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Holy Cow! What a giveaway! Whoa!!! It's Kinder Playtime! Jacob Emily Chloe (Baby laughing) It's a toy party! Yeah! (Children laughing) Hey everybody! Hey welcome back to Kinder Playtime everybody! What do we have today you guys? We've got our giveaway stuff Yeah! Our giveaway stuff! Yeah! We went to Toys R Us and picked up all of this awesome stuff to share with you guys! Yeah! We're so excited to start doing giveaways aren't we? Yes! Okay, guys as you can see we have a girl section and we have a boy section so we're gonna run two contests

All the way through the month of September and one lucky girl and one lucky guy will win This whole surprise This whole section here and this whole section here How do they sign up? That is a great question, Jacob! They are going to need their parents Awe, I know Everybody's like oh, not my parents No your parents are gonna help you by signing up for these wonderful prizes

So we have two contests and the links will be in the description And I will put them in the comment section And you can also find them on our Facebook page And what they're gonna do is they're going to click those links, and they will fill it out, and they will have lots of entries on there, and maybe they will have a chance to win Hey Emmy, can you show everybody what is included in the girls giveaway? So we've got this Shopkin Cutie Car Cutie Car! What else you got? We've got this Super hero doll

A super girl doll! Yeah! What about this? This is a Frozen back pack Frozen backpack Yeah for school! For school yeah, because the theme is school is cool, right? Yeah! And we've got a Frozen pillow A Frozen pillow with Queen Elsa We got some Crayons

Oh, Twistables Nice, those look neat! And we got some markers They're stampers! Nice! Cool! What else you got? And we got this Shopkin pack Oh! Megapack of Shopkins, nice! We got this Unicorn thing Yeah, we got Neon Star, series five

And we got this Fashum Yup, My Little Pony the movie Fashums Colored pencils Yeah, a notebook It says love on it, and it looks like it's an emoji Yeah, we've got two more things over here Oh, two more things

Little Live pets, And a Num Noms, series 21! And let's not forget we have a Barbies Fashum (Excited cheering) Nice! That's an awesome girls giveaway, isn't it? And we also have that Oh we missed one! A cupcake surprise! I'm going to show off the boy prizes Nice! Let's see them! Alright, so we've got this double Mashems right here

Nice, it's Batman! Excellent, dude! Okay, what else you got? We've got this Monster Jam Hot Wheels surprise bag We got a twenty pack of Hotwheels Nice! Excellent! A Pikachu plushie Included with this Poke Ball plushie Yes, sweet! We got this Lightening McQueen Lightning McQueen! Man I'm really I love that actually That is a really cool diecast car of Lightning McQueen We've got some School supplies of Lightning McQueen Yeah because school is cool, right? Yeah! School is cool! And we've got this surprise over here

Teen Titans go Micro Posers Those are neat Right, And over here, we've got colored pencils, some more stampers and twisters Twistables crayons Those are really cool crayons

And we've got this Oh cool A trackmaster Station Starter Set for Thomas and Friends And that's it right? Yup, that's Man, those are cool

Look at all those awesome prizes, And we can't wait to give them away to you guys, cause we love ya Ah yeah, we love ya! We love you guys So make sure to check the description for the links You know go tell your mom and your dad or your parent or your guardian To go ahead, and sign up

Let's do it Alright guys That was it for today What?! What? We need surprises! You want to open surprises? Yes! (Kinder dad laughs) Okay, here you go (Excitement heard in the background) Here, you want some too? (Laughter) Here, have some (More laughter) Now that's much better

Ah, I'm glad you like it Do you guys want to show me your surprises? Yeah! Alright, show me which ones you've got I got a horsies Uh-huh, you got a spirit surprise I got a cupcake surprise Cupcake surprise, nice

What is that one? I've opened these before Squish-Dee-Lish Yeah! Oh those look awesome Okay Whoa nice It's like a big

This is egg babies It's in a big egg And here's all the ones you can collect Okay, and then what's the other thing? This is slime! Slime (Kinder day laughs) Mermaid slime! Ewe! We'll have to check that one out

What'd you get, Jake? I have got an Emoji Movie Oh, did you like that movie Yeah, it was cool Yeah, it was super cool! Okay, what else did you get? We've also got this Power Ranger Power Ranger surprise, rock, yeah, (laughter) what else did you get? And we've got this Emoji Emoji, nice Nice And we've got the world's smallest Ah, I like these

We got a little Hot Wheel in one of these, one time Yeah, yeah, and it's up there Yeah, it is up there We'll have to look at that later Okay, and what's your last one? And my last one is

Teen Titans go Micro posers Awesome Well let's check them out

Which one do you guys want to start with? I want to start with the slime The slime, okay I'll have this Alright, the World's Smallest Alright Jake, what you got in there, bud? Alright, we have a magic 8 ball

No way! It really works Does it really? Are you going to ask it a question Will Emily get this slime so messy? Okay See Alright, what's it say? For sure For sure? Let me see! Does it really say that? Ah, yes it does have letters on there It says outlook good, so she's definitely gonna be messy (Kinder dad laughs) Yeah Are you ready to get messy Emmy? Yeah! Alright, pull it out Pull it out! Mermaid slime Ohhh

That's all of it That's so cool! Oh my gosh! What's in it? Is that fishies? And shells Fishies and shells?! Yeah! Nice! Magical mush! Wait, can I have some? Oh my! Yum (Excited chatter in the background) Here's one of those shells Here's one of those shells Oh let me see Out of the slime Yup! Little tiny shells! (Silly fake sneeze) Ewe! It's a big mermaid snot ball

Ewe! This is slimy Nice one It is (Silly mermaid sneeze) Does it taste good? No don't eat it Just playing (Kinder dad laughs) Does it smell good? It smells like water

It smells like perfume Oh, that's nice It smells like Water I just tried cleaning it out and look at all this nasty glitter (Kinder dad laughs) Look at mine! Ewe! Glitter everywhere We're never getting rid of this glitter Okay, what's your next surprises guys? (Excited shout) Emoji movie, and oh yeah, the Squish-Dee-Lish

Let's do it Emily, let's open yours first Yes! That time Oh, what's in there? Oh my! What is that?! We got a different one

What is it? It's a pig in a blanket Oh yeah, it's a pig in a blanket! (Kinder dad laughs) It has frosting on it! Is it squishy? Let's see what it smells like Does it smell? (Sniffing) Does it? I can't tell Oh my goodness It smells good? It smells so good! Nice and it's super squishy! Smells like candy? Yeah, it smells super good! And it is so squishy Wow! Yeah, we opened one of those before

Yeah, Emily bought one of these the other day, and she really liked them, so we got some for Kinder Playtime And mine was a cupcake! Nice this is, I love them They're cute Time for me! Alright, what you got bud? Emoji movie Let's see what I got I hope I get the golden poop

You want the golden? Is that the rare one? The golden? You can get a golden poop?! Yes! Oh my gosh Oh, but we got heart Oh, well let's look at him Well he's cool, I like that I wanted to get the little lippie

The little what? This one Oh you wanted the lips Yeah the lips That's a cool heart though Yeah! I like him! Alright, what's next guys? Oh yeah, Emily is going after Egg Babies

And Jacob is going after the Emoji key chain Alright This time, me first! Okay you got it bud What you want? Golden poop again? No they don't have, but they do have a poop Oh what did you get? Oh I got

I got this one Oh, what is that one? A smiley face! Oh he's laughing

Is that like the laugh out loud one? Yes Well maybe not, because he doesn't have the tear Tear drop things Yeah, yeah, not like that one Yeah, yeah, oh yeah there, it is So this one's just a really happy

He's laughing Yeah Cool! All right well let's open this one I think we need scissors though Let's do that Let's do that

What's that egg made out of? Umm, styrofoam Styrofoam! Nice! You gonna open it up? Yeah! Open it! It says crack it open Yeah, girlfriend! (Loud grunts) Can you? Oh It's kind of hard, huh? Let me do this Alright let Jacob try

(Loud grunting sounds) Oh!!! (More grunting) Oh, there it is! Oh! What is that? (Everyone laughs) It's in a bag! Oh, it looks like a little puppy That's cute Okay, let's open it up Are you ready to see what it looks like? (Excited puppy sounds) Okay Here it is! Oh my gosh! Everybody else can't see it I think she loves it

(Gasp) Oh my gosh! Isaac loves puppies Are you gonna give that to Isaac? (Emily begins barking) Awe, these things are adorable I love them Do you like it? Yeah, we have more over there! We do! We have more for another time! Yeah! (Barking continues) Oh my goodness, I love it (More barking) Ah! Teen Titans go! What are you going to be? (Kinder dad studders) I can't speak today (Everyone laughs) You're gonna do the pop cake surprise? Nice! Okay

So pop cake and Teen Titans go Micro posers Emily goes first Alright, and the pop cake surprise that we got is (Jacob starts saying pop) What is it? (Emily and Jacob yell Strawberry!) And strawberry, let's peak Does it smell like strawberries? Yeah! Oh okay, let me try Here, let's look at her Wow, she's so pretty

How do these things work? Do you know? How do they work? Yes, I know Okay, show me how they work They have to pop down! (Pop!) Whoa! That was pretty cool They jump pretty high Can you make it jump again? Yes! (Pop!) Whoa! She landed upright! Cool! Nice! Nice! I like it! Okay, Jacob, what did you get? We got Raven! Raven! Nice! And she's a good person Yup, she is a good person I didn't know that a while back, but I started watching the show with you guys, and it's hilarious Yes it is hilarious

And there's a new season of it They're like bigger Oh really? Yes! Oh cool! Doing dance moves! (Jacob starts making karate sounds) Nice (Jacob continues) Cool, I like those a lot (Jacob continues) Alright, last two surprises of the day! Let's start with Jacob With his Power Rangers rock and I want a Green Ranger or White Ranger

He got the Red Ranger! It's a Red Ranger I don't recognize though Okay, here was Jacob's Red Ranger, and I think this was a Dino force Is it Dino force? Uh? I don't know I'm kind of an old-school Power Rangers guy, so yeah, I don't really know the new ones (Jacob and Kinder dad start saying Pew Pew) And the last surprise toy of today is a Spirit horse What'd you get? Which one did you get? (Gasps) No it's not Spirit

It's not? Let me see Are you sure? It's not Spirit! It's not? It just has shapes Oh, okay Alright, here is our pony, and uh, we have no idea who this is (Kinder dad laughs) That's okay, it's still pretty do you like it? Do you like him? Yeah, he's cool

He's really cool That was a lot of fun opening all these surprises with you guys today! (Jacob and Emily shout yeah!) And let me tell ya I am super excited for the giveaway, and I'm really excited to find out who wins (Jacob and Emily clap) Thanks for watching bye! What's up with my kids wanting to like, disappear again? No, I'm not going to disappear (Kinder dad laughs) You didn't disappear! We were under the table (Kinder dad laughs) See you later Bye bye! (Rock music plays in the background) Leave us a like

Leave us a comment And "Sumscribe" Thanks for watching, bye! (Rock music continues to play)


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