FINGERLINGS massive toy unboxing!

"Hello" [laughs] Today we're trying a new toy

Why's there some bananas on the table? Maybe we can eat them later [laughs] [bells] Holy quack! Oh my gosh I get a blue one Oh my gosh, they're Fingerlings I like Fingerlings

Oh! That's what the bananas are Because monkeys like bananas This one is my favourite

What is this one's name? Bella Bella I like Sophie and Flynn I can't wait to open them According to the packet, it says

the Fingerlings can make up to 40 sounds And they might say [farting noise] Don't worry, I'm going to free you

I like Fingerlings Hurray! Oh, oh Ah, ah Woh, check him out! Oh! There's a switch "Hello

" [laughs] I love you [kissing noise] [laughs] [toy singing] [laughs] You want a banana? Look Some bananas [toy singing] Ok, you don't want to? I'm going to turn your baby on, ok? Ok "Hello" He said hello

I like her because she's pinkand I like pink, and now I like purple [toy snores] [laughs] He falls asleep She's awake! He just said "ha, ha, ha, ha" Let's see what else it can hang off

Great idea! Let's try this [toy snores] Holy! He falls asleep when he hangs off something Oh, you're awake now From now on this is going to be my monkey's bed Because monkey's like napping in tree tops

and that's like a tree top I've got an idea Look I put him on your necklace, now you can even wear him Let's try it out, aye? Yeah

Oh, look at this! That is cool as What I've worked out about the monkey's isthey have a sensor on their head So, watch what happens when we touch it [toy singing] Let's open the rest of them

High five Your's first and then mine Oh! They like each other Yeah, yeah, yeah We're all together again

Look at them all on my fingers La, la, la Huggie, huggie, huggie I like Fingerlings because they can hang on anything They can hang on chairs, maybe tables

and I tried my pink one on a chair and it fitsand I like Fingerlings! They're so amazing! Also, the Fingerlings can hold on to statues and all sorts of stufflike cameras and fans and they sort of stuff I think we can even put them on back packs for school Maybe even straws

And they make so many cool noises Let's turn them all on and see how much noise they make [many toys sing] They make so much noise when they're all together I love these things Which Fingerling's your favourite? Tell us in the comments below

Look at all the Fingerlings we've got to giveaway! If you're on YouTube, subscribe and comment And you'll go into the draw to win one If you're on Facebook, make sure you like our page and comment Want an extra chance to win? If so, sign up to our newsletter The link is below

See you in the next Upstart Toy Review ♪ The monkey's Fingerlings ♪ ♪ The monkey's Fingerlings ♪ ♪ We could wear them, everyday ♪ ♪ You could buy them, they're right here

♪ ♪ Ah, Fingerlings can jump in the air ♪ ♪ They can fall asleep ♪ ♪ Fingerlings Fingerlings ♪ ♪ We like Fingerlings

♪ ♪ They're pink, white ones and blue ones ♪ ♪ And blue ones and there's purples ones and there's white ones ♪


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