How to Tell If Toys Are Safe

How to Tell If Toys Are Safe Keep your child’s safety your top priority by following these tips on toy safety

You will need Research Internet access and empty toilet paper roll (optional) Step 1 Check the toy’s packaging for the manufacturer’s recommended age before purchasing Step 2 Check all electronic toys to see if they are UL approved

The label should indicate that Underwriter Laboratories approved it Step 3 Check for recalls online at wwwrecallsgov or www

cpscgov Step 4 Avoid toys with small and removable parts, which can pose a choking hazard Any toy that can fit in an empty toilet paper roll is too small for a child younger than 3 years Step 5

Inspect toys with batteries to make sure they are not exposed or leaking Step 6 Inspect toys on a regular basis to see if any pieces are broken Step 7 Ensure all crayons, paints, and markers are nontoxic

Supervise playtime to keep your child safe Did you know On November 27, 2005, a scale model train set a record for being the largest at 361 feet, 10 inches


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