How to Make 3 Classic Children’s Toys : Children’s Puppet: Materials & Supplies

These are the materials we'll be using to make our pop up puppet You'll need a drink cup

A good size drink cup for the base, and a styrofoam ball for the head You want to make sure that the styrofoam ball fits into the cup with plenty of room around You'll need a wooden dowel and you want to make that dowel about six inches longer than the cup that you've chosen You'll need a piece of fabric that will cover the cup and leave over another, like double the size of covering the cup So, you need like six or so inches above what you need to cover the cup

We'll also be using some craft glue, little scraps of felt, and scissors You'll need a needle and thread We'll be painting the face of our puppet with some acrylic paints, so you'll want to have a, some good paint brushes You want to have at least one nice, fine tip paint brush for painting details You'll need a piece of ribbon, about six to ten inches long and then optionally you can get some of these trims

Tassley trims like this make great hair for puppets And then additional ribbons and trims and pieces that you have to decorate your puppet


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