Hello Kitty Airlines Playset Cartoon Airplane Toys Review // Fuzzy Puppet

Oh hi boys and girls! It's me Fuz haha! Today I'm going to be playing with the Hello Kitty Airline Playset! OK so when you take the plane out of the box, this is what it looks like It says Hello Kitty it's got a Hello Kitty face on the side, oh and look it's got these cool Hello Kitty bows underneath

On the front of the plane, here's the best part it's Hello Kitty's face! Haha! It's got the nose, the whiskers, and this bow up here, and then on this side of the plane, again it has Hello Kitty's face, more bows, and says Hell Kitty Your plane opens up like this OK so inside the plane you got six seats for all the Hello Kitty characters In the back of the plane they got the exit door with the Hello Kitty face on it Now here's the best part here

You put up this door like this and look you got windows with cute little bows on it! Haha! Now here you got all these nice little tray tables, you put those back so that when your Hello Kitty characters are flying they have a place to put their food! Even a laptop! It says Hello Kitty on the control panel Your set comes with three characters Jodie Feebie and Hello Kitty Yay! You also get two pieces of luggage

You get a tray rack You also get a tea set and some sandwhiches You get a laptop that opens and closes You get a Hello Kitty ID And the best part is if you take the lens off your camera you can stamp the passport book for all the places that your Hello Kitty has been to! OK looks like everybody is ready to go

All we need is the pilot There she is! Hello Kitty comes with a hat an outfit and a little bow in her hair! OK looks like Jodie is working on the laptop and Feebie is having a sandwhich OK all aboard he we go everyone! Yay that was so much fun! I really like the Hello Kitty plane set! Ooo what was that?! Oh no! I think it's about to rain! Ooo you guys better get out of here fast! Bye bye Hello Kitty plane set! Bye bye! Bye bye! Oh hi kids! It's me Fuz! Thanks for watching today's video And remember all these toys are gonna go to sick kids in the hospital So if you liked today's video please hit the like button hit the subscribe button and tell me what toys you want me to review next time! Bye!


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