Learn Colors and Shapes with Sesame Street Puzzle Blocks from Tyco Vintage Sesame Street Toy

Today on Surprise and Play Sesame Street puzzle blocks! Elmo Grover Bert cookie Monster Big Bird and Ernie! Let's leanr colors and shapes with the Sesame Street Surprise and Play! Hi everybody, I'm Chocolate Chip Are you ready for a surprise? Yeah! Ok close your eyes open your eyes Wow! Sesame Street puzzle blocks! Let's leanr colors and shapes with the Sesame Street Don't forget to smile Check out the back of the box Those are puzzle blocks fom Tyco You have to match the shapes and the colors Unboxing time! Unboxing time! Let's open it up open it Wow!!! Look at these Sesame street blocks from Tyco this is a teal pentagon and who is on the other side? it's Ernie!!! Wow! Look at Ernie, he's so cool Blue pentagone it's a green square Who is on the green square? It's Big Bird Green square It's a red circle who's inside the red circle? Wow, it's Cookie Monster Red circle oh it's not staying Purple triangle Let's see what's inside here It's Bert! Let's take him out Purple triangle An orange Octogon Let's see what's inside the octogone It's Grover! Orange octogon It's a yellow star Who's in the yellow star It's Elmo! Yellow star yey! Blue pentagon blue pentagon Green square red circle purple triangle orange octogone and yellow star Elmo Grover Bert Cookie Monster Big Bird and Ernie If you have any questions, place them in the comments and subscribe to my channel for lots more toys

Thanks guys! Bye guys I'm going to join my Sesame Street with all the shapes and colors bye! bye thanks for watching click subscribe thumbs up I heart you subscribe See you next time and we're gonna have fun Surprise and Play! Awe, he's so cute! kiss


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