Baby doll bath and bed time play | Fun & Learning with Toys

Hi, welcome to the 5th video of our play series Today we are playing with dolls I see Sally coming

Maybe she'll want to play Oh, why is the baby crying? She's crying because she is hungry Maybe she wants some ice-cream? I like ice-cream You like ice-cream, but baby likes milk Can you help? I like milk too

You like milk too? You have her bottle Are you drinking some milk? Yes Can you share some with the baby? OK Oh, gently Look, I'm going to hold the baby and give her the bottle like this Can you try? Yummy The baby looks happy now

Yay You know what, Sally? It's time for the baby to go to sleep OK Can you help me put her to bed? Yes Can you take off her hat and put her under the blanket? And then? Hmm, I don't need her hat I need her blanket

You put her under the blanket But she can't see, Sally Can you help me show her face? Let's sing her a lullaby OK What song would you like to sing? Twinkle twinkle? OK Let's sing it together

Twinkle twinkle little star how I wonder what you are Oh look, the baby is sleeping Thanks for playing with me today, Sally It's time to say goodbye now Let's say bye to everyone watching

Bye In today's video, we played with dolls The child practised how to be kind and gentle, and I modelled what the child can do to play We also practised prepositions, and also how to follow two-step instructions You can try this at home and see how you go

Thanks for watching


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