Breathtaking makeover for your favorite Barbie doll

I need to clean everywhere! Clean really well! Who's the best cleaner under the bed? Sam is the best cleaner! Sue knows whom to give this task to! Ha Ha! Take that! Here and there What's this? Oooooh! Sue's secret box? Let's see Oh! Wow! These are her old toys! Ha! Oh, my feta! What happened to this poor doll?! Oh! Come with me! Let's remind Susie how she should treat her toys! Boo! Oh! Sammy! Scared, eh? You'll know better now than to leave your toys in such sorry condition Oh, now I'm not scared I'm glad! What? Glad? To see this? Of course! It was my favorite doll when I was little

I played so much with her I'm so glad you found her! So I did a good thing? Of course you did Here! Have a candy! Hmm I'm not going to play with her like before but I really want to have my favorite doll where I can see her Oh! That's it I'll clean her up and put her on a shelf to admire her

Ohwell, you can try, though I don't think anything can help her You'll see

Hi guys Have you ever had ruined toys? Well today I'm going to show you a few hacks that will help you clean up a ruined doll A Barbie doll, in this case I really want her to shine with beauty like before You've stepped on a very difficult path, my friend Sue

Actually anyone can do any of the things I'm going to show in today's video It'll only take a few minutes So the first problem are these pen marks I can't even imagine what happened here Oh, Sammy I was so little back then

I just did anything that came to my mind I probably wanted to apply some makeup Yeahright

To clean the felt pen marks off the doll, I'm going to need some toothpaste and a cotton pad I'll apply some toothpaste on the dirty areas like this and now I'll wipe it with a cotton pad

Done! The next step is the hair Oh, I don't think I can brush that But I know a good way to untangle doll hair I'll pour some laundry conditioner into a bowl Then I'll soak the doll's hair in it There, now it should be really easy to brush her hair Perfect! My Barbie's almost as beautiful as before Hmm, now that the hair is dry, let's make her even more beautiful! Colorful locks are still in fashion

So I'll make a few pink locks in Barbie's hair like this Hmm these old clothes won't do I know! I'll make you a nice swimsuit in a couple of minutes! I'll cut off the lower part of a balloon like this Now, I need to fold it in half and make neat holes for the legs Nice! The swimming bottoms are done And now for the top part

I'll cut strips of a balloon like this And that's it! I just need to put it all on Barbie Oh, this color will suit you so well! Done! Oh, you look so wonderful Barbie! So, Sue, how's your Ooooooh! Greetings, my dear lady

Sam, it's my old Barbie doll I've cleaned her up I can't believe it! Sue, Sue, you should let her go to the slime ball with me! A slime ball? Well, then you'll need a gorgeous outfit for that, right? Let's see Oh, you don't have any shoes! Hmm Let's make you a pair of pretty shoes

I've inserted a colored glue tube into our glue gun But first we need to protect your feet I doubt you'll want to wear the same pair of shoes forever Just like this Very neatly and now with the help of glue, I'll make you some pretty shoes! Remember to be very careful when you work with a glue gun It's very hot! And now allow the glue to cool down Next, we need to wipe away the excess Dear Barbie, let me try this shoe on you

Sam! She's not Cinderella Oh, can't I imagine myself in a fairy tale for a bit? The shoes are ready! Now it's time for the dress I know two ways of making a dress for a doll without sewing! For the first method, I'll need a sock

I found this cute sock in my old things Hmm Let's see if these colors suit you UhI think they do Guys, give a thumbs up if you agree

I'll cut off the lower part of the sock very neatly Now, I need to make small cuts in the upper part Let's try it on! Hmm well the dress is cute, but is it good enough for a ball? Right, where's all my pretty fabric? Sue I can't wait any longer! Your lady will be ready very soon don't worry Let's see

this one? No here! Yes! This one will do I'll take a square piece of fabric and fold it like this Done Now, we need to cut away the excess go slowly, you need to do it neatly It's a bit like cutting out paper snowflakes Give a thumbs up if you've ever made paper snowflakes And now I'll unfold it a bit

and make cuts here andhere Done! Time to get changed, Barbie

I think you'll like this dress even more Rightcarefully now

Ah! Perfect! Hmm I think we'll need a small belt here Oh wow, this gold lace matches the fabric so well! Yes! Yes! Wonderful! Let's work on your hairstyle and you'll be ready to go Oh I'm soooo tired of waiting Sam, stop whining, Why don't you go get some flowers for your lady? Oh! I can do that! You can style a doll's hair with the help of a few rubber bands

I think braids are always in style So I'll make her a few You just need to twist the locks like this I'll fix them with a bobby pin and do the same to the other side Now, let's tie the braids with a rubber band Done! Oh, I think it looks beautiful! Ahem

Dear Barbie, allow me to take you to a slime ball! Oh, dear Sam You're so gallant I'll be happy to go to the ball with you

And that's how you can save an unlucky doll and turn her into a real beauty! Hey guys, if you liked our hacks, give this video a thumbs up, subscribe to our channel and share this video with your friends


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