Five Nights At Freddy’s Toys for Kids FNAF Toys Unboxing Set Puppet Toy Review Bonnie Chica funko

Five Nights At Freddy's Toys FNAF Toys Funko Articulated Action Figures Set Animated Toy Review Unboxing Jazzy Puppet Show HI Friends! It's me, Jazzy Puppet Today we are going to take care of my my friend's puppy and his super cool five nights at Freddy's toys

oh my friend is calling now Let's listen Hi Jazzy! thank you for watching my puppy and new five nights at Freddy's toys today> they are my very favorite toys But, I have a problem the toys keep eating the dog food and the dog will go hungry and if the toys get on the floor the dog will chew them up! please watch the toys and the food on our baby monitor cameras and make sure everything is ok thanks jazzy Oh my! How do Five Nights At Freddy's Toys ( FNAF Toys) eat dog food? Toys can't run away

That's just silly! Wow, these Five Nights at Freddy's action figures are so cool! Look! There's a toy chica and there's a Freddie and there's a Bonnie and a Foxy These are so cool Hmm Everybody looks good on the camera, and the dog food looks fine I think that I'll watch some Youtube videos right now Wait a minute

Did the Toy Chica move? No that was just my imagination Everything is good Let's watch Youtube Ahh! Look! Toy Chica is gone! Where could she be? Let's check the dog food camera Look! She's there! In the dog food! AHH! The dog food is just outside the door

I need to get her before the dog chews her up Rawr! AHH! Oh no Toy Chica just jumped out the window! She's running away! I'd better check the other toys Look at the camera! Toy Bonnie and Foxy, they're gone! ah, let's check the dog food camera We need to find them friends Look at them! They're eating the food

Stop eating that dog food you two! Stop it! They ate it all up! Now the puppy will have no food Ahh! I'd better get them before the puppy chews them up Puppies love to chew toys Rawr! AHH! Oh no! They jumped out of the window too and ran away There's only one toy left

I'd better take care of it Let's look at the camera Oh my! Look at Freddy! He's dancing around! Oh no! Freddy Fazbear, please stay on the shelf Don't run away Freddy Oh look! He's gone! Oh no! I'd better find him He's not on the dog food camera

Oh no, that's the door I'm not going to open it! No way! Oh but what if the dog gets him and chews him up Then I will feel sad I'd better open it up Rawr! AHH! Freddy jumped out of the window and ran away

All of the toys have run away, and all of the dog food is gone Oh no friends! Ah Oh What's that?? I must have fallen asleep Let me check the cameras

Everything looks good! The toys are there on the shelf Hooray, and the food is there for the puppy Yay! I must have fallen asleep and had a very bad wild dream! Toys can't walk around That's just silly Hey! Hmm? Thank you for puppy sitting and for helping me watch the Five Nights At Freddy's Toys Action Figure set today friends! I hope that you have a beautiful day, and remember to always be kind

Bye friends! To watch more Jazzy Puppet videos click the box up there If you want to be my friend and play with me all of the time Don't forget to click the red subscribe button and we could be friends! That would be so great! Thank you friends! Bye!


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