How to Make 3 Classic Children’s Toys : Children’s Puppet: Painting Eyes & Hair

Next I'm going to use a little bit of turquoise paint Just a lighter blue and give our face a little bit of a like eye shadow

So we're doing it along the line of our pink eye marking and over the white and just a little bit of a swoosh OK Now we'll use a little dark blue and give the eye to the center of the eye And the placement of that eye will, you know, kind of give the direction where the puppet will be looking So, you want to think about that a little bit where you're going to place that blue dot

It changes the expression depending upon where you put it And again we want to let that dry before we put the next color on Now we'll finish off our puppet face with some detailing And I'm going to use a brown color And I'm just watering it down a tiny bit and because I want just a little bit of paint on my brush

You can, you just want to be able to make very fine lines And we'll outline the eyes a little bit And you kind of go just under that blue eye shadow Just very, very lightly And you can outline the eyes using a tiny bit of paint, tiny bit water just to get a very fine detail

And then we'll make some eyelashes And just, just little, little lines for eyelashes And for underneath you can do just tiny dots The brown you can also use to outline the nose Just a delicate nose

And also use the brown as a little bit of detail for the lips Just outline tiny bit for the lips And then if you want to make some hair you can either use a trim like this for hair And that goes on really cute You'll just glue that on, all these tassely trims

Even a silver tassel like this and then you pull it over and glue it out of the face That makes cute hair Or you can paint the hair on And you just take a brown paint and paint it on like this and then use your detailing brush to just bring in some little curls and bangs So here's our puppet with her hair and she has painted on hair

This one here has some silver tassel for hair and we've just glued that on I've put a little bit of a ribbon trim so that looks like a crown for her head And then on this one I used a also a tassely trim, but a kind of a curly tassel trim And I've also utilized both sides of the Styrofoam ball for the head So I've got beauty and the beast


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