BEYBLADE Против СПИДКУБЕРА! Кто КРУЧЕ БЕЙБЛЭЙД или Кубик Рубика? Для Детей Kids Children

music is playing Arthur go play No, I'm finishing my drink and I go on to train to collect cubes what for lol What? On the contrary, they develop There is a mind, a handball I like Beyblade more come to play with me Well, I told you, no, hang two launchers there and hang two twoblades here and launch ask me i won't play with you Well, it is not necessary music is playing David, I'm in shock! I can not hear the noise, I can not hear the cry Arthur in one room, you in another room So quietly you play, what happened? We decided that we will play separately! Are you apart? Yes Why? What is he doing there himself? He collects his cubes Why aren't you going with him? In the cubes would play with my brother

He wants to be a speedcooter and I am a boybler Listen, and you can not be a speedcooler boybleyder? And maybe the speedcourse boydbader skater raiter roper janitor laugh It happens for sure Balikirin speedometer? or Nerd Player? *Laugh* *Laugh* so you can play and then train So maybe they were united and would play together I would play, but he does not want need to somehow unite you So come on with you playing with me? Mmmm Well let's let's run What will I be? Here it is Run together, right? I'm in the pit right away! Listen, and your so long spin Well run well hmm Well done! I just did not correctly run it Playing on! I will go to Arthur and find out how he is there Can you really unite and play together? CSO! This is a huge number of cubes you have different yep What kind of cubes are there? Chess 7 for 7! And how big is this? But this is 11 to 11 iii 11 to 11 how much time do you collect? well, about 1 hour Is it a classic 3 by 3? How much do you collect? Mmmm I don't know Maybe let's catch a seich? I will now sort it out in silence so that it would be difficult for you at all Well, the stopwatch at the ready Arthur is also ready I offer everyone Now write in comments write in comments for how many seconds Arthur will collect Twenty Thirty Thirty four seconds Well who was closest closest and wrote in the comments Somewhere side by side Well I will try to beat this record Hmm Well, stopwatch Write in the comments dad can to beat my record or not? How many thirty four seconds is your result? Yes Let's see Ready? Yep Countdown 3 2 1

Start! Tell me I'm waiting clues i don't understand anymore Arrr Twenty two seconds There is still time There is still time! I saw you doing this Now something can work Maybe this is a special cube

Which the Mmm xxx Already more

Could not No So I was distracted here with you for victory crying confidence


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