How to Make 3 Classic Children’s Toys : Children’s Puppet: Painting the Face

While we're letting the cloth dry on the cup, we're going to prepare the head First you want to find the smoothest part of your styrofoam ball, and we're going to put a dowel, stick that right in through there, so you might a scissor or something to make the hole, and then you can stick that right on there

That will help you hold it while you're painting, sometimes Okay, so we're going to start with a base of a flesh tone and I'm using acrylic craft paints They dry very quickly You can use any kind of paints you want You can even make a very simple puppet

You can draw your face with permanent markers or you could even use stickers, anything that you want to make a face with I'm going to show you how to make a pretty princess face, or a pretty girl, whatever you want it to be And, just coat that nicely with a flesh tone Now we'll just do an outline for the eyes and the nose Get the placement

I'm going to mix a little of the flesh tone with a little bit of pink, just so that we have a slightly more pink color that will show up over the flesh tone Then you use that to place the eyes Now the eyes are going to be placed, not up here on the top, but about a third down from the top, and you just make two little semi-circles and that gives you your eye placement Then the nose will be down a little bit under the eyes, and you can just make a little bit of an L curve there Then the mouth will be here, and just you can actually paint just a very simple smile

Now we'll add the details Just wash your brush off and dry it Then, I'm using a very fine tip paint brush and just a tiny bit of paint on it, and I'm going to When you're happy with the placement of the face then we'll start with the mouth and just make a very thin line with the pink, like that Then for the lips, you just make a little heart, so make sure you don't have too much paint

Sometimes you can practice on the plate Just very, to see how much paint you have and how much will come off Okay, tiny bit of paint, and make like a little, the top of a heart here There's two little lips, and then a tiny circle underneath, like that That just gives the little, a little mouth, nice pretty mouth

For the eyes, you want to wash your brush again And we're going to use, we're going to start with white and just put a little circle of white underneath those little pink eye placements The pink is like the eyelid, and the white is going to be the eyeball You can make it sort of oval shaped if you want, but just a little bit of white Let's let that dry a bit and then we'll add some more details

To make some cheeks you can add a little bit of water to our pink mixture here and then, you can either make a little bit of a blush like this or you can actually paint a little circle Just a little mention of cheeks here, in that light pink Try to make them match


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