LOL Dolls Glam Glitter Opening! Who Did We Get? LOL Surprise

so how was your day today oh it was okay how about you yeah okay to homework I got it all done now oh that's good I didn't have very much I todaybut I had a ton yesterday hey, oh hey! so what are you doing? well this house is now sold Who bought it? actually I don't even know my boss just told me to go down here and put a sold sign out front

huh, well I wonder who's moving in? I'm sure it'll be somebody awesome! have a good day! Wow somebody newI know that'll be exciting Wow let's hope so well looky there! there is somebody new moving in and look what we found it's a new lll surprise glam and glitter and we are super excited we have been looking and looking for one of these balls and we finally found one at our local target Unbox me! well let's get to it well here's our clue

stars- Bom? Glitter Bom! yes it's glitter Bom all right second zipper and here are our stickers crier spitter Tinkler and color changer which one did we get I'm waiting Darling! here's our first package shine bright oh here's our water bottle and look at the pretty pink glittery top let me out of here! let's do it! and for our second surprise look at those awesome glitter boots I wonder if they're for rain or snow? boy we needed boots here today with all the rain we got almost there how exciting to get our glam glitter doll look oh wait we've got something in here too well I cannot wait to see who we've got here's our list and our options of the glam glitter series

Oh, we love glitter! Born to sparkle! oh we got brrrr BB there she is and she is a fabulous Let's get her accessories open and get her dressed how about in a snap? oh and there she is isn't she pretty with all of that glitter and I just love her the color of her hair and her little braids and here's her cap she is super cute I can't seem to get her to stand on her own very well with her hat on hmm she just likes the fall over so maybe we should take her hat off for now very cute so let's see what she does all right how about we get her undressed put her in the water and see if she's a color changer or not

let's get the boots off all right let's see if she's a color changer first into the icy cold water I see nothing hmm okay to the warm water nope nada all right all right let's get her dressed and see if she cries spits or tinkles let's give her some water little bit more okay let's see what she does oh she is a tinklker she's a tinkler well isn't she cute even in her own little puddle well do you have anything and we can help you carryi in? Well, actually I have a whole bunch of packages arriving

we be happy to help you with those Oh that'd be great well WI friends what do you think of brrrr BB? stay tuned because in one of our next videos we'll be moving her into her house and you won't want to miss that and we would love to have you like comment share and subscribe for more fun from we imagine well that's our collection for now until next time


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