How to Make 3 Classic Children’s Toys : Children’s Puppet: Gluing Fabric Onto Cup

Now we're going to glue the fabric to the cup You want to use a nice thick craft glue and just spread it all over the cup like this

You don't want to put it on so thickly that it's going to soak through the fabric, just thick enough to hold the fabric And you place it onto the fabric leaving about an inch at the back of the cup that we're going to fold up And we'll continue here with more glue We're basically just wrapping the fabric around the cup and then at the join, we'll put a little glue here on top of the fabric and fold, fold it just to have a neat seam Like that, you can add a little more glue there

And then turn the cup upside down and we'll put glue in here, and around and just tuck this extra fabric in like this You may have to weigh it down, to, to hold it until it dries


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