How to make doll outfit 21 Hair Accessories

I'm going to demonstrate how to make A hairband and a scrunchie You had seen tutorial on hairband before So here I'm doing another method A bottle, better if the perimeter is similar to that of your doll's head Fabric First, cut the bottle so that you have ring from it For pullip head, you need a piece of 15cm For other dolls, measure from ear to ear to get the length If it's too thin use 2 layers Stick it together with double sided tape Cut the fabric 30cm x 4cm Fold and sew a line Turn it inside out of that you have a tube Thread the tube to the piece of plastic Fold the ends in and sew Sew through the plastic to keep the cloth in place if neccessary Hairband is done You need fabric and elastic Cut a piece of 25cm X 5cm Sew a line and turn it inside out Cut a piece of elastic about 8cm Use a safety pin to hold the elastic Thread safety pin though the tube Don't loose the end (or use another safety pin at the end) Tie both ends together Cut away extra elastic if neccessary Tuck the 2 ends in to make it look neat If you got the method, you can simply make a bigger version for yourself Here's the 2 hair pieces shown It's quite easy to do Use it to make some pretty ones for your doll Thanks for watching and see you


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