Disney Pop up Pals and Paw Patrol PJ Masks Kids Preschool Toys

Baby Learn Colors, Disney Baby Pop up Pals, Paw Patrol PJ Masks Kids toys Kinder surprise, Learn colours for Kids Chase (Paw Patrol) Gekko (PJ masks) Marshall (Paw Patrol) Rubble (Paw Patrol) Catboy (PJ Masks) Purple (Color, Colour) Green (Color, Colour) Red (Color, Colour) Yellow (Color, Colour) And Blue (Color, Colour) Who's hiding under the PURPLE (Color, Colour) one? Micky Mouse Thats right, its Mickey Mouse Who's hiding under the GREEN (Color, Colour) one? Pluto Thats right, its Pluto And whos hiding under the RED (Color, Colour) one? Minnie Mouse Thats right, its Minnie Mouse Whos hiding under the YELLOW (Color, Colour) one Donald duck Lets see, thats right! Its Donald Duck And who's hiding behind the BLUE (Color, Colour) one? Goofy, goofy? Lets see! Correct! Its Goofy Kid says Yay yay yay! Kids laughing Number 1 Number 2 Number 3 Number 4 And number 5 Kids laugh Purple (Color, Colour) wow Green (Color, Colour) Kids say fun! Red (Color, Colour) Cool! Yellow (Color, Colour) Wow Blue (Color, Colour) Kids says yay! Lets open up these toy surprises Purple (Color, Colour) Paw Patrol mashems toy surprise Its zuma paw patrol Zuma is orange (Color, Colour) Thats right Green (Color, Colour) Disney emoji mashems toy surprise Whos this? Donald duck Thats right, its donald duck quack quack kids laugh Red (Color, Colour) PJ Masks microlite blind bag toy surprise Its Owlette PJ Masks Owlette is red Thats right Owlette is red Yellow (Color, Colour) Despicable Me 3 Minions Kinder Surprise egg Its Margo, Despicable Me 3 movie Blue (Color, Colour) Peppa Pig mashems toy surprise Whos this? Peppa Pig Thats right, its peppa pig Thanks for watching, bye!


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