Best Bathtub Toy Reviews 2017 – How to Choose the Best Bathtub Toy

top productscom search top products calm for the best product reviews online top products presents our pick for the top 5 bathtub toys for this review we chose five brands known for quality bathtub toys showcasing a variety of options that are available at the number 5 spot is the Fun Express vinyl monster rubber duckies chosen not only for its features but also because of its budget-friendly price tag with over 10,000 items in their catalog Sun Express is among the leading toys gifts and novelties suppliers worldwide their set of monster rubber duckies features 12 brightly colored ducks that have holes in their bills that squirts water but do not squeak you can also give them to your guests as party favors though children find them fun and interesting they do not always float upright next on our list at number four is the newbie octopus who flop bath time toys newbie has for more than 30 years consistently produced high quality items to make the lives of parents and children fun and easy there octopus hoopla comprises of one octopus with interesting hoops of different shapes that help your baby develop hand-eye coordination they are also brightly colored to stimulate the children's senses and keep them occupied while you wash them with ease though your baby can still play with the toys on the floor the set is mostly suited for the bath the next product on our list was chosen because it is a great choice for people who are looking for a bathtub toy with lots of bells and whistles at number three we have the green toys rescue boat and helicopter green toys is focused on protecting the environment while at the same time giving you quality and safe products they're two-in-one rescue boat and helicopter is as fun in the playroom as it is in the bathtub your kid will also love the bear pilot and the duck captain as he or she plays with the set which floats on water some clients have claimed that very young toddlers are unable to tell the boat from the helicopter when choosing the right bathtub toy for your needs top products knows that budget can be an important consideration and our number two pick the boon pipes building bath toy set takes the spot for best value committed to solving parents problems by designing and producing quality products boon has really made a name for itself their bathtub toy set comes with a set of five pipe pieces with different designs and colors that can be set up as a chain children also love pouring water and letting it flow back into the tub while the pipes are suctioned to the wall much as they are attractive they are not as transparent as some parents wish but kids love them anyway and finally the baby Luffy alphabet bath toys made it to our top choice position because it provides a good array of features with an affordable price with over ten years experience manufacturing baby products baby Luffy guarantees you quality and safe bathtub toys to keep your child busy as well as having fun and learning while you are bathing him or her their toy set features 26 letters each with a corresponding animal and coordination puzzles the letters and animals are big bright and interesting to keep your child occupied they also stick to smooth surfaces hence your child can match them up on the bathroom wall however some customers feel there are too many pieces and might get lost these are our top 5 bathtub toys we hope you enjoyed watching our review until next time take care click now to subscribe to our YouTube channel and like this video don't forget to like our Facebook page and visit us at top products comm for more everyday product reviews you


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