Learn colours and counting with building blocks puzzle toys

Mum there're so many chairs for all the passengers Let's count how many share do we have? One two three Really good T Hi everybody and Tanya really loves playing puzzle So we have this little square tiles lying around in the kitchen and she just plays with it sometimes In the morning, we'll be getting ready for for going to kindy It's good for repetition and she's learning colours counting Fine motor skill putting these little tiles together making up her story so it's gonna be a great start of her day today that she get to play her puzzle before she goes to kindy

So enjoy One pink one green How about we do the other side too I add the pink one We have a colourful runway mommy I lower them all down Let me collect this another green mom we have it splatted on my legs oh another i've got so many pink

All the pink one goes together look I fit this on inside wow this is a bigger runway i'm going to use yellow all this yellow hey mom it's a chair now we've got one chair two chairs are those for people to sit on the side watching for the plane to land or for the plane to take off? Yes are we at the airport terminal? yeah for people to get on the airplane and I'm gonna make a couple more chairs What colour is your chair green and yellow let's look at the chairs shall we mommy i'm gonnan get more green I found this green look at all these this comes another chair with the green seat let's see the blue seat I've got one blue seat I need more hey we can have a white seat mommy we can have a white seat for somebody there'll be lots of people coz I've got lots of chairs there'll be more people so so I can do another white chair here here is my white chair but this white chair's got a little hole so you can have the juice right here and any of their meal stuff square meal one blue and one pink I should do the yellow first to go with this yellow seat I think we need another blue for this yellow too So when you mix yellow and blue together what colour do you get um purple urgh No so what colour you've gotta try it out When you mix the blue and pink together what color do you get White That could be purple No blue and red comes to be purple mommy Well, shall I say a light purple then like a lavender mom there're so many chairs for all the passengers Let's tell how many chairs do we have? No I'm making some more chairs now We have to go to kindy one more Okay

I'll make one more Lucky last you have to get going to go to kindy now T Look at all the chairs You want to count, how many do you have Yeah how many chairs did you make? 1,2,3 4 1,2,3, 4,5,6 7,8,9,10 11,12,13 13 chairs Wonderful How many green one did you make? 1,2 i made 2 green chairs How about all the other colour 1 ,2 , and 3 and 4 We've got 4 yellow chairs 1,2 2 white chairs as well 1,2 3,4 got these mix we've got these mixed up chairs and we've got 1,2,3 blue and 2 of these mixed up chairs Well done

Lots of chairs okay, can the plane take off now no no people on the seats We don't have any people here no but I see no people on the chairs yet We don't need people yet how about I put it right there The airplane is coming Let's see, oh I didn't hold it properly Will I be breaking my airplane oh yeah oh am I You broke one piece of the airplane Put this back up the top I want to try so move it back Got to fix it up first I want to do it All the passengers are waiting for the airplane Thank you for watching don't forget to Like subscribe and hit that Bell so you don't miss our new videos


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