LOL Surprise Glitter Glam Handbag Purse DIY Craft Activity Set

hi everyone welcome Evie's toy house and today we get to design a handbag featuring the LOL surprise dolls so this is super super cute it is brand new and let's take a look at the LOL doll that is featured on this bag as you can see these are the series one girls from the glitterati so down here as you can see it says there are twelve peel-and-stick patches three bright markers and there is a surprise accessory inside so I'm really curious to find out what that accessory is so let me show you the back oh my gosh look at them these are so cute so we have three members of the LOL doll glitterati we have crystal Queen we have glitter Queen and we also have cosmic Queen the only person missing is queen bee before we start it's time for a trigger question who is most likely to say this put a sash on it do you know the answer to check your answer stay to the end of the video alright so we got these three bright markers we have a hot pink a yellow and a green and over here are the sticker patches that we can use to decorate our bag and here are all four members of the glitterati and this is the purse so this is super super glittery look at this isn't it awesome it's completely round just like the lol ball open it up I think our surprises inside and oh we kept the Bell keychain is a girl LOL surprise logo bubble this is kind of cool it's kind of squishy and squeeze it then hang this on your keychain or what we can do is we'll hang it on our bag here on the zipper perfect no we have a zipper pull so let's figure out which side we want so this one is the handles right here and a zipper opens up on the front here so I think we should decorate this side and here are the patches so these are kind of puffy stickers let's go see their pasta key and then just a lot of things for you to color in and customize so before we stick them on the bag the first things you do is actually color them again this set only comes with three markers so I do have my little box of sharpies here so we're going to supplement with a few of my own colors all right let's get started let's start with crystal clean blue top and now we're gonna work on glitter Queen next is cosmic queen and finally queen bee all right you guys take a look I only look awesome look at that super cute okay so we're gonna cover the rest of them all right everyone so we are done take a look isn't me pretty that was a lot of fun so now I hope we get to place them on the bag anyway we want all right let's start with so you pick a species centerpiece here this so that means the prayers on top perfect now we can put the other stickers and so what I saw just now was that we have a V in a crown and a plus sign so this would be a crown plus B equals Queen B so let's do that somewhere does do that right here right next to queen bee herself and of course everywhere else we can just kinda decorate with these stickers let's spread it out a little bit of these little diamonds all right there we go oh my gosh this is too cute and the answer to our trivia question who is most likely to say put a stache on it it's miss baby did you get it right you did comment below I will so let me know down below in the comment section what you think of this LOL surprise doll glitter glam bag and guys like this video make sure to subscribe and I'll see you guys next time bye you


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