Boys Try Girls’ Toys – Daddy Diaries: EP2

My name is Shan I'm a father of 2 boys, Ciaran and Ruan

This show is about my life as a dad, and how I’m just making it up as I go along So there seems to be a bit of a trend of gender-neutral parenting, where you don't force any stereotypes on your kids as far as toys or clothes are concerned Even companies like GAP or Abercrombie now have clothes which are gender-neutral, in a sense that, a girl can wear a camouflage, and a boy can wear pink In my experience, it seems that from a very young age, there is a natural inclination of boys and girls towards different toys My boys are no exception

They like their swords, and their rifles Today we've got some toys which we picked up in the girls section of the toy store, to see if my boys will like them So of course, boys and girls can be artsy and crafty But when you look in the stores, there's definitely way more for girls than there is boys We have this one here, it's "Florist"

The fact that they're making flowers, I actually don't think it matters because their mum is a wedding planner, and recently the boys helped her to make like flowers for a wedding And they enjoyed that, so I think they're quite up for making flower designs So when we first saw the craft set, because the box has a girl on the front, I think Ciaran noticed that straight away Ciaran: That's a girl toy! Shan: Ruan, what do you think? Ruan: Nope! Shan: But girls and boys can play with the same thing, right? Ciaran: Yeah Well it's pretty easy to push through and get them to play with it They didn't seem to be too put off by that I guess the boys quite liked the roller press concept, I mean, because it's a simple machine They seem to be able to put it together, and they understood "Oh, we're making a flower

" Ruan: Tada! Shan: And who you gonna give your flower to? Ciaran & Ruan: Mama! Shan: Who else do you wanna give flowers to? Ruan: Nobody else Ciaran: What about your girlfriend, Ruan? Ruan: Nope! Ruan: I took away my girlfriend Shan: Remember the girlfriend at that campfire? Ruan: Er

nope Shan: She's long forgotten is she? Ruan: Mm hmm So yes, mum is still number one Shan: So boys, what do you think of this toy? Ciaran: Quite good Shan: So you wanna keep this toy? Ruan: Yes, to make for everybody Shan: To make everyone a flower? Ruan: Even if it's a girl! So this is one of the hottest, trendiest toys for girls apparently

It is called "LOL Surprise!" And, you're supposed to unwrap it, and each layer of unwrapping reveals something new And it's gonna be a piece of her wardrobe, or a piece of her outfit And there's like many different girls to collect, I think I have a feeling the boys might not be bothered to like go through the difficulty of unwrapping

Because even now, you know, at the age of 4 and 6, if they get a packet of chips, they're like "Dad, please unwrap for me!" So I think I'll have to do a lot of the unwrapping Shan: Next toy is this! Ciaran: Okay, we should open this up

Well it's not obviously a girls toy to start with, so the boys were very keen You get in there, you start ripping off paper, so they're having fun from the start Ruan: Quite hard! Ruan: Ughhh! Shan: Come on, are you the Hulk? Ciaran: My turn! You probably saw that Ciaran like wants to do it, you know "It's my turn first, it's me first!" And because he's the older brother, he's used to being first actually When we read bed time stories at night, we read Ciaran's story first, and then Ruan's story

But I mean, I've learnt over the years that it's very important to try to "It's your turn and then it's his turn", and try to have that 50-50 split And usually, they're okay with that Shan: One for Ru, one for Ciaran So you unwrap the layers and there's little like stickers in the first couple of layers Then the first thing of note was a tiny little coffee cup, and Ruan got it first

And so obviously, Ciaran wants it Shan: Ciaran, this is Ruan's level You wait for yours Shan: What is it Ru? Ruan: Uh coffee cup So we got to the next layer, which was Ciaran's turn Unwrapped it Luckily, he got a toy, because you need one to have a toy and the other to have a toy, otherwise it's gonna be a real fight

So Ciaran got the roller skates Shan: Okay, last level is for me Ruan: Can you give me? Ciaran: I got it! Shan: Hey Ru, you got this one Unfortunately my boys are very like, they want what the other has There's a lot of snatching as well, and they will also taunt each other

Ruan: You can't get the coffee cup! Ciaran: I'll get it! If you want me to, I'll get it Shan: Ciaran, Ciaran Ciaran: He said "Get the coffee cup" Ruan: You're not the boss! Ciaran: Yes I am the boss Ruan: You're not! Daddy

Kor kor not the boss! Ciaran: Yes I am the boss! That happens a lot in my life unfortunately So eventually, you get down to the doll, and then you're supposed to put it in water I wasn't really sure why, but we kinda worked out that she sorta sucks a bit of water into her head, and when you squeeze it, it's gonna squirt it out

And so actually, this was the point where the boys went crazy, because this is the action moment Ciaran: Fire! This is the fire target Ruan: Sorry! Shan: So this squeeze fires water too? Ruan: Yeah Shan: My goodness And they really enjoy the toy, whether it's meant for girls or not, because it has this action, this squirting water, in their dad's face unfortunately

Yeah, they really enjoyed it, and Ru is still playing with it, like hours later actually Shan: So what do you think of this toy, Ciaran? Ciaran: Brilliant! Ciaran: Brilliant? Ruan: Because we shoot water in your face! Right? I wouldn't be surprised if we were in a toy store and the boys see one, and say "Hey! Can I have another one?" I wouldn't mind buying it, for sure But it also has this element of collecting And if the boys wanted to start collecting everyone To be honest, I would be a little bit "Mmm, do we need so many dolls in our house?" So I guess since the dawn of time, one of the most popular toys for girls has been the baby doll And still now of course when you go to the girls section, there's lots and lots of baby dolls And we have one here today! So, I mean, you don't get more of a girl's toy than this I mean, in our modern age of course, dads are plenty involved in kids' lives

Like I mean, I've looked after our babies as much as their mum, but there is no stronger difference, I suppose, between boy and girl toys than when it comes to baby dolls You would never get this advertised to a boy, you would never see a boy on the front It's all about girls Yeah, I definitely don't think the boys will be keen on playing with this one Having said that, they like babies, you know

If we have a friend who's got a young baby, the boys are quite keen to look after it, or you know like "Oh, so cute" So, who knows? Maybe they will Maybe they'll embrace the baby Ciaran: Why is everything a girl thing, daddy? Ciaran: Why do I have to have a baby?! Ruan: Baby! Shan: What do you think? Ruan: Hate that! Ciaran: I'm not keeping this Ruan: I'm never keeping that! Shan: Boys

Shan: Ru, you're not an animal, lets open it properly Ruan: I like to be like an animal I want to be like a koala

Ruan: Dad! Look at me! Shan: Don't slap the baby, Ru Ruan: He's not a real baby, he can't cry At least he knows the difference At least that's one thing Shan: Okay, I'm just going to the bathroom for a second

Ruan: Baby, open your mouth Ciaran: Ah, wake up Wake up Ruan: Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Ciaran: Wake up and drink your milk Ruan: Open your mouth, baby! Or I'll kill you! Take your eyeball

Oh god Yeah, that's boys playing with dolls, unfortunately Shan: Okay boys, so I had to use the toilet What were you doing with the baby? Ruan: Um, we Ciaran: Feed it milk We were feeding it to eat Ruan: And then we sleep him Imposters! So, they won't be babysitting anytime soon, I'm afraid So I wanted to see if they would like sing a song, like a lullaby, if you're trying to put a baby to sleep Shan: Lets just sing a song? Last thing Ciaran: Okay Shan: What song? Ciaran: A Chinese song Shan: A Chinese song? Ruan: 一闪一闪亮晶晶 (Twinkle twinkle little star) 满天都是小星星 (How I wonder what you are) And for the modern parent, that's like the ultimate

If your child is able to do something in another language, because we don't speak Chinese at home So this is purely from school It really feels good, I was very proud I don't know what he's really saying unfortunately, but I hope it sounded okay Overall today I was quite pleasantly surprised! Maybe I should give my boys more credit

I thought they would be very put off by "Oh no, this is a girl's toy I'm not gonna play with this one" But for most of them, they were quite happy to play with it And so this gender-neutrality, actually is probably more me that needs to change than them They seem to be fine

I mean they go to mixed schools and I think they're quite used to playing with girls, and playing around girl toys Also I feel like the packaging makes a huge difference The box had a girl on the front, and if it didn't it was very plain I don't think the boys would have twigged that this is supposed to be for girls Would I buy them more girls toys? Honestly, probably not

I probably wouldn't mix up their toys But I would encourage people perhaps to socialise more with girls or boys, you know Because my boys in their social circle, really there's hardly any girls And maybe I should make more of an effort to find friends who have daughters, because I think that would be quite helpful actually A playdate with girls where you're naturally surrounded with a bit more of a girl's world

I think it's healthy that men and women grow up not seeing the other gender as so far away from them, like a rival or the opposite That's it for this episode! Please subscribe and hit the bell so you'll get a notification the next time we have a video out You can also get the Clicknetwork App so you will see the videos before they hit YouTube See you for the next ep!


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