How to make a Bi-Cycle using building blocks- Building Blocks Toys for Children –

Welcome to Farhan Toys Review today i will show you how to make a Bi-Cycle using blocks it's very easy & simple So, let's start to make it you can also join with me to make it togather I know you all likes to play with blocks are you trying? so fun and easy to make a shape by using blocks now I take out all blocks and make it again wait and see now my almost finished and my Bi-Cycle is ready for you Thanks for watching my Videos Please Like, Share & Subscribe my Channel Farhan Toys Review I will back to you with new & creative items to share and views my ideas

In my next video I will show you How to make a Robot using blocks LIKE | SHARE | SUBSCRIBE See you againbye bye Please share my videos and SUBSCRIBE my channel bye! bye!


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