Beyblade Battle! Beauty vs Beast | Boy vs Girl Episode 4 – Toys

hi guys welcome back to the blast zone today I have my friend Angela here hi guys we have a very special video for you guys it's Beauty and the Beast Angela gets all the pretty toys and I get all the ugly and boy type beyblades check out the other videos that I'm in with the blossom kit they're gonna be linked in the description below ok guys I'm gonna pick my base now I think I really like this one my Phoenix I guess this one Eevee bro this one I really like some green this one this one pink them for all her last one is gonna be this one yes I'm really confident in these days now it's my turn I'm gonna pick the beach babes alright victreebel trip best in the world watcher Hercules I did a bit combo yellow our Fairmont dark deaf saucer vice Leopard plus Turks calories here are Angela's beyblades and here are my papers first battle I'm gonna go with this red one to revive Phoenix I'm gonna go it's arc Belmont let's do this come on I won the first battle one more point and I win this oh my goodness come on go inside wait instant replay says that I won on to the next round the next pretty Bey is this one yeah do-or-die cube sighs but I like calling it dick three two one you know this you tosser just has like kind of like a bearing so it's still one really because it's not hitting my base is psychologically I bursted you know super spray in the world one more point and I win so this could be the last battle or diapers or something Bieber oh is my next Bay o3o ring already I want to be beauty and brains so thanks for correcting me James ring out one zero if I get a burst I'm gonna win this – that's called the beyblade race right there hurry up crazy I won three eight times in a row I got archery Kiwis and I have this one see cheap scalper so it might get a couple hits so come on baby they're hitting each other ain't no Archer my German is not that good like my stem this one zero stronger than oh my gosh James is like using the best ug9 no defense boat on attack mode God dang it I lost again I'm making a last-minute trade get rid of this one and use vice Leopard I'm using Buster Excalibur oh yes bring out right now he needs medical I pursued him I bursted you buster you never stood second round I'm using revived Phoenix victreebel trees yes it's looks like I'm gonna win this I won are you guys watching this I just want again I need to think about my loss and my life for a few seconds are you guys watching this I'm going oh my god so the final battle looks like Archer Keeley's versus my slippers rent Wow looks like it's gonna be close by your guys go it's intense for all of us oh my god dang it so close beasts win so yeah three two one there it all right come on come on time to redeem yourself three seconds good game you did you went really close but it looks like bass beat the beauty this time but maybe next time eating my win but who knows thank you guys for coming max and last time please subscribe and look at our other videos with Angela they're super cool boys vs girl and I win most of them I win most of them so check it out


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