How to change bath water color with ? check these color bath tablets ( Crayola Color Bath Dropz)

Hi guys i am going to put Moana over here so they can all see it Look guys! Maui chicken Moana's pig Moana Maui, Maui you're so amazing Maui lost his hook under deep, crab, giant, crab house a big monster that can talk on the water i mean, the fish hook surprise? what is it? i want to see it i don't know what is that let's open it and see what's inside my surprise another booby trap? WHAT?? i'm going to make the water like a rainbow look, Pink i mean, purple i'm going to make the water with different colors blue now see that? i am going to show you another now FIRE look out fire in the hole i am going to put more colors i'm going with purple it's on my feet with blue now fire the water is with different colors look, blue, blue, purple, yellow BLUE i'm going to put one and NO MAS OK? let me pick it Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, Catch a tiger by the toe do you want to let him go, Eeny, meeny, miny, moe it's coming out all the colors cool papi see that? look bye bye guys


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