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Spain lies in Southern Europe and borders the countries including Portugal, Andorra, France, Gibraltar and also Morocco The capital of Spain is Madrid that is the biggest city of Spain with 33 million inhabitants

Spain is the only European country which borders Africa It is separated by Africa by the straits of Gibraltar and two of the cities belonging to Spain are inside Morocco The Spanish nation is divided in 17 'autonomous communities' which are regions where people have their own regional government The Longest river of Spain is Rio Ebro with the length of 910km Spain’s largest lake is Mar Menor which is also the largest salt lake in Europe The highest Mountain in Spain is El Teide on Tenerife with 3,718m The largest Island is Mallorca which is part of the Balearic Islands There are only a few surviving mammals left in the south of Spain and Portugal The lynx is the most endangered cat in the world

Other protected animals are the Iberian fox the Iberian wolves and the Cantabrian brown bear The short-toed eagle is Spain's national bird The region of Andalusia is home to the Andalusian horses which are known for their speed and strength Attractions of Spain are Barcelona that is famous for the beach suburb More than 500,000 visitors from all over the world visit to this popular beach every summer

Valencia is well-known for the futuristic Museum of Sciences The Pyrenees is the destination for hiking in the mountains between Spain and France Santiago de Compostela is famous for the pilgrimage Granada is full off the historic Alhambra and the colourful mosaics The Royal Palace, Palacio Real, in the city of Madrid is the place where official functions take place Many Spanish people are soccer fans The top soccer clubs are Real Madrid and FC Barcelona

Spain is known for its flamenco dance In Andalusia, in many towns and villages people dance the flamenco for special festivities Spanish is spoken in Spain and in various South American countries, among them Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela Some typical Spanish food are Paella: A rice dish with seafood or meat such as rabbit, chicken and snails, popular especially in Valencia or Gazpacho: Vegetable soup or stew


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