Bling It On! – Craft Time with the Kids

– Welcome to our Friday video – Today we're gonna test out Bling it On! – Bling it On! – Tug on that

Just go like this Got it – What this is is a really cool gooey stuff, that you stick on your stuff It makes it sparkly – I got a rocket ship

– I'm gonna decorate a little house – And I'm gonna decorate a pirate ship – This stuff is so sticky! – Which color should I do first? – This stuff is so hard to get out (giggles) (jazz music) – I'm gonna try to make a really cool pirate ship You can use hand lotion to make it easier to work with

– This really doesn't stick to your hands if you put lotion on them (mumbles) – On my spaceship I'm putting (mumbles) on my spaceship (singing) – It's good if you put a whole bunch in one spot – How about I put some lotion on the knife? It's gonna work It's working, it's working, it's working

– I'm going over mine so that it's thicker – I'm trying to get it on with my fingers, but it's not working – So Parker, how you doing? – Good – Your rocket ship is really pretty – I know, that's because I'm turning the purple into yellow

Isn't it beautiful? Oh, I forgot this side (jazz music) The light purple smells really good – Really smell the light purple, to make sure it smells good – Mmm! – Uh, I don't think so buddy Parker is this a craft you'd wanna do again? – Yeah

I wanna do this craft again someday – How about you Bailey? – I'm gonna weigh in as a parent here, these are like $1499 a package, and a lot of the stuff is dried out, so make sure you save your receipts Just being a dad, saying some dad things – Yeah, ooh! These is our first crafts

– I really like these because they don't stick to your finger with lotion – I like how they're gooey Thank you so much for watching our video today – For more great videos, please subscribe to our channel (singing) – [Parker Voiceover] I'm putting

(mumbles) on my spaceship (singing)


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