DIY Play Doh – Rainbow Kids Craft

– [Voiceover] Nyah, what's your favorite? – [Nyah] I love this one, and this one, and this one – [Sister] Hey, that's mine

– [Nyah] Yeah, I love– – [Voiceover] So you love all of them? – [Sister] No, these are mine – [Voiceover] Oh, they're all yours? – Yeah, I'm not sharin' with these With not mommy, not her, not you, I get all of them – Who are you Ellie, who are you eve- – [Voiceover] This is the worst cooking show on Earth, guys – Ellie, who are you even talking to? – [Voiceover] You

(laughter) – Now, let just take all of them out Tadaa! – [Both] Nyah and Ellie Show – [Nyah] Ellie, you messed it up (giggles) – Hi guys, it's Nyah today! – It's Ellie today! – [Voiceover] And what are we doing today? – [Both] Play Dough Popsicles! – [Voiceover] Wait, What's the Hand? That's Play Dough Popsicle This hand? (laughs) Ellie, I think a fingernail popped off

Guys, they put on some sticker fingernails and her nails have been popping off – Hey, where's my other cat nail? – [Voiceover] Look, Ellie has a nail here, and look guys, Nyah has a nail right there (Melanie laughs) Guys, I want you to look it up on YouTube, there's a song called, Three Little Kittens Who Lost Their Mittens So, Ellie's been popping these nails on and singin' this song ♫ Three little kittens they lost their mittens ♫ and they began to cry ♫ Those are the three kittens (meowing) Okay

So here's our tools, and now we're going to make an Orange Dreamsicle, so let's get started So for our Orange Dreamsicle, we have a bright orange, we have a soft peach, we have yellow, and then we have vanilla And we're gonna use our yellow Talk about nails, guys, look what I did, I broke my nail So, here we go, let's get started

Take your orange Ny, and stuff it all the way to the bottom So, we sprayed some PAM in the Popsicle things guys, so Ny, you wanna push that all the way to the bottom? Oh, you hear that sound, guys? It pooted So it makes it so it's kind of slippery so it's easier to get things You hear it? It's pootin'! And Ellie, you wanna push yours in? – [Ellie] I need a lil' more orange – [Voiceover] Oh, you hear it

There it is, it pooted! So there's her orange Popsicle Play Dough – Ooh! – [Voiceover] Okay so we have our orange in there, now we're gonna out our lighter orange in next, guys So you wanna stuff your next orange color in there? – [Nyah] Yup, boop, boop – [Voiceover] All the way – [Nyah] Give it a good mush and another good mush! – [Voiceover] Okay, and Ellie has hers in there

C'mon, you're supposed to be strong! (growls) – [Nyah] Come on, Hulk, help us! – [Voiceover] I know, we need the Hulk to do this Alright, so there's Nyah's orange and there's Ellie's orange – [Nyah] Ooh and- – [Voiceover] So now we're gonna put our yellow in – [Nyah] Okay, what- – [Voiceover] Uh-oh – [Nyah] It's like the rainbow of the first thing of the rainbow

– [Voiceover] It is like a rainbow So Nyah's getting here yellow in there, and- – [Ellie] Ooh, I think we have enough room for green – [Voiceover] Oh, look at Ellie, doing a good job with her yellow Let's take a look at Nyah's, ooh Nyah, it's so pretty! It's gorgeous Oh, look at Ellie's! Alright, so now we have one color left

We're gonna put this light yellow on Alright, so can you put the light yellow on? – [Nyah] Okay, here I go! Oh it looks like banana, it looks like strawberry- – [Voiceover] It does look like orange – [Nyah] Orange – [Voiceover] Orange banana, ooh, that's a good flavor, I love orange banana There's Ellie's so let's mush Ellie's down some more so we can get it really nice and tight Alright, so Nyah's gonna put her Popsicle, let me help you guide it, right down the middle

So, let's see what this looks like when I take it off The top, slowly It came all the way out! Let's see if we can fix it Alright, so I think we fixed it So Nyah, you wanna take it off? Slow, (gasps) Look guys, we got a Play Dough Popsicle! It looks so delicious

(grumbling) Look at that, guys – We can put it in the Popsicle thing To keep it- – [Voiceover] Isn't this cool? So there's our Orange Dream, so, in the real world, we can pretend that the top is orange, the next color's peach, then we have lemon, and then we have banana at the bottom Alright guys, so Ellie, do you wanna slowly take your top, oh, she ripped it off (gasps) Ellie, good job! – [Ellie] I wanna hold it

– [Voiceover] You wanna hold it? – [Nyah] It looks like a hot dog – [Voiceover] It looks like a hot dog It does look like a orange hot dog – It looks like a Popsicle – [Nyah] With yellow and vanilla

– [Voiceover] Mmm – (gasps) No, you can't eat Play Dough! – [Voiceover] Good job Ellie! Now we're gonna do our Watermelon Popsicle Do you guys have your green ready? – Green, green! – [Voiceover] That's right – [Ellie] Green say go! – [Voiceover] Green says go Okay so we have all our watermelon colors we have our darker green, our lighter green, we have our watermelon, and then we're gonna make seeds for this one using our black color, so let's get started

– [Ellie] Let's get started – [Voiceover] Hey – Let's get started – [Voiceover] Hey- – Hey! – [Voiceover] That's my line – That's my line – That's my line

– [Voiceover] Okay guys, so we're gonna start with our red Play Dough – So pretty, it's so shiny – [Voiceover] It is pretty, so Nyah, why don't you stuff your red down in there for the watermelon – [Nyah] Ooh, not so easy when it's so big – [Voiceover] Look at all that watermelon

Alright Ellie, can you stuff yours in there? Ooh, it's pootin'! Alright, so there's Ellie's little watermelon Alright, so Nyah has her watermelon in there, so now let's get started with some green Alright so Nyah's gonna put her green in Ah! (Nyah giggles) You wanna put your green in? Good job, El – [Nyah] I'm a baby pushing my Popsicle in

Ellie you look so serious right now Oh oh, there's happy Ellie – No, you're not happy – [Voiceover] Alright guys, so let's take a look so far So we have that, and hold on Nyah, and we have that

So now we're gonna put some dark green in Alright so there's the darker green Good job, Ny So you wanna push your dark green in there? – [Ellie] I can push by myself – [Voiceover] Oh, 'scu

She says she can do it by herself! (whimpering) You don't need mommy's help anymore? – No! (crying) – I need your help! – [Voiceover] So we have some red creepin' up the side, but I think this still looks good So let's go ahead and get these out, and then we have something special we're gonna do for the seeds I bet you guys were wondering what happened to your seeds? You guys messed up, why didn't you put the seeds on there? What happened to your seeds? What happened to your seeds? Well, aha! We tricked you Okay, so you guys wanna stick your Popsicle ends in there? Ny, you wanna stick yours in first? There it goes Okay, just leave it

Alright, Ellie? Alright, so Ellie, just stick it straight down in there There ya go Look guys! There's our Watermelon, isn't this this cute? There ya go, look at Ellie's guys! Nyah has her black dough and she mixed some red and green in there already But she's gonna roll it out, She's gonna get it rolled out (Nyah giggles) like fondant for a cake Alright so look guys, we rolled it out

You wanna roll some too? – [Ellie] Yeah, I wanna roll it by myself Roll, roll, roll, roll – [Voiceover] Woah, woah, woah! Ah! It's like a earthquake! (Ellie screeches) Those hands go! Roll, roll, roll, roll, roll, roll, roll your boat Ellie are you done rollin'? Okay, so let's take it off – You take that

– [Voiceover] Now that we have this rolled out, what we're gonna do, we're gonna start to just cut some off I'ma cut it like that (Nyah gasps) Now we're gonna cut it like this, like that, like that, and like that Okay, they all said that this looks like black bacon So, what I did, what we're doing– – [Ellie] Like burned bacon

– [Voiceover] So what we're doing is cutting the little- If you guys ever seen a watermelon Popsicle or creamsicle, the seeds don't necessarily look like seeds, they look like chocolate chips So they're going to be different sizes, they're not gonna be perfect, but you know what? That's fine – [Nyah] 'cause it goes like this, sha, sha – [Voiceover] It's just like a Play Dough Popsicle, it's not like we have to serve this at, in a fancy feast We're not fancy over here, we're just regular people

Actually here, alright, so cut some of yours – [Ellie] Cut, cut, cut, cut – [Voiceover] What in the world, guys, look at this seed So now we have our burned bacon, AKA watermelon seeds

So Ny, you just wanna start putting 'em on here, put one at a time on here There's one Alright so guys, I put some seeds on here, this is like the hardest part of this– – [Nyah] They look like disease! – [Voiceover] They look like disease? Guys at home, Nyah says this looks like disease so, does this look like a diseased watermelon Popsicle, with the seeds? They're probably a little too big Bacon and disease, guys Guys, nothing sounds tastier than burnt bacon and disease

– [Nyah] And boogers! – [Voiceover] And boogers Alright guys, so basically we put some seeds on here, it was too hard to show 'cause it's really not easy to do Ellie's looks a little bit better, it looks like if you shape 'em like that, like the triangle, or like that, like you see on a real Popsicle, they look better Than if we do 'em kinda mushy, – [Nyah] Mine actually looks so cool – [Voiceover] Yeah, yours looks good Yours just has round ones, and these are like the triangle ones, and then there's the square ones So there's our Popsicle! Watermelon, delicious! So next guys, we're gonna make our blue ombre one and we're calling this one Ocean

Everyone have their blue Popsicle ready? – Yes, white's not in the ocean! – [Voiceover] Uh, white is in the ocean, thank you very much, because sometimes sand can be white, and then sometimes the waves have foam that are white, yeah – [Nyah] Ew, it looks like the blue ocean – [Voiceover] It looks like the blue ocean? – [Nyah] No, it looks like a blue ocean, see? – [Voiceover] Push it in, – [Ellie] Push, mush, tush – [Voiceover] So I'm gonna put this next color in Okay, push it in

(Nyah grunting) – [Nyah] Then this color – [Voiceover] Yup, then that color (Nyah grunting) – [Nyah] Vanilla – [Voiceover] There's vanilla in the ocean guys, did you know that? So, let's look at Ellie's, there ya go, push that in Next color in, there ya go And, next color in – [Ellie] It look like France

– [Voiceover] It look like France? How does this look like– – [Nyah] France-Mexico! Ocean! – [Voiceover] The French-Mexico Ocean So there's Nyah's Ocean Popsicle, and there's Ellie's So, you wanna stick your little stick in there? Straight down, there ya go There's Ellie's, straight down, there ya go Alrigh Ellie, you ready to take it off? – Yes – [Voiceover] Alright, here we go guys, let's see if it sticks

Take it off (gasps) – [Voiceover] Ah! It's so pretty! – [Nyah] Pretty – [Voiceover] It is pretty – [Ellie] Let's put it back – [Voiceover] Wait! – [Ellie] Uppy down, uppy down – [Voiceover] Okay, okay, okay Ah! (giggling) Look guys! It broke! Alright guys, so it is not sticking together as good because we used the PAM

But I think you guys get the gist of that So let's now do Nyah's Alright Nyah, so you wanna take that off? There it is, there's her Popsicle Would you like some Popsicle little girl? – [Nyah] Yes – [Voiceover] Nom, nom, nom, nom

Okay guys so we're gonna do a different ice cream now, we're gonna do a Neopolitan one, and this one is a special one because it's not gonna be like the ones you see So, the first thing we're gonna do is we're gonna have to roll all of these flat Okay so, this Popsicle's gonna have a chocolate center, so Nyah, you wanna roll this like this with your hand – [Nyah] Okay – [Voiceover] And we're gonna make it like a stick There ya go

– [Nyah] Roll, roll, roll, roll, roll, roll, rolling your boat – [Voiceover] Uh oh, I know what Ellie's gonna say Alright let's see if she's gonna say – [Ellie] It looks like do-do! – [Voiceover] I knew it, I knew it! – I was gonna say it does look like doo, it's do-do! It's do-do! – [Voiceover] No guys, it's chocolate Okay guys, so we have our chocolate centers, now we're going to wrap our vanilla around it Flatten that out a little bit

Alright, I think that's good Now that we have that flat, put your little chocolate center in there, and wrap it like a hot dog – [Nyah] Do-do hot dog – [Voiceover] Okay, thanks hun (Nyah giggling) – [Nyah] It does look like a hot dog

– [Voiceover] Yeah, so we're got a vanilla center Let me stretch it around so we can cover it completely Guys it looks like a little baby Wrapped around his little hot dog heart Bless his hot dog heart

– [Nyah] Come on mommy, rock him around, rock him around ♫ Rock-a-bye Play Dough in the tree to ♫ Ah hey, the baby fell! (giggling) Why don't you put your chocolate baby in his blanket and wrap him up? ♫ Rock-a-bye baby to the treetops ♫ – [Voiceover] What in the world? Alright, so here's Ellie's little chocolate baby, and now we're going to roll out the pink and wrap that around So you wanna roll the pink? Alright, roll, roll, roll your boat Alright I think that's it So Ellie, you wanna put your little baby inside? So you take it from the end, and you start to roll, you roll it from that end

Yeah, there ya go! Let's make sure the pink covers is all Alright guys, so there it is! We have our chocolate inside our vanilla, and inside our strawberry Let's do Ny's So Nyah, roll yours out real quick ♫ Roll-a, roll, roll, roll ♫ let's make you a blankie ♫ – [Voiceover] Now put your little baby inside? – [Nyah] Come on baby, put you in – [Voiceover] Okay, so roll him up on the end

Bye bye Ny Ny, bye bye camera – [Voiceover] So let's roll it like that, there ya go Alright so there's our baby – [Nyah] Look at him, he has little hairs, now you should do a 'lil hair bun – [Voiceover] So, Ny, why don't you stick that straight down in there and then mush it, that's all you do

So Ellie, you push yours in there in one push Guys, so there it is All you see is the pink, so why don't you stick that down there And so Ellie, you wanna stick yours in? Here we go, let me just get it started so it's in the center Okay Ellie, you wanna poke that in? Alright Ny, you wanna take it off slowly? There's your Popsicle! Guys we hid all the flavors inside so let's see if we can cut it and see if we can see inside, right? So let's take this since it looks like a bite, and we'll see if we can get it open

Let's see, you guys ready? – [Both] Yup – [Voiceover] There it is! Our chocolate and vanilla! So Nyah has decided to cut it in half, Nyah go straight down and cut it right there, softly Look guys, it really looks like chocolate and vanilla ice cream inside, fudge Wait a sec, look how sad this looks So guys, here are all our popsicles, and there's the little strawberry, chocolate, vanilla one

So we have our Orange Dream, we have our Neopolitan, we have our Watermelon, and we have our Blueberry Ocean These look delicious – [Nyah] What did you think, guys? Tell us! – [Voiceover] Okay, yeah guys, tell us in the comments which ones do you like the most? – I love the Pink Strawberry, the Melon, and the Orange Peach, and the oc Blue – [Voiceover] Wait, so you love all of them? Alright Nyah, what's your favorite? – [Nyah] I love this one, and this one, and this one- – [Ellie] Hey that's mine – [Voiceover] So you love all of them? – [Ellie] No, these are mine

– [Voiceover] Oh, they're all yours? – Yeah, I'm not sharing with these With not mommy, not her, not you, I get all of them – [Voiceover] This is the worst cooking show on Earth, guys – Ellie, who are you taking to? – [Voiceover] You – Now, let me just take all of them out



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