Barbie Mimi Become Flight Attendants! Play Doh Dress Up Tutorial

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All They're looking for New members to Join Their team ah ha ha this is definitely my Call I need to try on the uniform first this is my chance to move on from the stupid hot dog Job i'm gonna be a Flight Attendant yes So both, me me and Raquel have come to? Me to try on the uniform Cheers Mimi as you know mimi is one of the most Popular dolls in korea so i'm going to dress her up in Korean air in form as for Raquel I'm going to dress her up in a Unique singapore Whoo you guys are going to be the Judges and Later But Which doll has Dressed Up better as a Flight attendant okay Let's begin Bed First Undress me then tie your Hair so that It Doesn't get on the Way Roll Out White Play-Doh This is going to be the blouse I think White suits bow meaning i'm using a carving tool to carve out the blouse Shape This Looks Good Now i'm going to put this Around your upper Body trim It apart a Little and Pull the rest This Is where i'll be putting the becky's Can You Guess What these are going to be a little decoration To bring Out the character oh so pretty Now these are going to be funny i Do typically to Sudan I'm also going to use white plate out To cover service? Now i'm going to use the sky blue Play-Doh To make a Skirt it's a Little Darker Than The Actual korean Air's uniform But This Will do for Now When you have the Dough Rolled Out wrap It Around two Raised Oh i like This a Lot so Classy Yeah I'm Rolling Out the same Sky blue Play-Doh again to make the Jacket Cut Out a V-Shape in the Middle Put Half of The vest on top of the blouse It'S a little Too late i need to trim all over finish The other side with These Leftover Pieces i made a Color and I'm gonna attach these on a Jacket Just Like This Now it's time to make Sleeves use the same Sky blue color to wrap your arms Not as simple As i anticipated Let's try This One more time Carefully wrap this Around okay tuck the remaining Part and It Looks Much Better Than before Repeat This process One more time wrap Carefully and cut the leftover Clay Once The Sleeves are done fix the collars In white Play-Doh one more time i'm going to wrap this Around When you smack What do you think much Better Right Next i have to make blue with It and i'm most important item Hold Down the White color a little and It's perfect so pretty make to light blue Clay and Put them right Here Once i apply Top coat on My name is now Finished What do you think about my korean air uniform if you like This uniform Please click the big Thumbs up Thanks Raquel Is Now ready to be dressed up as well good i don't Have to do her hair it's Nicely put up already First of All from her breast with White Play-Doh it has this necklace Hole on the chest so i'm Just covering it Pick blue Play-Doh and roll it out Thinly Cut the long rectangular Shape in Half and Cut Out the big Shape Around the neck attach Half of her dress trim finish The Other Half Just Like This Do you see these buttons poking out i need to find a Way to make These unnoticeable Let'S cut This Part Out first and yes about i'm making a Red belt that can do the Magic okay much Better Now it's time to cover arms cut two Pieces Out with blue Play-Doh and i'm gonna make one end Round Prepare to me me barbie dolls Arms Move more Freely so it's much easier to attach Sweet Once i'm Finished with Sleeves it's time to have a detail about the name tag over here? Is it only me who thinks she looks like a Prisoner? Let'S do some more decoration add a Sparkling Button on Below Let's make the name tag a Little swimmer i Think you have adding a Scarf This is going to be very difficult for me on top of White Play-Doh I'm gonna add Red and blue Like This They split Slow enough use a cardboard to cut The Edges nice and Sharp And wrap this Around Raquel's Neck Cut the Remaining Part Out and it's Now becoming to look like real flight attendants uniform Let's add a Hat on A Brown Play-Doh! Rebel Long Strip The Route to add some Height Sky-Blue Buddies style Up her dress As a Final Step Apply Topcoat all Around but a Nice Black shoes and Bracelet a Spell Cows Flight attendant a Finished Just Love This dress Uniform Come on Go ahead and press the big Thumbs up button Number 617 618 please come in now If you're looking for a person with a perfect figure that Would be me raquel Hello My name is mimi Wow you both Look Very Good in uniforms i'm Impressed oh? Thank you having Good figure Helps i think presenting Your best side to customers is Very important That's Why i chose this Uniform Instead of Those Typical Old-Fashioned Uniforms Boy i See you have a Very High self Esteem? It's important that Flight attendants Speak multiple Languages could You please Introduce Yourself in any Other language Foreign Language Bul-bul zoom and Then kate a mini-me Then Take a Feudal Jaraguá Thank you That's all we Need no one told me i had to speak a Foreign language to become a Flight attendant might As Well Go back to selling Hot dogs now


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