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Hello and welcome back Let's see the latest toy and series from Happy Meal

You probably guessed it by now and you can see the Skylanders logo, so we have the Skylanders series I really don't know who this guy is, so if one of you knows leave a comment in the section below The free mission code, free for you to use it, obviously as always in my videos On the back we have a new app for your phone or tablet, for your mobile device It is an app, and by the look of it you can download it on your device and you can use the camera to make a photo of yourself and add a character inside the photo, near you

It will look like you can actually picture yourself with one of your favorite characters from the Skylanders That is really cool, definitely check it out I didn't do it yet, but if I will do it in the future and I will tell you guys Really cool artwork on the box So let's see what we can peal off from it

We also have this pamphlet, looks like McDonald's is preparing something here for the Halloween it doesn't say anything on it, just to be in the Halloween period and come to McDonald's and see what is it all about Let's get the toy out so we can peal off the box This time, if you guys saw one of my Spider Man videos, you will know, cause it is exactly the same We have a mask here, we can peal off a mask, so let's try to do it as fast as possible

This is the mask pealed off Looks very very nice Let's also peal off the eyes Because you must see right ? This is where your eyes will come This is the mask all ready and also from the box we can peal off these feathers here Let's also add the feathers and show you how it looks This is how it looks with all the parts mounted on it

You can color these parts, this part in the middle and these two feathers on the sides, so let's also see the toy This is the toy itself again, I am not sure if I am going to get all of them, but at least I can show you the first one and the whole series

These are all the toys in this series this time Six toys We have the first one This is the toy I am really not sure who this guy is, what is his name

I am not familiar with the Skylanders universe I don't have any of the games, or the original toys And the action of this toy, if you haven't figured it out, has a wheel on the bottom and we can roll it And his mouth and teeth will move Thank you for watching, I hope you enjoyed and I will see you on my next video

Have fun and happy collecting


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