It’s All Good – Ep 6: Toy safety – Cough it up Herman!

[Voiceover] Junior's third birthday party is approaching Herman has stopped in at the local toy shop to find items suitable for his son's guest's goodie bags

Come on Herman, all this stuff is lame Let's go somewhere else I just want a few small gifts Why does Junior have to give out gifts? It's his party, people should be bringing him gifts All the other kids parents make up these cool little goodie bags

In my day all you got was a piece of cake If you were lucky And then there was the prize in the pass the parcel, only one Hmm Not like these days

Every layer, prize for every kid No one misses out Well no wonder these kids grow up expecting everything for nothing Mmm Oh, hey, that's cool

Miniature army guys Mmm, that paint looks dodgy It smells like old house paint I reckon the kids will really be into these eh? Those tiny screws holding the arms look flimsy They could be unsafe around the little children

They could choke Who would choke? The little children! Don't you know kids up to the age of three struggle to cough up the thing if it gets stuck in their throat Why would it even be near their mouths? Because little children like to put everything in their mouth Nah na na na na na nah That's just PC gone mad

No one would choke on [Choking noises] Hey! No eating the merchandise You swallow, you buy [Gasping noises] That was intense Aunty I saw my entire life flash before my eyes That must have been very boring! You know children, they just love a piece of cake

[Aunty] Chocolate cake Banana cake Coconut cake [Voiceover] Check toys carefully before you buy them, no matter who is selling them If you suspect a toy may pose a choking hazard, talk to those helpful people at the Commerce Commission


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