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Thank you for your support Tell us what you think about this game and it's game play,graphics,etc Also be sure to hit that thumbs up and follow button on your way out so you can keep up with the newest video's we release as we release them Hi everyone, this is a cycling omnivore with madcap toys, I'm your host we're going to be discussing today a true Game review as we call it we like to call it that because we only want To give you reviews that myself or another host that we have that sometimes will substitute for us Has actually played an experience and gone through the game has a feel and taste for the game We're not taking off line what other people have said or done or their experiences We're giving you our own personal experience, and we are going to be reviewing today on a 10 star basis 10 stars is good 1 stars is bad 1 star is bad, but we're going to be reviewing a game that basically come out in 2015 from the best estimate that we have and information that we can have we try to Double check because some things will give you a year one way or the other off But we're going to go 2015 and it's called dying light Ok we also did a Tori a game video giveaway this month and the winner for that game video that giveaway was hell guy 12 and we Congratulate him on that he passed off on it so we may be running in another Video game giveaway this next month and in the month of February, but halo got 12 congratulations Thank you for not I guess taking the game and Saying donate somebody else cuz you not got time to play as many games as you'd like to I guess I don't know what the problem, but anyway, or deal is anyway Um dying light Xbox game Xbox one I guess right We're not going to be giving Any video clips of this game in case you in the future might want to play it or someone? You know is playing it We don't want to take and give any spoilers away because I am so against that but anyway This is the game we got we did get this as a disc game and We didn't download it and it comes something of this nature basically you know And it's got your basic information And then you've got nowadays more information online that You can get by reading it while you're playing the game except and so forth in their help section alright This game is basically another one of those zombie that You take and you you you work your way through now

It says in the game that there's basic online mode There's basic single-player mode for a while there's basic multiplayer mode where you can play with your friends or other buddies online? But We played this game through about 33% of the way through that tells you a little bit about the game and the review we're gonna be giving it The game has got some interesting concepts Got some pretty good art got some pretty good dialogue It's got a pretty decent storyline and then we come into the but if moments and That's what's really sad about this game because they had a lot of potential But to me and the guys I tried to play with online it had too many quirks We'd get on get kicked off get on get kicked off get on get kicked off Especially when we tried to play in the multiplayer Friend mode is what I'll call it When you try to basically have a game with your buddies We just get kicked right off within a couple minutes now when we played with other people that we didn't know from you know Anywhere offside there were other points of the earth so to speak? You could play on there and not have too much problem now once while you see somebody lag out or get kicked off it would Say, but the biggest problem This is not the single-player mode That's why we're going on we give this game dying light Xbox one three stars Because the gameplay is okay when you can play it the game mode when you're playing by yourself is fine But who wants to play by yourself right? That's why we bought Xbox Live That's why we paid $59 299 dollars or more a year for that and some of you guys may play pay for the monthly subscription So that's where the 99 comes in or so But who wants to play by yourself right that's not what we do today in this world That's why we do the Xbox Live we buy hello, dying like producers which basically I have the Guys F mod or whoever they are and I'm like calm That's why we buy the game so we can play with our friends You need to have servers that can support these games and support single player modes Not just alone the multiplayer modes online with everybody but also Personal server modes where you play with your friends? that's where you got the negative rating from me with 3 stars only because it is not a Friendly game when you're playing on your own now you guys that say

I never had any problem That's on you I pay and I've got the best internet going in our area right now in the bloomington indiana dogsville indiana spencer indiana region We pay for the highest bandwidth that we can have down here And we still got kicked off and my friends that I played with lived in bloomington, indiana bedford indiana spencer andy anna alex ville indiana and a few other little surrounding areas But i've got a couple dozen friends that I really play with online And there's not only ones I really keep as my on my friends list But we kept getting kicked off so if it was my internet That's fine We went to somebody else's internet still got kicked off They got kicked off or I got kicked off or somebody else kept getting kicked off We couldn't get a we couldn't get anybody hardly on this game to play with at all for any period of time the longest we had on this game was basically a 10-minute stint before somebody got kicked off of the game all right I'm gonna set that over there because we're getting a little bit of glare hopefully I don't come through too bad because we're having a little Lighting issues here today It looks like but Basically the game is good in a lot of areas Especially for the price you can pick it up now I've seen it go anywhere, and this is not on eBay or Amazon guys

This is it our local game stops except I've seen it go for anywhere from currently $999 to $2999 which is not really a bad price game if you want to play something single-player mode That's really cool The game does have a lot of interesting concepts and ideas, and it's not just another take on the zombie epidemic End-of-the-world apocalyptic mode, it's it's got interesting story twists so to speak in there But the negative thing that does happen for those of you that like to play like I do online and have developed friendships online throughout the last Well years It's not gonna be for you Now you can try it But don't get upset when you get kicked off because I don't think they're keeping their server up And I don't think that they're supporting the game like it needs to be supported But we're gonna give this this game a three star rating I hope You know you guys that have played this game If you'd like to feel free to comment down below your comments are important to us we ask for you to give us a Subscription follow us because you know that's very important that helps us out a lot we ask for you to also give us a thumbs up on the way out, and if you don't agree with my Comment on this game and my review on this a game That's just fine I welcome your your ideas and your opinions as well We ask that you keep them clean and to the point and I asked it before you come off and say hey I like that just because you're into the zombie zombie genre Back up your statement if you ain't played this an hour or more I don't really care what you have to say because you don't know what you're talking about, but if you played it You know an hour or more you're more than welcome to comment because you know what's going on And if you played it in a single mode, that's fine, if you played multiplayer mode, that's fine We'd like to hear your points of view and if you've actually got to work on your personal unit a buddy mode so to speak Let us know maybe there's something in it that Just didn't work with us, maybe Who knows maybe it didn't like us because it's gonna give a bad review Well if we did we it wasn't a great review three stars But guys I appreciate you watching our channel madcap toys gaming channel

This is cycling army voice your board your hosts I ask that you give us again that big o thumbs up We appreciate it you guys have a great wonderful day, and thank you for viewing this video Have a great evening


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