Barbie Fairytale Dress Up Toy – Fun Review 2018

And she also can do a front flip That's cool

Can I do a front flip – No oh my gosh she's in her underwear yeew gross

we don't want her to be in her underwear weeeeeee she landed!!! Cooool So cool hi everyone my name is Megan I'm gonna show you guys this girl can go to a ball what?!! that's crazy and also her hair because it's golden, it's beautiful It has a crown on it She looks like a princess I am going to change her in to what?!!! – No one knows So let me start oh my gosh she is in her underwear yeuwwww gross we don't want her to be in her underwear

yeewww I need to change her into something She is almost done Look she like that She is supposed to be naked oh my gosh she turned She is like a butterfly but her wings are bigger oops it's okay she is a fairy

Now also we will take her wings off and Look, she can do gymnastics! She can stand in her head do you think my Barbie can do a handstand? and she also can do a front-flip That's cool

Can I do a front-flip? No watch She can also do a back-flip Now, I am going to change her into something else oh my gosh, she turned into a mermaid!!! I like mermaid movies too, but it's okay She looks beautiful: she has pink, blue and pink again! And she has pink here

and she has pink here but it's hard to see it it's okay Now, if you take a bath when you go to a bath her hair turns into brown! Like brown but it's actually yellow still and she's swimming in the water oh my gosh and she also gave me like a statue we can't add something else see this We can add something else See this? Her hair is so beautiful We can brush her hair very carefully careful, careful, very carefully I am brushing her hair

Oh beautiful, beautiful what do you want me to do – a ponytail? – Oh, that's easy or something else not a ponytail, that's not interesting see, it's gonna happen she looks crazy, that's okay she can look crazy It's crazy hair day Look at this top

You can change it Pretend she is Ariel and she's going to her father King Triton Oh, no it's nighttime She is going to her room She is changing her top It's a pink top Does she look beautiful? Really beautiful Now what we are going to do is take this hair dye off because she is going to go to bed In the water? What? She can speak under water Now she is sleeping calm in the water in the ocean She likes to have this scream on her hair The doll Because I twisted her hair like that It looks like Green Is that crazy? – very crazy

She can also put a crown in the water Like this But, I am going to tell how to put he crown on You are trying to put things on like that and make sure it doesn't fall off and do it very gently you should try it She likes candies, but candies are not very healthful for you, but she still likes it

because she has candies all over her You think this is a top and how to take it off, but it's still on, because, people, it's not a top That's why She is a mermaid she can swim swim anywhere It can be in the ocean or in the pool Cool this looks like frosting and my parent give me this for my birthday cuz I was turning 6 and they got me this This doll looks like a girl These things are so beautiful I very like them it's like a massage It's because she is a mermaid and my mom built me a Barbie house and it's made out of box and I play with her in there In my house I imagine that the floor is water and she has mermaid friends in I like this doll because she can be a fairy, human, mermaid and she can be a gymnastor and also she can go to a swimming class and also, also She can be a princess

And I like princesses movies because they are so beautiful She doesn't look like a princess, because she is super super duper beautiful! And her hair is beautiful, very beautiful I told you lots of things about the mermaid How about we change her into a human? We are going to take this off We are going to take her crown

it's kind of hard Try your best You always have to try your best There you go! I am almost done, just need to put on one more shoe And I don't really like this top, because it's not really beautiful This one is beautiful

Oops It's okay if I dropped it See it's easy Very well we put back on If you hear it snapped, it means it's on And I like these shoes very much because they look like candies Yumm

Right behind they look like sprinkles This look like bow ring And they are beautiful, so beautiful I can't believe it This is like candy and this is like pink this is like candy and this is like frosting pink and blue frosting

Very yummy Who likes frosting, I think everyone does but some people are allergic to milk it's okay I like this this top because these shoes are the same blue like these and my favorite color is that color Look at this doll How about we change her into another outfit? Let's start These are very hard to take off because if they're so easy it means they will not even come on her

So that's why it's so tight Let's put her in this skirt Now we're going to put on these purple shoes I think they're so easy to put on because they are very long These are so beautiful shoes So we are done

Let's change her this way Magic! I did magic because these are easy to take off Now let's put this purple on There you go See? This purple and purple match! Cool! Very cool! Now she is going to

na-na-nah I am dancing, I am dancing, dancing, dancing Her makeup is so beautiful and let's see can she do a sitting a back-flip? Weeeeeee She landed! Cool! So cool Now how about she does a sitting fron-flip? Let's see can she do that? Oh my gosh! She can do that! So cool! Thank you for watching my videos

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