LOL Surprise Dolls DIY Accessories Stocking Stuffers for girls 12 days of Christmas Vlogmas Day 9

Hi friends it's me Tiffany Taylor and welcome to vlogmass I'm making some last minute stocking stuffers LOL bracelets see and this one and that one looks so cute I ran out of my other string so I had to use this one and click the i right here to watch how I made these LOL charms so making these bracelets using beads the colors like the LOL dolls this one is the colors of neon qt

and this one is Posh LOL because it's pink black and white so now I'm going to work on Murbaby she has she has colors green green purple pink okay so let's start putting them on the string and this one goes in this string so it can fit like that look it it's like wiggling around now let's put the charm these are turning out so cute and I love them because they turning out to bracelets look friends the bracelets are all done I love them they're ready to be wrapped up so let's put them in we are going to put some stickers inside the gift for an extra surprise this one's a dog put it in look friends I'm going to wrap it up in pink like this slowly because it might break I'm going to put a LOL sticker to hold it together look friends I made these stickers be sure to watch my video to see how I made them link is in the description box below yay we made a present I'm going to put two more stickers again look see we made it together now let's do another present we were going to make three presents now let's fold let's fold the white one now we need tape put a sticker on friends put one more sticker so let's put it on see one last one we're going to pick white we need to cut it though friends see in the front let's put some more stickers see all done we wrapped all of the bracelets now they are ready to go in the stocking well that's it for today thank you for making these bracelets with me see you tomorrow for another vlogmass bye friends


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