DIY Hatchimals CRINGY Toy Version! Cringe Craft 😬 #CringyToys ✳ TottyChoCho

Hi everybody, I'm a CRINGY TOY version of HATCHIMALS! You want to larn how to make me for just $279? Well, stay tuned! TottyChoCho What's up Dudes! We're doing our own CRINGY TOY version of Hatchimals, and it's only going to cost us $2

79! CHECK IT OUT! Let's take a look at a Hatchimal's toy, what do you see? There's an Egg, and an Animal The egg has lots of spots on it, and the animal is fuzzy with glowing eyes Alright guys, here's what you need A paint roller from the dollar store This one cost a dollar and 50 cents

You need a paper bag You need some tea lights And then you'll just need some paint – white and what ever other colour you want Plus a glue gun *You need your parents permission to use the glue gun! Alright, let's get started, step 1, let's do the egg! paint this thing white

BAM! Then we need to put the speckles on it Dip it, then flick it Let's let this dry

Step 2, let's make the Hatchimal Turn the tea lights on Get your glue gun, and glue the back Next thing you do is, you glue the tea light onto the Hatchimal There

Guys, there's a couple things you can do to make this Hatchimal look extra better… Get a Kleenex and you stuff it into the top here for a little fluff This is from a Kinder Surprise It's a little capsule Glue the bottom of it, like this And you stuff it on

That's his beak! Look at this cringy toy version of Hatchimals! It only cost $279 Nailed it Hey!, Is that a Hatchimals? It's getting ready to hatch! Look! Look! It's going to hatch! It's so cute! Alright, let's give Sammy a chance to make one… You're going to make your own Cringy Toy version of a Hatchimals now That's your paint roller and you have your own tea lights

Use a hot glue gun with your parents permission His name is John hahaha Our Hatchimals cost $279, how much did yours cost? hahaha

Hatchimals, thery're so cringy right now, don't you want it? Join us next time when we do a cringy toys version of FROZEN ELSA! Guys as always, don't forget to let us know what you think in the comments, LIKE the video and make sure to SUBSCRIBE! See you next TUESDAY!


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