Atlanta Spurs x Toys for Tots

That time of year has come Christmas Also, the day of the week is approaching Premier League weekend Tottenham Hotspur, one of the top teams in the Premier League, There are supporters all over the world, including Atlanta, Georgia Members of the official Tottenham Hotspur Atlanta Supporters Club on every game day Located on the Atlantic Station to watch the Spurs game Irish Pub Mijans Emo Members enjoying the game On one side of the pub There's a big box packed like a Christmas present

This box is for charity event "Toys for Tots" It's a box to donate toys We always want to contribute to the community I try to do other things all year round Toys for Tots was just a natural choice for us So, charity events are always good, there are various events The important charitable events for us are for children, for those who are a little unhappy Recently I did Habitat for Humanity, Some members helped me build a house

We like to participate in these charity events Through Toys for Tots Atlanta Spurs not only donates to the community Members can also get a lottery ticket Give me one piece of toys to donate Christmas is a boxing day period for soccer fans It is also a time to share joy and love Toy forTots is I am not as fortunate as the families who can give toys to children There are many families who can not give gifts to their children This box is located in Mijans until December 9th Once you stop by, donate toys, enjoy spur gear How about making a warm Christmas? In Mijans, the ship is a circle!


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