BATH FIZZY Surprise The Assistant Finds Paw Patrol and PJ Masks Surprise Toys

– Family fun for everyone! – [Narrator] Hey Assistant! What do we have today? – [Assistant] Bath fizzies! – That's right, bath fizzies! These are special bath fizzies that you put in the water and what do they have inside? – Fish Toys

– And surprises! – Surprise toys are inside of them right? – Let's get started! – Okay, so people at home, should we use the red one? – Yeah! – Okay Assistant Let's put the red one in okay? She's gonna put it in and watch it fizz It's floating Whoa! Look at it! Look at all that fizz! Assistant! Woah, that's way cool, look at all that! – Woah Look at that mush

– Woah, look at 'em – Fizz – I see a toy coming up I see a toy! Right there Who do you think it is Assistant? – Let's get like wet

It's Mickey! – Who is it? – Mickey! – It is! It's Mickey the Mouse! – It looks brand new! – It does! Whoa! – Maybe that's how they do it – Oh wow, so that is Mickey Mouse He was inside of your bath fizzy wasn't he? – Yes he was – Wow, that's pretty cool That's our first one

Now we've got four other ones It's still fizzin' isn't it? – Yeah What if we put him in and see if we can get him? – You put him in Oh look he's floating – Put him at the bottom

Oh there he is! Look look look! – Oh wow that's pretty silly That's Mickey the Mouse okay? That was our red fizzy – Maybe I should dry my hands off – Maybe Okay Assistant

Which bath fizzy are we gonna do next? – We'll try the white – The white one way down here? – I wanna see what white fizzies look like – Alright so this is the white fizzy Who do you thinks inside of it? – I don't know – You don't know? – I hope it's Minnie

– Minnie Mouse Okay, so she puts it in – Woah! – Look at all those bubbles Assistant! – Here it is – Woah look at all those bubbles everywhere – Where is it? – I haven't seen the toy yet

Do you? – I don't see it either I have to dig my hand in – Alright Assistant Let's see if you can find! – I found it! It still has tons of fizz on it – Oh you better put it back in so it can finish fizzin'! Alright, now who is it? – Can't find it

– Can't find it? – Oh here it is Looks like a smurf – You found a smurf! – It looks brand new – Uh-huh Look! That is a smurf that was inside of the bath fizzy

Is it still fizzing? – No, but here is some fizz – Assistant, when you put your hand in, does it tickle? – No, it's just you feel stuff at the bottom – Oh really, does it feel warm? What does it feel like? – It feels warm – So which do you like better? Bath fizz or slime? – Bath fizz – It's way more cool right? – Yeah, and messy, way more less messy

– Okay, so what's the next one we're gonna do? – We're gonna do yellow! – Yellow Okay – Okay, I dried my hand – Alright, she's gonna dry her hands – I dried them

Ready? – Okay Here it is, right? There's the yellow Woah, look at that! – Woah, that's yellow It looks like egg dye – It does – Looks like something's floating at the top

Nope That's it Can't feel anything – Who do you think you want to be in this one right here? – Rubble! – Rubble? Cause he's yellow too! Rubble inside of it? Now Assistant, what else do you do with these bath fizzies? Do you use them when you take a bath? – Yes – That's right

They're for bath time fun You can put them in the bath tub and they fizz away – Looks like orange juice, but do not drink it – Do not drink it And you know what? You can make them smell really good too, right? – Yeah

– We made these ourself! – Yeah! There's also gonna be a video of us making them – That's right Mrs Engineer's gonna be making them Okay Assistant, pull out the toy that's inside

– I can't find it Ah, there's my hand! Here it is It looks like Rubble! – You found Rubble on the trouble! – Oopsie I dropped him – You found Rubble! That's awesome Assistant We found a smurf, Mickey Mouse, and Rubble on the double! – We'll put him out there

Where's the toy for that? Oh, there it is – Which one's next Assistant? We've got green and blue – Green – Green's next, huh? Okay, wait a minute Let's prove to the people at home

Do you see a toy inside of there? – No – Wait Assistant, put your head down below the water Do you see the assistant through the water? Hi Assistant! – It's blurry – Do you see the people at home? – Yeah

– Okay, put it inside Let's see what it looks like There's the fizzie – It's hard as a rock See, look! – Oh, it is as hard as a rock

– Ready? – Wait, just leave it like that for a second Oh! – I'll do it to the blue one – That's right, we'll leave the blue one kinda half in and half out Look at the all those bubbles! – Wow! Something's floating at the top – Well we've gotta let it keep going, right? – It must be a smurf

– You think so? – Still fizzin'! – It's still fizzin'! – There's some fizz right there – Oh, some of it came to the top Right there it is What is it? – Should I push it back down? – No, you should leave it just like that right? – It looks blue! – It does kinda look blue You know what? – Teal! – Maybe because yellow and blue make green

Right? – Hey you're right Must be a smurf – You think it's a smurf? – Yeah I wonder what that big blob is – I don't know

– Hey I see something blue! – Something blue's coming out of it I see it too! – Maybe we should let it have a– – It's like a egg hatching, right? – Yeah, takes a long time – What are you? what do you think it is? – Mr Ray from Finding Dory or Finding Nemo – Oh you think it's Mr

Ray? – Okay Time to go in – No not yet! He's still dissolving! Maybe push him down She pushed him down Okay, drop it back in

– Okay – Alright, let's see who it is Still not floated to the top yet, has it? – No I think I'll go and get it – Alright Assistant, let's see who it is

– It's Gekko! – Gekko? It is Gekko! It's Gekko from PJ– – Oh I dropped him! – Gekko! He went back in the water It's Gekko from – [Assistant And Narrator] PJ Mask! – There is Gekko right? – We'll take him out of the water – Yeah, let's take Gekko– – He's in the water! He's out – Gekko's out Okay, I guess we're all done

– No silly! There's one more – We've got another one? – Yes, it's the blue! – The blue! – See people at home? No toy – No toy– – But it is warm – Maybe hold half of it in and half of it out, right? – Yeah, we're just going to do that! – Okay, so let's see what it looks like Oh, people at home, do you see it dissolving? Right around the assistant's hand! What does that feel like, Assistant? – It feels

It feels weird – Does it feel like you're getting bit by a spider? – No! – Does it feel like you're getting bit by a dog? – No! – Does it feel like you're getting bit by a cat? – No! – Does it feel like you're getting by a mouse? – It tickles! – Oh it tickles Does it feel like you're getting tickled by a feather? – Yeah

– Does it feel like you're getting tickled by a cat? – They don't tickle – Alright, drop it in there Let's see what happens – Look, it's still at the top! – There it goes People at home, look at all those bubbles! – I hear something touch the ground

– Me too! Oh I wonder what's going to be inside of it – I think somebody from Pokemon – You think it's going to be somebody from Pokemon? – Like Pikachu – Like Peek-a-poo? – Pikachu! – You said Peek-a-poo – Pikachu! – Pikachu? – Yeah! – Oh, maybe

– We should probably put that guy in the bottom – Oh, Assistant, look It's still bubbling, isn't it? – Yeah Want me to push it to the bottom like the green one? – Not yet! Whoa! Look, I'm going to look at these other ones real quick Green! Red! Yellow! And white, right? – Yes! – Okay, so those are the ones we've already done

We're still dissolving our blue one – Hey do you want to see? I'll hide the thing and I'll see if I can get them back, okay? – Okay – I'll put them in the water, and I'll see if I can get them Mickey's floating, so he'll just stay out – Assistant, of course you can get them out

They're just right there But you know what we've got to do, is we've got to look and see Well you've got the Smurf back out – Got Rubble! – Rubble – Got– – Gekko – Gekko

Still need one more – Alright – I think it's probably done – You think it's done? – Yeah, let's stir it up – People at home, do you think it's done? – I'll dig my hand in

– Alright, Assistant – I think it's Pikachu – You think it's Peek-a-poo? I mean Pikachu – I was right! – Oh you were right! It was Pikachu Hi Pikachu! – I'm still wet

Let's do a game – There is Pikachu Hey that's cool! Pikachu was in the blue one, right? – And he should have been in the yellow one! – Well Rubble was in the yellow one, right? 'Cause Rubble's yellow! – Yeah I have a guessing game that we can do – What's that? – We get all of the other characters from the thing and we put them in all the same thing and let's see if we can find them and guess which one it is

– Okay, so you put them all in Pull out one and guess which one – Eyes are closed Mickey! 'Cause he's floating – We got Mickey

– A smurf? I was right! – We got the smurf Good job – It's all about the feeling – It's all about the feeling – Pikachu

– Peek-a-poo I mean Pikachu And now? – I think this is Rubble – Rubble Rubble on the Double! Good job – And What is the other one? – I'll give you a hint – Gekko! – PJ Mask! Gekko! Alright Assistant Good job – Is there any more? No! – She found and we did all of our fun bath fizzy surprises! Right? – Yes we did! – Hey, which one was your favorite one? – Probably the green, because it turned blue

– The green, and that had Gekko on it People at home, leave a comment and let us know Have you ever played with a bath fizzy before? – Yeah! They're really fun to play with, and you can also get them at a store – That's right, but if you get them at a store they probably won't have toys in them, right? – Yeah, the toys are sold separately – We made these ourselves

– Yeah! – Do you want us to make a video where the assistant makes her own bath fizzies? – Yeah – Leave a comment and let us know, okay? – Okay! – Remember to subscribe to the Engineering Family, follow us on Facebook and Twitter– – Our secret spelling word is going to be bath fizzies! – Fizzy! – Okay! – How about just fizzy? F-I-Z-Z-Y spells – Fizzy! – Fizzy! Type that in the comments

Okay everyone Have a great bath fizzy kind of day, right? – Right! – Bye! – Bye – Hey there everyone! Thanks for watching our video Now make sure that you subscribe to the Engineering Family so you can see lots of cool videos! In fact, there's another cool video right there! You can select and watch it I think you're really going to like it

Is it Team UmiZoomi? Paw Patrol? Surprise eggs? Frozen? Blaze? Masha? There are so many videos to watch Bye!


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