How to Make 3 Classic Children’s Toys : Children’s Puppet: Assembling

Okay, now our fabric is glued to our cup, and we're just going to finish off the fabric covered portion by folding in this edge, the same that we folded along here when we glued it and I'm going to just stitch it, hand stitch it closed So I'm going, I'm taking my knot up through the underneath, up through the back and fold it over

You could fold it and pin it in place and then just hand stitch, just an easy in and out stitch And that will close up this, so you have a tube of fabric And leave your drawstrings for the gathering, leave them free, don't let them get tangled Now we're going to poke a hole in the bottom to fit the dowel, so you can just take your, a sharp scissor or knife and just poke a hole that's going to be big enough to accommodate the dowel, and then place your doll head through with the dowel so that it pokes out the bottom there and then we'll lay our puppet down Put the seam on the side so you don't have it running up the front and then pull your drawstrings around the neck of the puppet, like that

And you can tie those off nice and tight And then I'm going to put a second ribbon around to give it some extra strength and just tie that nice and tight in a square knot Then we're going to glue, whoops, glue it in position My dowel came out; I have to find that again Push the gathering all the way up to the neck and put a good healthy amount of glue right here at the neck all the way around

You want that to dry overnight before you play with it Make sure that it's really nice and dry and you want, you need a lot of glue because this is going to get most of the, the stress when the child plays with it Okay, now we'll add some details Now we'll add just some hands for detailing, and I've made some little hands out of felt and I'm just going to glue them on right to the front of the cloth here, in a position fairly close to the head, like this And I'll do it for our beast also, we'll turn it around and I made some beastly paws and we can put it on this side

Let that dry a bit, and here's our pop-up puppet, she's a little shy, she'll come out and say hello


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