BUILDING THE FNAF 2 PIZZERIA AND TOY ANIMATRONICS! || Five Nights at Freddys Animatronic Universe

what's up guys and welcome back to animatronics universe in the last video we built five nights at freddy's one the entire office system the animatronics everything including golden freddy it was pretty insane well in todays video we are gonna be hopping back in and starting on the five nights at Freddy's 2 office which obviously includes the toy animatronics and a bunch of other really exciting stuff but of course if you guys do want to see more of this series that's including like fights phrase three office for x-rays for etc etc then be sure to leave a like on the video right now let's go for 1000 likes in the first hour if you guys want another part on this game and also drop a comment down below saying uh animatronic if you guys do want to see more anyways let's go ahead and hop in and press play so I haven't been on since we last played so it's been a little while what like four days something like that and okay so we have to choose a spot to put our four naff two area at now what's a nice spot here let's take a look around here okay now not looking too nice oh that one's got a ghost behind it all right let's do this one it's got a ghost like how is that not cool and we're gonna go ahead and do for Nath – and here we are now weirdly enough it's really quiet on this map like the music just like when off that's kind of creepy look that always building over there what is he whoa okay I haven't that's not that one I don't know is it I don't remember looking like that no look that's two stories it looks like okay I don't know what that we'll check that out in a second though so interestingly enough though I already have 1200 fast coins to start I don't know how I got those but I'm perfectly okay with it alright so yes you want to go and build our you know structure here we got to start somewhere and that's with that and then we're gonna go ahead and do the building and okay so now what is all this this parking lot what is it Oh pillars okay finesse too so yeah we're in a lot of these oh man you're really taking all my money game with why could it just be what button to do all of this like outside structures just one button all right well we got to do all of it and we'll turn around see what it looks like oh my god we're already almost at a thousand taking all my coins why why again why do you do this oh oh we're building the same one as him oh he's on for half two also that is awesome alright let's see he's getting he's definitely ahead of us I think let's get the canopy up right there there we go nice and shaded let's head inside oh okay this is creepy look at it it's completely dark in here and just out in the open wait is there oh I think there is a second wait there's not a second floor in front have to though okay that's a little strange I don't know what that's for but it's got me intrigued okay I'm assuming the show stage is gonna be over there but I might be wrong all right let's do this main room yeah can we get some lights up in here it's really creepy oh okay there's all the walls that is awesome look at this we got all the walls put up now and like all the little money I own are not on this section just in that section but look at how much we're gonna have to buy like look at this oh wait let's just get in here holy crap like the entire room is just filled that's crazy alright well let's start spending money oh wait remember our strategy guys remember our strategy you gotta buy the cheap things cuz that counts towards uh upgrading your money so let's do 50/50 where's the other cheap stuff out fifty again Oh a bunch of cheap stuff that's what I like to see let's see if we can get this up to like four fast poins here what do we got over here mm wait what is this Oh boom we'll all we need Balloon Boy that is so cool but I am knocking no we can't we can't not yet we're two broke at the moment and I don't have any more rope books either actually I forgot um and the drawer beside me I have a a robots gift card so how about this I'm gonna just go ahead and give it away to someone that comments down below you have to comment down below balloon alright everyone that comes down balloons nth but a balloon is entered and also just leave a like on the video and that is it alright I'm gonna choose one random person I think it's a twenty dollar code so yeah it's it's a pretty decent amount of robots alright now I could use that for myself actually upgrade this pizzeria but now I'll give it to one of you guys cuz why not alright so here we go we got that going alright so currently with our current setup we got the balloon we got the boxes you know you got the tables of course you got a little area right here with who the heck is gonna sit by me or a midget what the heck I think that should be a little bit higher like look this is normal height but that one is just like really small that's weird I'm assuming that suppose be like where they take your ticket or you know you pay and then you walk it was my guy doing what sake are you okay bro what are you doing you look like you're falling are you alright I don't know alright so anyways now that we get all that we currently are completely broke now we do have four fast coins per second which isn't bad but let's go ahead and do this all right we're gonna buy this 150 item which is air hockey all that's sick I want an air hockey table that'd be so cool to have alright so now what we're gonna oh what canopy didn't I already another can of oh the sign I'm guessing wait let's see what this is I'm assuming that's what this has gotta be right yeah the new Freddy fazbear's pizzeria okay that's cool the new Freddy fazbear's pizza all right let's check on our opponent here okay I call him our opponent but really it's just another guy really good for the f2 pizzeria but let's see how his is coming along alright well oh he's still on the outside okay you're really early on into it bro I like your outfit too all right no way if we walk it oh yeah wow he doesn't even start on the inside okay I thought this guy would be like way more ahead of us but apparently not all right dude where'd you get that backpack yet I want a backpack like that look oh I have wings though instead okay I was like I need a backpack and it's just like finasteride character out like he needs to have everything for Nath yeah I should just make a character I looks like boxy cuz like currently I just look like some kind of I don't know this is I'm kind of dude with the wings alright wait what is this ghost up here though can we now we can't interacted that at all that's interesting though I'm guessing just because it's like Halloween he made it like some ghost put him around here and like pumpkins and stuff like that so that's pretty cool that oh look at that we're up to five fast coins per second we're already halfway where we were at on fan app 1 so we're already like ahead of the game alright so what can we buy this cheap now okay we got 200 300 150 I'll take it thank you another 150 I'll take it another 150 oh I need to save up a little bit more fast coins and I'll take it the fitter we go so we're now have was at skee-ball dude I miss these machines you guys remember these I don't think I'm sure they're still around at some places well obably don't have them anymore this is such a fun game to play you throw a huge metal ball and try to get it in through one of the holes it's so fun okay so we're now we're still at 5 fast corns unfortunately whatever you're building is that that guy over there I think it's picking up his building even though he's like all the way over there for some reason all right head back in though ok so we need to get to like 8 fast coins per second which the best way of speeding that up me to buy some but like I said wait did they go down in price no okay there are always 250 I'm pretty sure I'm out you need 168 more wait how much how many robots do I have I think I might be able to buy like a hundred but yeah I could buy a hunter what about 200 now you're by 200 what about 300 350 oh no okay you know what we can buy 200 let's just go ahead and purchase it why not let's just use the little amount of money that we have left in our own books account I think it said I had two more left although we're just so broke now all of my roebucks millions are gone how unfortunate all right so let's see here we got 200 we'll do that way what is this all the plushies yeah we definitely need the plushie game going on right here I feel like it's kind of I don't know I guess I kind of makes sense I feel like it'd be better in like the corner though like a corner desk and then behind it would be plushies that'd be really nice but still this is more like the actual game so look at that you got all you got fredbear of course the fredbear plush you got mangle you've got our funtime foxy you got chica foxy Bonnie Freddy all those kind of guys and they're not the toy versions of them they're just normal little versions of them so that's interesting I'd only think do we ever see two wave versions of the plushies I don't think we ever did I'm sure I'm wrong about that but I don't know I don't remember all right so now we have 500 saved up we got 800 300 all right let's do this so kids for all kids Cove oh this is gonna be cool we should really expand this place before we start doing like the minor stuff I'd like to have the full place bill but Oh what what where'd the whole room go there was a huge room here that's all good what the heck dude this is about to be like a huge area down just like a tiny little section I got gypped all right so wait what is there to do oh we got 50 yes this is why I need 50 give me oh it's not done being built yet I got three seconds left all right so come on one there we go all right now let's do the 50 which is I think it's read it oh $13 what is this paper yeah poster 13 we got something for 80 a pizza decor all right we got another 80 a table and we have some wires okay I have to buy to put wires in here for a second I thought this was a poster of candy I was like wait what the heck is that doing in here oh this is cool wait what is 1,000 to it mangle oh my do we need 1,200 mango be sick to have right there okay now we have one for 300 right here was another carousel yeah we need this for a balloon boys little area going on right here oh no we're also up to six five coins per second that's what I like to see all right so we're clearly not gonna be able to buy any animatronics like this must be an ammeter probably the marionette right yep the marionette dang it yeah we're not gonna be able to buy any amateur on so we have the marionette right here mango right here and then we have balloon boy over here in the corner which is like the perfect spot for him and then I'm assuming over here would be the stage area but I might be wrong I mean it could also be right here to be on its way what is this yeah the stage oh it's right here when you walk in so wait why is this building so big then maybe we don't even use this whole section but then why would he make the building this big huh I don't know that's got me intrigued now I'm wondering what we could build but I'm trying to think oh the office area yeah it's ooh it's 500 bathroom hallway wait what is there no office here cuz there's supposed to be an area like there supposed to be more of these little kids rooms and then there's supposed to be an office all the way in the back and that's supposed to have like the tape yeah there's got to be an office mate oh this is just the bathroom hallway though so yeah bathrooms will be like on this side or no usually they're on this side right here and then down here it would be a hallway this would lead to the parts and service room right here and then down here would be the office which explains the ceiling I think I'm pretty sure that's what this is for okay I've got this place figured out now I think I really don't know why wait and see also I like I would saved my progress like I got off the game and I stopped my progress here and we suffer for mechanics too much that's probably why everything's being built so fast all right so we have five hundred and something tokens I want to expand this area first so we're gonna go ahead and do the bathroom hallway now this should like I said have bathrooms on maybe one on each side I'm pretty sure they're usually over here if I'm not mistaken yep that's part to the service room right there and then bathrooms will be right here or you could change it nope that's parts and service yep there it is all right now wait how long just have 35 seconds and then down here is the office yeah it's exactly what I said then I've learned the game I've learned it from playing somebody like Unreal Engine versions of it all right so they're currently building that out what are they working on right now that it's taking so long 21 seconds nothing's really loading up the I'm assuming we're at the probably pay to build this room which is unfortunate because you know oh this is gonna be actually really pricey because you have the stage right here which is 800 okay and they thenbye all the animatronics then you have the parts and service room we have to buy all the EM atronics in here too this is gonna take forever I don't know okay this is done though wait what where's the bathrooms oh you the pay to build the bathrooms what the heck all right let's do the cheaper one first and then we'll do the expensive one because we're trying to really level up our stuff here now this is gonna be a hallway yeah party hallway well there's gonna be a huge room too though cuz you go down here you have rooms on both side I think it's two rooms on this side two rooms on that side and then the office and I'm pretty sure he's probably only gonna do like one room but we'll see this is gonna use all my money Theodore could it be pro okay so or even more broke that we already are to be honest okay so now we're building the bathroom now hopefully we don't have to like pay to put in toilets or something it just puts them in these are gonna be some really tiny bathrooms – okay so we have 500 there oh oh we ever have a guest hello well okay you're just gonna go inside my wall there huh that's how it's gonna go he's just checking out my pizzeria yeah you like it don't job I'm building it all right it's taking a lot of money but um I'm getting it done all right this sign is like stuck on my screen all right let's go back in here though okay so are we almost ready to upgrade though let's wait until this one's done let's see what it says come on did it go it went up okay let's do 50 here oh this is gonna be good yep these are cheap okay 80 80 not doing that one yet we got another 80 here oh I'm broke okay there we go 80 look at that 80 what's up with this guy he's like in the wall how do you even how did you get in there he's like glitched inside the wall that's so weird okay he's just hanging out here then we'll just let him like you can chill inside of our pizzeria you know you might want to leave the whatever the Emmett rocks pawning because that's where things are gonna get a little freaky but you'll be okay until then all right so let's do that one sink and wait were stood oh this must be the toilet right here no yeah the stalls there you go all right so we need to do the stalls in both of these and then we'll be done with the bathrooms I hope and then we can start working out here wait what's this pizza decor okay how we do need that but let's go into the stall first all right so that one done and then we'll be close to getting eight per second we're gonna need a lot more than that so to be able to build all these animatronics and stuff like we're gonna need a lot more hair ready like 15 like fast goings per second no make it like 20 but I know we're not gonna have that into like late-game so I don't know how we're gonna do this alright so let's see 150 again more stalls – check out these look though okay they're pink alright that's enjoy its probably the women's restroom or they're just pink in general I mean that's a quarter a quarter side oh my god I have the hiccups Lee usual okay a pink and blue interesting I've never seen a blue stall before but I like it you know for now has its own like you know unique kind of bathrooms here alright so both the bathrooms are completed now we're still at 7 per second but you can go ahead and buy a poster and the pizza decor on this side all we need a little bit more fast coins here we need to wait a few more seconds and there we go all right now we got that poster the new face of fun toy Freddy and then a little pizza two pizzas on the wall could we get three maybe three now up three oh yes I like to see all right it looks like pac-man though oh that's Lou that's literally what that supposed to be I think you can see like the eye right there where my cursor is and then like he's eating the the you know the little piece of pizza or you know it could just be a piece of pizza we don't really know but anyways okay so now we're at seven I need to do one more thing and then we can get to eight fast coins per second and then we'll check out that other guy's pizzeria and look around and see if we can find anyone else's – all right so wait let's see here at 2:45 and if you get to 500 though and I think we're done in these other rooms like really in this room we just need the animatronic this might unlock some other stuff though whenever we do this I don't know but yeah animatronic erm trunk there and a metonic there and then this whole section is gonna be really expensive so I'm gonna wait on that one actually these both 800 yeah they both are so oh no it'd be smarter to do this one though actually no cuz I don't know I'm trying to think of which one would have like the cheapest stuff for us to buy and I think this hallway would be because then we get to buy the posters the wires for each of these rooms and yeah we would definitely have enough to be able to we can upgrade our fast Quinn's per second and be way better off so yeah let's do it that way instead alright so let's do this room that oh wait no how do we want to do the storage room yeah yeah the storage room why posters and stuff like that oh he's just gonna take okay 49 seconds let's wait for this to be done cuz I want to see if we can have any like cheap stuff that we can buy in here and then whenever we buy that we'll head off oh my God look at me wow look at me fast going to taking already almost at 150 it's been like 10 seconds that is pretty insane dude we are building really fast we're making a lot of money now when this is done we're gonna go up to eight per second too which means we're gonna make even more money which I mean we kind of need to you for this pizzeria cuz it's so massive and there's so much to buy in it it's not like the fan f1 the phenomena one one if you know what I mean so like that one's pretty small this one's huge though okay we have 13 – oh I can already see stuff – by animatronics yep oh man 800 800 it's fighting me another one yep over here 800 800 Wow we do you like what do you like $4,000 almost to do all of this well I don't like the lighting in here it's creepy alright let's go ahead and do the 100 here though so we got that going everything else here is way too expensive let's go ahead and leave though all right so now we're making 8 per second which means we'll be able to buy that anytime soon now well it's actually go explore this other guy's pizzeria I want to see what he's up to because he's pretty he was pretty early on when we went there at first but I think he'll be a little bit more you know built up by now I mean we came in with 1200 fast points somehow I don't really know how cuz I didn't leave my game on did I I might have I don't know I don't know how we had that many oh wow look he's already got a lot bill yeah look at this he's got this whole room he doesn't have a stage yet he doesn't have his bathroom hallway or anything like that but yeah he's got this whole room kind of decked out do we have leaves in our pizzeria I don't remember these I don't even know what those are supposed to be like jukeboxes or Oh probably ticket or coin dispensers I don't know I probably should've rented whatever I built up yeah this guy's getting a lot of he's got his built going right now that's for sure alright now what was that guy though that was like a tower pizzeria where did he come from cuz there was definitely another person remember the guy that was like glitching in through our wall I don't see any other pizzerias though that's weird alright let's go ahead and teleport back outside of our pizzeria and go back in I don't know who that guy was but it's kind of creepy it doesn't have a pizzeria or maybe he does like on the other side of the map I don't know this is a big map alright so it's been built that so that'll be this hallway which should unlock these other rooms right here which will allow us to buy a lot of really cheap stuff and kind of upgrade everything it's a good thing that we learned that because you you imagine if we didn't know that and we started like trying to save up for this $800 one instead of doing all the cheap ones and stuff like that we'd be here forever we would never have this pizzeria bill it'd be like a few hours I think next time what I'll do is I could just like leave my game on and then we just like stack up a bunch of coins and then start just starting the video from there and just you know have a bunch of money coming that down below do you guys want to see that coming down below like coin if I should do that or no if I shut it alright if you guys like it this way where it's like me and you guys just grinding up until we get enough money then you know comment no down below just so I know you know what you guys want it want me to do next all right so yeah oh we have four rooms and then the hallway yeah and then the office oh this is perfect we have so much stuff to buy and it's gonna be cheap stuff too I think this might be able to get us to like nine or ten fast coins for a second oh we got to buy the rooms are you kidding me why do we have to buy the rooms I mean it makes sense but I'm like no we're so close I just want to get in there okay is it fully built now okay now ten more seconds all right so yeah we have four five rooms how much $1,500 for the office this office better be fully equipped like I mean it better have everything in it nothing for me to buy cuz if it doesn't that's gonna be insane all right sue party room one let's do okay we can't afford that one but we can do one room and then probably for the next one pretty soon here all right – 44 seconds on this one then we should have a bunch of stuff to buy I hope like I want to see a bunch of posters I want to see a bunch of random cheap stuff that I could buy cuz that's what I want I'm trying to just level up by a county or okay game come on don't do this to me so okay wait okay look look this is the office right here what is this entire area over here for like I don't see the point of this entire area the office will probably come out to like what here maybe unless he's gonna stretch it out to all the way over there which would be a little bit strange oh the vent system no there's not even any room for it huh oh no the vent system actually goes into the party rooms so yeah that's I don't know it is really we oh oh look at that we can go through walls wait we can just go straight through oak is still being built yeah I was like what the heck oh we have somebody in our pizzeria who's this let's see who are you oh it's just guy Felipe he's check it out so yeah yeah I checked out who so I mean these allowed to check out mine alright so let's go ahead and go in here though what can we buy in here alright so yeah this is all cheap stuff see exactly what I thought okay except for this at the end which each one five hundred what's going through this room next alright so we have that going but if you said my pizzeria how is he buying stuff right now I can hear like buying sounds how he teleported back tis I like this guy's about buying stuff and pizzeria that would be interesting alright so we got that built these are what are these though art scene crap oh the arts and crafts errs Oh arts and crafts I'm so used to bullies basics but arts and crafts that's perfect so I'm assuming for these other ones it probably won't be that expensive like the stuff on the wall it should all be pretty cheap yeah one sixty one sink oh yeah is perfect alright so we need to do these other rooms too though but let's do this one first all right and then we'll be able to get to like nine fast points per second whenever this is Bill and then after that I mean we just gotta do these other rooms and we'll be good to go we'll be able to stack up and just have a crap ton of money it just saved up like well we'll be making so much per second that these like five hundred our 800 dollar purchases are gonna be like nothing look at this we already have five hundred dollars alright let's go ahead and head in here I'll buy this and this and this and yeah well that's all getting built let's go ahead and wait because this should upgrade us to nine fast coins per second and wait what this these things they get built and then they become like where you can't go through them but what if I'm just sitting in it when it gets built what's gonna happen to me let's see oh is this gonna pop me out of it yeah oh oh stuck okay I got out though that was creepy Oh 6:00 am

all right that's what I like to hear all right now we need to save up to 500 but we're an hour at 9:00 fast coins per second perfect perfect perfect perfect so nine times sixty I don't know how much that is but we're making a lot per minute now all right so we're almost at five hundred come on I want to do which one I don't know both of these are the same if I remember correctly there's no arts and crafts or anything like that and these guys so we should be okay alright so how long is that gonna take 45 seconds and by the time we do both of these rooms I think we'll probably be at 10 per second and then we'll probably head back cuz we should probably go back and not do that we should right do the stage because that'll give us options to buy posters I think and wires and stuff like waldecker a wall decoration they'll be pretty cheap and that's like the main goal here you know and then our final move will probably be to purchase this office because actually no how about I think after the stage after you do the save stuff then we'll save up for the office and then after we do the office well we wanted it to anything we don't do anything too expensive in there and then we'll start doing the stuff out here because then we'll be able to do like every minor thing and then the only stuff we'll have left is like the big stuff you know the finishing items oh look we do have a vent yeah that's what I like to see all right I love the vents in this game all right here we go let's do that I wish in France race two you'd actually go inside the vents that would've been really cool like I mean we can look in them for animatronic but we couldn't actually go in them that's what I always wanted from Scott Cawthon like a full free roam by nights at freddys game I mean I know his main kind of thing is clickteam so you can't really do a free roam game I mean you could but it's not kind of his style so I don't know I feel like whenever he gives off the game – you know other developers like he's doing currently I think it's gonna be really good for the game alright posters there so there we go we got that whole room kind of being built right now we couldn't build the vent system which I'm assuming it doesn't want us to do that until we do the office so that's unfortunate but still this also isn't gonna put us to ten fast codes for a second no dang it I wanted to get to ten but we do these guys posters in here I mean let's rock party time you ready question mark you ready and let's party which II could to soothe their hands in the air hey who are you winking at hot toy Freddy huh you're not even in the pizzeria yet I haven't even built you it's so weird are we gonna hear like other people building stuff when they're like so far away though like that guy he sounds like he's in my pizza he sounds like he's like over here but he's not he's like all the way at his I'm assuming unless I got like a pizzeria behind my pizzeria I don't think he's there all right there we go party room there we go it's a party room like for probably I don't know which way it goes like this could be party room 1 or this could be part of your in one or this or this I don't know I don't know which way it goes I wish it was like label like they should have like a little sign above like part of one party room 2 3 4 you know that kind of thing all right now for the final room it should be the same as this one oh okay this is perfect yeah we'll be able to get to 10 fast points per second maybe after this is built I don't know either that or we just have to do like two items in your in one item then we'll have a bill and we will be good to go oh I'm going through I'm going in another room alright so then after we the ten fattest twins for a second we'll go check out that guy's pizzeria one more time and then by that time we should have enough saved up for you know office that kind of stuff and we'll be able to buy oh there's a lot more stuff to buy in here okay why is there so much more to buy in here that's a little weird what the heck like this room I guess it's different maybe it has like two party rooms I don't really know all right so let's do the don't slip sign right there then we'll do the birthday banner and then the house point okay yeah we got what you have a lot this will also put us at ten five points per second perfect hanging stars yep there we go we're at ten table and table again oh we don't have enough all right well now that we're making ten for a second that should take us no time to be able to get this and there we go what 160 oh there we go alright so now that that's all being built it's not gonna put us at 11 fans points per second but still let's go ahead and check out our opponents p3 here which is not really our opponent but still like they had some fake competition here you know you never know you just you never know when he might turn on us all right you guys stay prepared all right let's see what he's doing now how come he is like little pumpkins though and stuff like that like outside of his pizzeria where is that at mine I don't think mine has any of those I have one on the other side of the street all rights go in Oh what what are you doing he's probably saving up his coins I'm assuming so he built bolt the bathrooms which is good he's got to do it exactly what I did yeah he's got like the back room built just like I did and then he's probably 2 by the office next and then you know that kind of stuff so this guy knows how to play the game – all right he's a veteran all right he knows what he's doing he's well classed in the game all rights go back out those go back to our pizzeria actually let's try to find that guy because like I said we have to save up quite a few tokens so let's just kind of look around for this dude oh here we go we got one that's what I was hearing that's why it sounded like there was somebody behind my pizzeria because it literally is somebody behind my pizzeria oh he's doing the fan my pizzeria that makes sense or it could be for nap three or four to be are no it can't be four because four is the house Oh yep it's four nav one yeah this is what I was hearing how far into it is he this must be that guy yeah this is him the guy that was like teleporting in and out of walls and stuff like that all right now he's currently just looking at a wall it's got a creepy all right I've done I'm not gonna lie okay where is he it's creepy being in this pizzeria it's like all dark over here and creepy how what is he building those he did he put in golden Freddy already no okay I don't know I think he's yeah I don't think he knows that if you buy the cheaper stuff you can upgrade faster I think he's yeah he's saving up to do these 150 items and stuff like that yeah bro you got to do the 80 all right the 88 he's gonna help you out I'm pretty sure it's gonna be I think you'll upgrade your points faster than the 150 but the giant toilet paper roll what is that like paper towels or something I don't know has he done anything back here though in the back room now okay so he's he's still pretty at the beginning to like the other guy in the fitt have to area but still a pretty nice-looking pizzeria now is there anybody else is that that's a person over there okay what are you doing oh he I think he just started wait what are you building oh we did oh that's gotta be for nap three what how are you this far ahead this is this is for that three right oh it is cool alright where do the heck did he get that that hat though it's a pretty cool hat yeah I'm assuming with all like the rust and stuff like that yeah it's got to be for nap three alright well let's go ahead and Ella port back to our office here let's go back inside so now we have 1500 saved up that's quite a lot we're gonna go ahead and buy the stage right here and I'll take a minute 18 seconds now I could also buy an animatronic but I'm not going to because I know this stage is gonna require some stuff here it's probably probably by the lights you probably buy posters that kind of thing so it's gonna wait for that to be built though I think that guy's like following me though that guy from the last pizzeria he like followed me outside I like quickly teleported out I was like oh crap we gotta go if that's hello Porter button there it wasn't there if like you would have followed us ice we have something for a hundred there we have okay a hundred there that can't be the mtar there's no way I'm sorry got to be like right here in the middle we got a fifty not bad what else do we got a 150 okay not bad as far the speakers or something like that I'm surprised didn't make me pay for that it makes me pay for everything else like why not just make me pay for these things too you know alright so we got that going though not bad and now we have okay is there anything else to buy it oh there we go oh that's the animatronics wait why is it okay yeah I'll probably put them on their stage and ever I build them that would be weird if they ever talked like in front of the stage oh look we even got some like lighting in here I like it I like it okay yellow and then what blue or is that purple for Bonnie I don't know I think it's just yellow and purple no like brown light for Freddy I guess well thank the lighting like change too that's kind of weird what's going so when it's built I get stuck in it let's see if it happens again come on and it's built I popped me right out of it all right so it's gonna do that hundred first Wow we already have 1,600 saved up one fifty fifty and one hundred so now we have all the minor stuff done and we could do animatronic but no I'm gonna do the smart way all right we're gonna go ahead and do the office next which is 1500 which we should have any second now and also we're at 11 fast coins for a second that is what I'm talking about that's what I like to see all right so come on 1500 and there we go buy that and now we should be good to go all right so now a minute 25 for that to be done which shouldn't take too long and I think we're good to go for the most part like now what you have to do animatronics in the office prior to put the desk up and some posters which I'm looking forward to cuz that's gonna allow us to have like 12 ask wins per second oh my we could easily just get stuck out here I mean all we have to do is press outside and we're gonna go but that'd be creepy it's like if you're building and there's not an outside button you're just stuck inside your pizzerias walls like like spring-trap or something I don't know it's creepy actually you like beasts oh wait I just realize I have a flashlight I never noticed that I don't know if we ever use this in for nap one it looks really weird though whenever we run though all right so this is the Venge though so both sides will connect I don't know if we'll be able to go in them I don't think you can crouch in this game maybe we can just like walk into it though yeah I'm pressing C nothing's working so yeah I'm assuming we'll be able to go in there though by just walking in he'll like automatically crouch and these obviously connect to both of the party rooms which is really cool and then after that just animatronics and then we beat the pizzeria and then we get to go to fine after three which is gonna be very exciting because you know phantom animatronics phantom Freddy phantom mangle phantom Beebe spring-trap like there's a lot there and it's gonna be really cool it's gonna be really cool and creepy although do that creepy I was just looking at the timer at the top right and it said 6:45 and that is the exact time it was in real life that was weird like the exact time I looked at it I looked at both the timer's and they were both at the exact time that was weird I don't know that's like such a weird coincidence alright so anyways that we're almost done here I'm going to put away this flashlight you don't really need that out okay so 50 seconds there we have 1130 tokens saved up I really want to buy an ammeter onic but I know we're gonna need that for the office I'm sure that table and that that you know the office chair and tables I was gonna be like 500 so we're gonna need it for there's I'm gonna save it oh wait there was stuff in this room yeah we could do these oh wait no that's the that's the arts and crafts what the there's blood what the heck I know that I knew it said like don't slip our wet floor sign but there's actual blood there okay that's a twist what this is creepy lighting in here too it seems like it's on fire oh no no it's putting the wires up now who I wanted to buy that cuz it'd be cheap wait what the this is zero dollars whatever this is I wonder what that is it causes no money huh why even put aside for it then like why not just have it built that's weird what is this hanging stars okay how come I don't have to pay for that I mean I'm okay with that but that's a little bit strange alright 100 200 yeah she look good thing I saved up all that money we're able to buy all of this and even buy one vent if we wanted to but I'm gonna go ahead and buy the paper pals instead we'll buy both of them and then we'll leave one for later so there we go that should definitely put us at 12 fast wins per second maybe even more all there's more stuff to buy now Oh perfect oh whoa okay I just turned on the creepy music in here we just turned on the fan asked to music that's weird it's only when we go in here that's so creepy okay so now we need 300 though for that middle one and then we'll be good to go okay the paper pals are being built to where at 12 as Quinn's per second perfect and now we can buy this the fans that fan was like 300 fast coins wasn't it or 150 that's an expensive fan like dang it's just a crappy metal fan it barely blows out any air – like why is it so expensive okay so now we're up to 12 as Quinn's per second which I mean at this point we'll be able to buy a lot of stuff who's gonna wait like what a minute we could buy like everything now probably not a minute probably if we waited like we just sat here for 10 minutes I would have like 50,000 fans now find out if I have like 10,000 or more probably way more than that but still we really can't just sit here then wait that's not part of the fun all right that's not part of the game all right so what do we have left in here we have the vents which are not gonna do not yet anyways I want to do the show stage animatronics but that's not the smoke the smart way of doing it smart way of doing it would be these guys cuz they're eight hundred each and then go to the more expensive ones so yeah let's go ahead and do it that way instead all right so we're almost at that being done or everything in here is done yeah so now we're just needed to do I think we need to build like three of these guys to be able to get to 13 fast coins per second maybe two for lucky all right so wait we have withered Freddy here we have were you withered foxy then this is where they're Bonnie no with a chica then this with me withered Bonnie yep all right let's do my favourite which you guys know is withered foxy we got to do that one first and then from there let's actually go and check out that guy's p3 again it's like I said we have to save up quite a lot of fast coins here so let's go and check out his p3 let's see how fin half 3 is looking cuz I'm excited to see how that's gonna be built that's gonna probably take a long time cuz there's a lot to build there like fin have to though so it's like I take around the same amount of time as for Nath – but it's gonna be fun I'm really excited for that one infant at four but at four I'm super excited for because we're gonna have the actual house I'm gonna have a house here which is gonna be sick that must be that convenience store I think where you can buy like shirts and stuff like that I'm assuming that's where those lights are I'm pretty sure Oh what is he doing that's it yeah that's this guy that that owns this pizzeria what is he doing oh wait no this isn't is where does pizzeria go is that the finale oh that's Stefan have two or three pizza I thought this was the store what why are the lights on it that's weird I don't think they're they usually have light that's like it's like a club or something alright so if we go in here we are all you got the posters you got whatever that is that's probably spring-trap maybe I don't know you got more stuff like he's really early on in it yeah wow yeah isn't done anything but look how expensive it is to 5150 what that's this is gonna take this years I might have to put in some robots cuz that's gonna take it forever and then this guy who's in for an f1 I'm gonna owe and locked with her foxy reward or we got the award for unlocking with her foxy that's cool alright so now I mean that means we probably get one for every motronic that we buy from this point on whatever went through we never even bought Balloon Boy and the other one mangle how's this guy looking along ok so he's got his office kind of built here I know his office is right here he hasn't built that yet but he's got the hallways built and stuff like that she got the posters the game so the Nightrider I think that game's called and the pizzeria simulator of course he doesn't have the stage yet but let's see okay he's got foxy pirate Cove and the arcade games nothing in here yet and let's see if he has golden Freddy put up just yet I feel like he has I think he's doing it like nope okay I thought he's doing it like room by room but now he's just doing in his own kind of way alright so let's get out of here let's go back to our oh wait now we have an office that Ella poured in here cool alright so let's go ahead and do the paper pal because he's 500 and then we'll go back over here cuz I completely forgot about mangle okay nope yep Balloon Boy you're not getting built mm really holy alright you're also not getting built you're also not getting built alright wait how much are these animatronics no yep alright yeah will you guys stick to the 800s for now that's too expensive for us alright we don't have that much money oh my god I can't even buy two of them all right so here's foxy though wait how come I my flashlights not working oh it is but it's just a not an actual flashlight he can't see him alright well there's there's withered foxy though one of my favorite animatronics no because he just he looks so cool he's so withered and beat-up looking and look at Freddy he's being built on the floor what the heck that's so cool alright I love how they get built though like you can see them being like pieced together alright so now let's go ahead and do withered chica and we leads to our bill I think what to do one more unless I did the paper pal did I yeah I did okay so yeah once we these two are built will be at 13,000 coins for a second which will be perfect oh that's so B singer giant sharp nails being Piltdown there but yeah after that then we'll be making some Bank and then we'll be able to do these other animatronics and then we'll be done in no time and finished off with the pizzeria I think I'll probably do the vent next before we do the animatronics cuz we did that yeah okay so we'll do this last animatronic and then we'll do the vents cuz those are a thousand each so two thousand and then we'll come out here and do these guys to there twelve hundred and then we'll finish it off by doing these two and balloon boy last cuz he's mm I mean balloon boy he's like the star of the show I remember one fan after you came out oh my god there was so much speculation cuz nobody knew about balloon boy you know he was never infant at one and people thought like I remembered I did a theory video and we thought he was like a pirate or something like that cuz it only showed a portion of him and he looked like he had like a pirate hook or something like that I don't remember but yeah that video it blew up like it has like six million views or something like that and everybody after for Nath who came out came to the video like that's blue boy how do you not know that I'm like oh my god it was made before for an f2 wasn't even a thing so everyone's like this guy doesn't know who blue boy is I'm like oh my take it I was just doing a theory video before the game came out so yeah that was an interesting time though all right so we got withered chica bill we got withered freddy built – now we're at 13 five coins per second we're gonna go ahead and do withered Bonnie Oh My look how much money we're making now oh my dude we're just stacking up stacks now that's insane so I'm assuming for fourteen five spins per second we're gonna do both these vents and probably all those hammer trunks on the stage and then we'll be able to have 14 fast coins for a second and finish off the rest of the game which will probably end out like 15,000 schools per second man I wish it was faster though I wish we did it to where it was like you know you got 215 fast fast ones per second whenever you unlocked like the office I don't know alright so now it's currently 6 am just turned a time I do wish the animatronics like actually performed at night I don't know if that's coming later on I know and they like when you join the game it says that they don't perform but it'd be cool if they did alright so now we're getting withered Bonnie being built that is so creepy to sing his teeth and his red eyes the rest of it was still being formed though so what if I like stand here what if Oh what if you stood on them while they're getting built and it put your body inside of them like you got like spring locked somehow that would be cool all right so up to 1200 let's do the first vent here I want to see if we can actually go inside of this too I'm pretty excited to see about that we actually go behind oh yeah we can't Oh Oh uh-oh we're stuck all right there we go okay we got unstuck I was about to teleport outside I was like oh crap what do we do all right so now we got this guy being built right there for second oh wait four seconds let's see this one okay let's put a flashlight away it's kind of useless and there we go we got the award unlocked withered Bonnie a ward unlocked badge awarded nice and look at that his guys wires all through him he's got like the giant metal foot the red eyes the giant ears stuff like that awesome animatronic and then over here we got the vent which has a minute in five seconds I do not think we'll be able to go in here like I think if we were able to go in there we'd be able to go in there like right now and we can't so that's really unfortunate though oh my God look we're already at 800 again oh my gosh we're making so much money wait now it doesn't look like blood now it looks like wait what did that consistency of this just change maybe at night it turns to blood and then during the daytime it's like you can see clouds in it that's weird what happened to the blood that's really weird alright well anyways let's go out and do the final Bend and now we have both events being built and the only thing we have left to do right I think is yet we have this whole room built the only thing we have left is this room everything in this room including this room right here and then we're done and then we beat the fan a few Pizzeria and we get to continue on to phenanthrene which is gonna be a lot of fun alright so that's being built 16 seconds I want to see what this is gonna look like I really really crossed my fingers here that we will be able to go inside of this vent I want to be able to go in there and also want to be able to use this light which we can use that's what I like to see all right now vent will we be able to go inside of you let's see one and go in no you can't what there's got to be a way of crouching whoa what the oh that's the music how'd that get turned off hey I never turned that off that's really weird I guess let's turn that back on I mean at this point I really don't eat it we've added off the entire video I don't know how that got turned off I never pressed that that's really weird oh that's our backpack alright so I guess we can't go in here unfortunately but we can use the light which is cool but like why can't we just go in I don't understand maybe there is a button to crouch I'm just not seeing it now details outside office no there's nothing because I know last time there was like an actual physical button that we had to press but I guess not this time around alright so anyways we did both events now we have 1200 saved up let's go ahead and do let's do the marionette first actually no let's complete this room and do mangle which might unlock some other stuff for us to do but still let's do mangle and then we'll do the marionette and then we'll finish off the stage and then we will do Balloon Boy and be done with it and lead own this whole stage here alright while that's happening let's go back outside though let's check on our you know little friend over here well because we do need to save up some fast coins so let's check on how they're doing I'm not gonna go to the finale guy cuz he doesn't seem to be like that far into it so I mean that one's really expensive so it's probably take him quite a while alright so let's see what you're up to there are you near where we're at now okay no he did the bathrooms he did this area now he's working on oh wow he's building all these at the same time and what's been like afk and saved up a bunch of coins so oh why even did the office – yes so he knows what he's doing so yeah then then from there he's by gonna do like each of these individual rooms like I did and then the main office or is he just cash it out now yeah he's saving up yeah so he's just kind of going to FK and saving up and then doing the office which is the smart thing to do alright so anyways we're now at 831 I want to see cuz we're still saving up a little bit more here let's check on and see if anyone else is over here I don't think there is though but there's definitely a store here you guys remember like infinite one last video there was a store where you could buy like shirts and all that kind of stuff but I don't know where like I don't I don't see it anymore maybe it's like gone look at these pumpkins are here though so they clearly updated the map and I think they changed the trees now that's where they're like autumns – oh we have a fine a poor house yes we got to go in here this is probably like fully built – I gotta see this oh this is the guy that built it I think right here why was he in that pose what the heck he's running like an anime character how the heck did he run like that way what the his phenomena which are outside what that is so cool that is awesome I want to get to this for that for house already no way you can go on the roof of the fanat for house – oh maybe oh yeah you can that is so awesome we need this house we need it right now oh I got alright like the manga reward I thought I got a reward for like going up on top of the house alright so let's go inside though oh wow this is probably fully built what kitchen with a huge window that is so cool over here you've got the markiplier picture which you guys all said you need a markiplier picture in your house for sure then he got the bedroom you got kelan right there on the wall you got the foxy in the closet whoa we're like in the closet with him and then upstairs we got a check up there wait where is upstairs at oh yeah it's over here alright let's see upstairs you got like the creepy clock – and like Oh a hatch and then these doors all they don't open what I feel like this one it's probably gonna be super easy to do cuz it's really not much to build to be honest so yeah I feel like that one's gonna be super easy anyways though let's go ahead and teleport back outside of our house we now have 2300 saved up which is enough to do almost both of the animatronics to this one and then Oh mangles bills oh that's so cool wait let's do this one too before we check out mangle let's do Freddy yep toy Freddy alright now let's check out mangle oh that is so cool I always loved mangles design I wish he would have done more like this like Fanaa fandom atronics they look so cool like I don't want to see this thing like coming at us to kill us cuz this thing is freaky it's got one head here and then one head there and then like an eye in each head it's just it's so cool-looking which actually not a thing about it how does man like how does mangle have an eye in that head he doesn't have an endoskeleton head in there so how is it staying there that's really weird also you guys remember when mango like first was found how they had that like radio frequency coming from it we never really found out what that was about you know I wonder whatever whatever ended up happening with it what happening with that like mangles origins I was just like all together I'd love to know more about mangle in general but still a cool animatronic alright so now we have tor Eddie being built and we also have the the marionette and we're still saving up we almost got enough to buy I will do Bonnie Oh No okay I guess we do know let's do Bonnie first doesn't she good for I don't know guys which ones I do first I don't know which one would you do first all right coming down below Bonnie if you do Bonnie or cheek of you do chica I'm feeling a chica though because I don't know I just I feel like she's first up in line here we already skipped her and went to toy Freddy which I mean we should have done her first probably and then after that we actually yeah well after we do this least we're atronics the only one we have left is Balloon Boy and then we're done we get to move on to the new Tycoon which is gonna be super exciting and it looks like we might not even get to 15 fast coins for a second because we're only halfway to 14 and we have okay now we have these two being built yeah so we'll get to 14 whenever we do probably this one and then yeah and then what we said say what for that final to you alright so that's being built now marionette 14 seconds toy Freddy has 18 seconds he already looks kind of fully built though he's only really missing his eyes and his mouth yep there's the mouth and then the eyes while he's huge though I glued him compared to us let's say we're like normal height oh that's so creepy I was I was just put in who's staring right at me that is so creepy but yeah let's just say like he's we're normal Heights were like five eight five seven he's probably like seven feet tall that is creepy and insane I don't look they both got built like around the same time all right now the marionettes in here but ah what you can't actually see him what I hope like maybe every few minutes like he pops out or something now you can't actually see him oh that's kind of unfortunate I really wanted to see him but I guess not alright so we're up to 700 saved up though once we get that we're gonna go ahead and buy the final electronic or to the final final a metonic I guess well blue boys not really an amateur onic is he we don't what is Balloon Boy I mean yeah I guess he is an amateur on because we've seen his endoskeleton haven't we no I'm thinking I don't I always get like fan games mixed up with like the main games but I don't think yeah yeah I think he's just made of wood so I don't even think he's an animatronic what the heck is he like we'd never really learned a lot about Balloon Boy which we really should have you seen him in like mini games and stuff like that we've learned some of his backstory but there's so much stuff in fan app that's still like unsolved it's so crazy it's like how much we really don't about the series all right so let's go and do the final one here and we're nearing completion guys we're so close yes I'm so excited okay so this is gonna put us at 14 per second I think I neveri do both of these and then we are done and we get to move on to Fanaa 3 in the next video which is gonna be a lot of fun which by the way you guys may notice these videos are super long I'm just been doing them that way cuz you guys seem to really enjoy like our long videos so you know what why not you guys enjoy him I'll do them especially for a series like this I think it's perfect cuz we can do one pizzeria per video and you get like a long video you know you get a nice long video and then the next one will do for now f3 you know the life's nice long video for that for long video that won't actually be kind of short though cuz fanat 4 seems really easy but I might be wrong about that alright so now we have tor chica fully built eyes closed toy bonnie fully built which is interesting because when do their eyes open i want to see them activate but it's nighttime and they're not active so i don't think their eyes are gonna be open which is really unfortunate I think you'd be better off if they were just like performing up there and be really cool-looking anyways though we almost have enough for the final animatronic we're almost at a thousand and we need a thousand more and then we're good and then Oh yep literally whenever we beat whenever we build toy Bonnie we have 14 per second and it'll be nothing we'll be there in no time and I think we're done let's check around one more time make sure bathrooms done interestingly enough we didn't have to build the toilets just the stalls which I guess includes the toilets both the bathrooms are completely done back area is completely done we got all the way there and Tronics back here and one of them is even active which is that's kind of creepy like none of them have their eyes on or open except for withered Bonnie creepy and then over here though we've got these areas we have the pad the paper pal is fully built the table is fully built with a art board I'm assuming or a chalkboard I don't know I guess that's something you put like announcements on like paper announcements then you got the posters you know more rooms the vent which we unfortunately can't go in for whatever reason that's really weird you got this room with the happy birthday sign another vent and of course the blood and no no spill sign or whatever it is you know don't slip sign and then the office with the light switch will turn both of these on actually and then the office table right there which no chair which is a little bit weird I think you might have forgotten that I don't know if there is normally a chair that I mean figure there is if you're sitting like in first and you don't just want to stand at a table like why even have the table there I feel like there's yeah he's probably missing the chair there anyways it's time to build the final image all right guys we're at 1954 coins and now we just need to do the final one here we go guys balloon boy complete three minutes till completion and we're done we've finished off the entire pizzeria it's so weird we did the entire thing so he has three minutes till completion we'll do one last look around and everyone's kind of areas here before we finish off the video and of course we move on to phenanthrene the next one if you guys want to see it that is like I said if you guys want to see it leave a like on video drop a comment down below saying phone app three just fnaf 3 just so I know and we'll definitely do that I what is he up to okay so he's got oh he's finishing off the office first interesting he's like working the lights right now – wait you could I work his lights oh yeah I can I could turn them off wait let's see yeah I can turn them off and odd wellthank wait can I yeah I can he keeps turning it off I guess he doesn't want them on maybe he thinks oh like uses power I don't know anyways let's get out of here though so blue boy still being built I'm sure so let's go ahead and check out one more pizzeria here so wait we have that one that one's ours let's go to the finale guys for that four guys done interesting like that's completely done which I can't believe that we still have an f1 here and then Finn have three there let's go for the f3 cuz for an f1 we already seen that you know but after three on the other hand though it's really early on I'm hoping he's at least done spring-trap or whatever that thing was in the front which I personally wouldn't do that first but maybe he did so let's check it out though he was over there in the bushes – which is weird I wonder if there's like something back there there's like what was he doing in those trees back there alright fazbear's fright let's go in he hasn't done that yet so he knows what he's doing Oh what the phantom puppet right there that is so cool the chica had the vent oh my the arcade machines he's done them oh wow ok he's not a lot more but yeah he says to do this room and then the office over here and spring-trap like I said I'm assuming he's this guy over here at the front I don't know though I don't know I have no idea anyways let's go and head back to the outside of our pizzeria and let's see if balloon boys done I doubt he is I think we would have got the award if he is yeah he is she says a minute and 18 seconds but he's slowly being built it's kind of weird though why does balloon boy the hardest one to buy like why was he 2,000 fast coins and why is he also take the longest out of anybody it's just he's balloon boy he's the one that everyone hated like I remember when for NASA to came out all the comments like the day it came out everyone was like I hate balloon boy like everyone hated I said to my video I hated him because he was such a nuisance he would turn off your flashlight and just kill you because then then withered Fox he can come and kill you I remember that oh I remember that game so much and like when people were trying to figure out how to play the game he had to put on the mask but nobody knew they had to put on like at a certain point if you missed it like a split second you would die I just I remember all of that I remember that when that game came out man that was so there was so much hype there because finale one was such a big success and it's just like phenoms who came out and it was just it was massive and then for that three came out and that one was like four therefore I wasn't a big fan of but for half three I thought was okay definitely wasn't my personal favorite I think my personal favorite was like fan app one orphan app I like sister location and six but I think personally sister locations by my favorite orphan app one because I was like weird where it all started to be honest you know you got to go with that one guys comment down below which one is your favorite for an Afghan out of every one of them that was made whether it's no fan afterworld which I also personally whoa what are you doing in here huh Felipe what are you doing in here huh checking out my pizzeria Oh Balloon Boy unlocked we got the award there it is we have finished off the pizzeria and now it is time to do a new tycoon guys we finished it going to the next tycoon will save your current one and reset your earn fast coins proceed yes but not yet let's see the outside okay we built it there it is it's fully built we did it it's awesome it looks sick it kind of looks like it looks like this should be what fun after each building looks like it looks like there's like a roller coaster up top but it's not anyways new tycoon yes that guy's currently in that one I don't know how that's gonna work he might just be trapped in there forever now I don't know I think it's taking us to a new server so are we yeah we're at a new server now okay and I think this person wants me to be his friend I know what that symbol means I don't know all right so anyways if we press play though we should see for nap 308 where should we put it I don't even know well do all this in the next video but for right now let's just see wait what it's not here what it's not it's not here uh guys uh guys did unlock everything first yeah we it doesn't let you reset until you've unlocked everything so why is for nap three not here oh no guys I don't know what we just did hopefully you felt like glitch or something like that that has me worried I hope we didn't just like waste all that time I don't know I have no idea I'm assuming it's it's like we're just on the wrong server maybe like if I just restart go to a different server we'll be here so yeah guys so I'm in this video here though we did for nap – all in one video it took us about an hour but we did a lot we got a lot done and it was overall a lot of fun in the next video we're gonna be doing for nap 3 which is gonna be a lot more fun cuz we have fandom animatronics and of course after that tune at 4 and I don't know what this last game is I don't even know if it's out yet I haven't seen anyone build that one yet but I'm assuming it's either for nap 5 like sister location or if enough are 6 so I have no idea or maybe it becomes they do like a finale house you didn't remember there was a house in that game and I mean then again it did require like him to make his own house and stuff like that but still it'd be cool I'm just saying anyways guys I'm in this video here like I said enjoyed the video hit that like button y'all hit that subscribe button and that Bell icon to you so you get videos before anyone else and I'll see you guys in the next one peace out guys


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