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Jojo doll: Hi everyone! It’s Jojo Siwa!! Welcome to my channel! And today we are going to do something suuuuuuper fun, because I'm suuuuper happy! Storieswithdolls: (laughs) Hi, friends! Stories With Toys and Dolls here!! What do you think, did I do a good job imitating Jojo Siwa? (laughs) Well the truth is I can't do it as well as she does But I wanted to show you guys that I got this My Life Jojo Siwa doll!! These dolls are very similar to the American Girl dolls, they’re the same size, and they look a lot like American Girl, but they're from a different brand This Jojo Siwa doll is from the My Life brand

My Life just released this Jojo Siwa doll, and I loved it when I saw it, I just had to get it to come share it with you guys (music) Here on the box we see what it comes with, Jojo the doll and her dog And it also says that these three outfits are available for Jojo but they’re sold separately Buuuutttt ding ding ding ding ding, I also bought the outfits to show you guys So today we are going to be playing with the Jojo Siwa doll and also trying on these outfits on her

(music) Doggy!!!! Friends, if you any of you knows the name of Jojo's dog, let me know in the comments because I don't know what it is (laughs) But he's so cute! or is it a she? Anyway, here we have… Jojo! (music) Jojo is a super cheerful girl, she loves to dance!! Oh, I think her hair got undone because this is definitely not Jojo’s regular hairstyle The Jojo Siwa’s signature hairstyle is a very high pony tail to the side It's a very 80's style look, it reminds me a lot of the 80's where they had very high pony tails and big colorful bows as well

And, friends, I love everything about the 80's I love the music, the 80's fashion One of the things I really like about Jojo Siwa is she reminds me a lot of the 80s style And how about we open up the clothes so we can dress her up, I love playing dress up with dolls Let's look at the box really quickly Jojo's autograph here

And here are the three outfits that we are going to try on her Jojo Siwa’s picture again And the doll We have her, we just opened her! *giggle Now we just need to get the clothes out of the box Ooh, it has an extra pair of shoes

And they're the same as the ones she has already just a different color Friends, which one should we try on first, they are all so cute! It also comes with a Jojo bow I know what! Since we're in the bedroom, we can try her pajamas on first And now we can look at the doll in more detail Oh, I think the jacket is attached to her skirt

And I might as well show you the doll, she's made of plastic and cushion Jojo: (yawns) It's time to go to bed! Dog: (barking) Jojo: (laughs) But first, I'm going to brush my hair Storieswithdolls: Friends, we are going to take her bow off and brush her hair Because I'm pretty sure that Jojo let's her hair down at night, I don't think she sleeps with her hair tied up in a pony tail (music) And here is Jojo Siwa at her bedtime

Now we will dress her in her casual clothes And for that we will dress her in this beautiful dress Look at this beautiful dress, boys and girls, it’s perfect for Summer time, or a picnic, or a day in the park And to be able to run around and dance, we will of course put her tennis shoes on And in case it gets a little cold in the evening, then she can put on this jacket

Hmm, but she looks like she's missing something Of course, her bow! *giggle I'll put it on And now she is ready to go to the park! Dog: (barks) Storieswithdolls: So she can go to her dance class, we are going to put on… her dance clothes! Jojo: Woohoo, I love my dance class! Bye Hairy guy, I'll see you later tonight (hums a happy song) Storieswithdolls: Friends, if you want me to do more Jojo Siwa videos, don't forget to give this video a like If you like these American Girl style dolls, check this out Ariel: Ooh, Rapunzel, this hairstyle is coming out fabulously

Rapunzel: Yes, I love the accessories you're putting in my hair Belle: And what do you think of the tiara that I put? Rapunzel: Ooh, it's beautiful! But, I'm really tired, why don't we go to sleep right now? Belle: Yeah, the truth is I'm really tired as well, let's go put on our pajamas Ariel: But, girls, it's still really early The most fun part about sleeping over at a friend's house is that we can stay awake all night Girls: All night?!? Ariel: Yes! Telling jokes, doing each other's hair, make up, telling stories

Belle: Well, we can do all of that tomorrow during breakfast Rapunzel: Yeah, it's better that we just put on our pajamas I have one that I want to show you

What do you girls think? They have panda bears on them! Belle: Yes, it's very pretty Now I want to show you guys mine What do you think of mine? With slippers and everything (laughs) Ariel: Ooh, it's great I guess I'm the only one missing, I'll go put mine on

Here's mine, it looks a little bit like Belle's Do you like how it matches with my hair? Girls: Yes! Belle: All right, time to brush our teeth and then off to sleep Rapunzel: I want the high bunk bed! Belle: And I want the one in the middle Ariel: All right, I'll sleep on the one at the bottom Just don't go peeing the beds! Girls: (laugh) (crickets) Ariel: (sigh) How boring, going to sleep so early

I know what, I'll play a prank on them I'll pretend I'm asleep and that I talk in my sleep (grunts) Take all these Peter Pans out of here, and put them behind the Pizza Hut! Rapunzel: What did you say, Ariel? Ariel: (sighs sleepily) Belle: Don't worry, Rapunzel, I think Ariel is just talking in her sleep Rapunzel: Oh, yes that may be it Ariel: Doctor! I need a new butt, this one has a crack in it Rapunzel: (laughs) Belle: Rapunzel! Don't laugh at her, she talks in her sleep Rapunzel: (laughs) It's just that she says things that are very funny! Ariel: Cookies and milk! Cookies and milk! Girls: (start laughing) Belle: Oh my Gosh I feel so bad for laughing, but she does say the funniest things Ariel: This underwear is so itchy(starts laughing) (laughs) Belle: Ariel, were you just pranking us? Ariel: (laughs) Yes (laughs) And you guys totally fell for it (laughs) Storieswithdolls: Hi, friends! Today we were playing with these two Disney Princess dolls And also with these pajamas which are the size of the American Girl dolls We were also playing with this house that is also the size of American Girl

It's actually not really a house, it's more like a little room It's really pretty because on one side, you have the bedroom And it comes with a bed And you can change the walls by unlocking this up here And turning them to the side And it turns into a kitchen And the kitchen comes with a table And two chairs This set is so great, I love it

Now we'll open the dolls, I'll open Ariel first Here on the back it also says that they have Merida and Rapunzel available And they also have this beautiful collection of Disney Princess ballerinas Here is Ariel, she has her tiara, let's look at it a little closer And her hair is beautiful! So thick, super bright, and with some curls! And I really like the dress because I like the tulle and look at this tulle part, friends

And here at the bottom of ths skirt it has this design that's super cute, covered in glitter It has here Eric and Ariel already grown up Here's Flounder, and a silhouette of Ariel by her dad's kingdom And the skirt on the back is also covered in tulle Here's her shoes, some Mary Janes

A starfish here as a decoration on her dress And her eyes are super realistic because we can even see the reflection of the camera as if they were real pupils She doesn't talk, or make sounds, or have any lights, but she's very pretty The one that does have lights and does talk is Rapunzel Let's take a look at the box really quick

A beautiful picture of Rapunzel with her hair in a braid On the side we see a scene with Rapunzel and Flynn and the lanterns On the other side of the box, we see Rapunzel in her tower, and Rapunzel with her beautiful braid On the back it says that she has a button that when we press it, she sings, and her braid lights up And we can also use the accessories she comes with on our own hair

All right, let's open up Rapunzel Wow, her hair is super long! And the good thing is she comes with a brush so we can brush her hair She also has this clip in the form of Pascal She has these shiny decorations that we can use for our own hair, or to decorate her braid Speaking of her braid, when we press this button, look what happens

Her hair glows, and she also sings the Rapunzel song I'll darken the camera a little bit so we can see the lights a little better I'll show you the dress a little closer, she has glitter here, and she also has tulle It's the typical Rapunzel dress that we're used to seeing, here's her shoes, very similar to Ariel's shoes, only pink She also has realistic eyes, where we can see the reflection

We were also playing with this Belle doll I've already showed her to you in other videos, so if you haven't seen them, I'll leave them for you up here in the corner We also were playing with this bunk bed, it has three beds It didn't come with the set, I bought it on my own But, it's very nice because you can use it in two ways

We can use it as a bunk bed, or we can use it as three individual beds It also has these drawers at the bottom where we can store stuff It comes with the beds, bed sheets, and the pillows

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