Korea’s Tranditional Clothes on Toys. Dress Up toys in Hanbok

Previous episode, Petty and Rupy got into Hanbok and compared who looked better Who is going to get the first place in Hanbok festival? I’m looking for wonderful contestants who wants to show off their beautiful hanbok

We have a lot of gifts to give away Alright, everyone I’m still waiting for contestants here! We don’t have all day Do I have any volunteers? I’m coming I’m coming

Me!!!!! Don’t sweat it! You don’t sweat it I said I’m going out! Alright Come on out We have two lovely ladies in beautiful Hanbok Come up to the stage! me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Wuh wuh wuh~~~ be careful there

I don’t want you to trip She’s not in Only me I’m the only contestant No! She’s only helping me

I’m the contestant Don’t listen to her I’m in! okay okay Calm down ladies You both can come up to the stage

Alright Do we have anyone else who wants to join these two? Is there anyone else who wants to take the fabulous Chuseok gift home? I wonder who is going to win I don’t care who wins I just wanna go look around I wanna see the gift

It’s probably something yummy, crong what? Something yummy? Wait! I wanna get it! Oh no!!!!!!!!! okay~ I guess we have no more contestants Wait!!!!!!!!!!! Me! Me! Count me in too!!!!!!! Wait!!!!!!!!!!! Oh Poby~ I think he really wants to get the gift Then, he needs to wear Hanbok too, just like the other two First, with white play-doh, I’ll make him the upper garment and pants

Make the doh really thin and wrap his upper body and make the upper garment Cut the remaining part out The top is finished Next, using the same white color, make pants Make it thin, cut it straight and wrap around his legs

Same thing over here Cut out the unnecessary play-doh Now the pants are finished, I should tie the ends It’s time to make a jacket I’ll use blue

Make blue play-doh thinly cut out a little piece Bring it to Poby’s body and cut it to Poby’s size Put it on Poby and trim the ends I need to finish the other side Let’s make a color using white play-doh

Just like this Next, I’ll use baby blue color to make a lace at the front Make two thin strips and attach at the front with a ribbon Style it up with a nice belt Wow! Very stylish! Now, I need to make him a hat

In Korean, we call this ‘got’ With black round play-doh, put it on Poby’s head and trim There you go! Very nice! How about a string to hold the hat? It’s time to paint On the jacket, I’m drawing these beautiful prints Lastly, I’m going to add a little detail on the string with red and yellow play-doh

Yay!!! We have very lovely pink lady and purple lady and we also have handsome polar bear on the stage They are all wearing beautiful Hanbok But we must choose one best Hanbok model Who do you think deserves the title? Please choose your favorite and leave your thoughts in the comment box Remember Rupy=Hanbok! Please vote for me

I’m the most beautiful one here Don’t you love my gorgeous look with this hairdo? Please vote for me, everyone! Come on guys Don’t forget about me I really want to get the present!!!! Hahahahahaha Okay, everyone Please vote for your favorite character before time runs out

Thanks everyone for watching This is Hanbok festival at 숭례문 gate Good bye everyone!


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