DANGER TOYS 2015 Part 3: ALERT Recalls from Consumer Product Safety Commission | Beau’s Toy Farm

When you hand your child a toy, you don't expect them to get sharp cuts or lacerations that's why Family Dollar Stores were prompted to recall these die-cast metal toy trucks Posted on the Consumer Product Safety Commission's website a few days ago the "Tough Treadz" auto carrier has sharp edges that pose a dangerous laceration hazard for small children

China manufactured a quarter of a million of these toys which come in assorted colors and although there have been no reported injuries so far anyone who bought one should take it back to any Family Dollar Store for a full refund It's their first steps and toddlers love to push these toys around But when your back's turned for just a moment disaster can strike Especially if they have access to one of these It's a Chinese-made, 'airplane' push toy Its small wheels come off too easily and can find their way into children's mouths And this! Another push toy in the form of a butterfly See the tip of its antenna? They can easily pull off! Both this and the wheels on the airplane toy pose a serious choking hazard to young children If you have either of these toys remove them from your child and contact LS Import Incorporated for a full refund And disturbingly, at the time of making this video we found them still for sale on the AliExpresscom website now $250 is a lot to pay for a small child's single speed bike, so you wouldn't expect any problems! But this Marin 2014 – Boys' model MBX 50 bike and the girls' version which is a "Tiny Trail" are both being recalled because of a dangerous handlebar system which can easily become loose and separate causing the rider to crash If you have one of these bikes you can check the serial number underneath on the 'Down Tube' as shown here

The boys' bicycles were sold in red and have this serial number: The girls' model is in purple with this serial number: If you have one take it back or contact Marin for a replacement handlebar stem And if you'd like to receive the latest reports on Toy Recalls, click (box above) to subscribe


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