contemplate mmm, interesting head She also comes with two more little blue out accessories that fit on our wrists And then of course you're putting with the joyous soul sword, which is my favorite, which I've explained her with The finger is very nice delicate as well pop the box, but Remember guys the golden rule if you've been around long enough, you'll remember the catchphrase I don't box then see you don't have to You're not on boxer But you want to see what's inside the box and what the fingers look like and then check out my channel We're gonna be tons of content you gotta love Right, here She is

Ooh Loving the face sculpt type First of all that face sculpt is top-notch loving it She looks just like the comic-book character Also who's excited for the New Mutants movie? I know I am So I see why they have created all these carrots recently We've got these like the Age of Apocalypse storylines and But also we she's have been featured in a lot of other things like the the Exile dude blink Excalibur and she was also in the House of M and shatter shot and all those kind things So all the characters kind of crossing over right now Like we getting a blink blink sob viously been with magic she's being with psylocke She's been with the x-men the exiles so they are making a lot of different like crossover characters right now It seems that kind of into end But magic is amazing I love this costume The costume is so good

The belt is really separate from the body as well so that moves up and down which is nice and Let's look at the articulation so this side that'll lift up as far as it will allow here to the hair piece But really look at the other side that lifts all the way up and rotates there at the top There's also a elbow that also rotates here single hinge elbow Hasbro not like giving us double hinge Sorry double elbows with female characters For some reason they recruit your foreheads and the side to side as well with that ab crunch That's pretty nice I like to do It's now pretty far as well as backwards and forwards with a top 5 break and a double hinge knee there There's also a break at the top of the boot to rotate and the foot is on a rocker and ankle pivot so articulation is great you can guarantees and I am gonna because I'm going to put me put the sword in that hand so I don't need to Sordid hands, so I am gonna swap that hand out and put the flat palm hand in so I can have her using the soul-sword See how that fits in the hand Right, so that fits in the hand real nice So I can have it displayed with the soul-sword But then also it gives me the opportunity to either have the dragon or something on the other hand or a spell Oh It's not gonna stay right now because I'm holding her up But basically you can display her like that very similar to the box, huh? Well, we could go ahead and put some Lightning effects on there to make it Lexus

She's casting something So most cute about accessories, of course that side as well with that blue one it is pretty nice That blue will come off by the way and give us a blue sword So that is pretty nice very soon was the one that came with Typhoid mary really Why is this head for this cannot be her second head sculpt surely I Can't be for magic Can it Don't remember that in the Commons or anything Maybe someone can enlighten me in the comments below Well, yeah, I don't fun, I'm not gonna remove that had to go the head right now because that head is firmly on And there's a really nice happy something that I want to ruin this by a chance, right? By chance pull the head off and ruin it So I'm not gonna be displaying her with that flaming head on anyway, even if it is for her We're just be displaying her with the blonde hair So Not gonna bother changing that over guys I'm sorry Let's see if we can recreate the effect Yeah we can So there is a statue that I always see in Sheffield in Mehta Hall where she's basically stood Like that, but I love that pose as I might see if I can recreate that Yeah, alright guys, let me get a stood up here and pose and then we'll go to the desk M Yeah, let's go to the desk, um guys I'll give you guys up close personal look at this figure She is amazing you get a little bit

So let's go to the discount and take a closer look Okay, guys she is out looking awesome as how Loving this figure She looks so Real let me not face cooks I can't know that faith I just love that face cook It looks so good The little bit of you like the makeup around the eyes and things around the lips just makes everything stand out and pop a little bit more and I Think we should do that with more female characters B Yeah, just because it he just he really does improve the face and makes them look a little bit more animated That's just my opinion though, I know a lot of people will be against that well that's just my opinion I think it looks really nice and does represent her from the comic book a lot Nice So let's just remove the little dragon here I can't without knocking her over OOP So yeah, we have got a magic here from the Exile

She's been in there House of M storyline Age of Apocalypse Excalibur the list goes on and on and on she has the teleportation powers sorcery and She has an elder trauma and the soul sword So that's kind of her really cool like rundown of stuff, but her main mutant ability was to teleport through space and location she initially did this by swimming what she calls the stepping discs, which were part of the dimensions a limbo and Assualt the she has magic as well and And she's the sorceress supreme of a limbo So I mean she could probably go toe-to-toe with like Doctor Strange or sorcerer supreme that could be an interesting and That could be an interesting sort of storyline to look at one day maybe in some skits with my characters But as well, she was taught a lot of alternative magic by Aurora Monroe and the unique mix of black magic And so that was kind of cool Again I'm just kind of all reading this from my notes that I took from when I was sat reading last night I was looking through the Marvel encyclopedia, which is just over there as you see behind there behind the mask We have the Marvel encyclopedia So I was giving it a good read about magic just to remind myself about the characters past and Yeah, I found out a lot that I didn't actually remember so Really glad I looked her up We had such an awesome character guys again, if someone can hit me off about that alternate head sculpt that flaming skull Not sure what this is fire does have a hinge orany as well Is he just wins but shit holding a hand or is it actually meant to be a real? Alternate head for her I'm intrigued Either way won't be used on her, but he might be used on ghostwriter Interesting Again she does come with the really nice sword as well I like that one Will be nicer than the Typhoid Mary one

Okay I'm not the robot So she is very petite in here obviously I do struggle standing sometimes I'm not very good at posing characters But she just stand pretty easily on her own and as well I've used the sword here kind of just meshes into the into this little soft ball styrene, so It doesn't make us stand pretty easily So that's pretty cool But guys, what are your thoughts on magic let us know in the comments below and let's go back to the main cams I finished the video off So guys when I said she's kind of small I weren't kidding This is her standing a full height and She's nowhere near the heights of any of the other female characters in the line

So these are from the recent Sorry, these are from the x-men franchise Oh, no, I'm not much doubt again Simply however her opposite and hope here Hope Summers Hope is a little bit of an older character now and I live in all the legend But still towers over the top of magic and their recently released Polaris as well from the x-men wave Again, she's towering over towering over and if we bring typhoid mary little bit closely to ceiling She also i've not even got her stood a full i'd she's kind of half leaning and even she's taller than her So she is a very small petite character which again isn't scaling it is in keeping with the mall franchise That's what to let you know that she is a little bit shorter than some of the other characters in the lion just in case you were looking at scale and How it's something in particular So that's the scaling on the Marvel Legends She's about five and three-quarter inch Just short of the six-inch Oh Yeah, what are your thoughts on the scaling guys? Let us know in the comments So guys, what are your thoughts on this figure? Let us know in the comments down below issue one the yoga don't pick it up for your collection I'd love to hear your comments on this one again I got this from in demand twice and please do check them out they do have a lot of awesome figures up for sale and Your you're not gonna be disappointed in that in the service by the company look great

And then again the don't baby say this It's just my opinion I do use them and I want you guys to know where I get my stuff from and that's where I get a lot from Guys, if you are new around here though, please smash that subscribe on subscribing really supporters It really helps us out and it helped us keep making awesome videos We slowly working our way towards that twenty thousand goal and when we hit it, we've got a massive giveaway planned And I wouldn't want you to miss out on the giveaway It's the biggest one I've ever done So, please make sure you subscribe and if you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up It really helps with YouTube and its algorithm and stuff So please do give it a thumbs up for me But as always guys, I am your host supersorrell and I'll see you again soon May the force be with you Bye You You


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