Amazing Crazy Watches that You Can’t Afford – Big Boy Toys for the Uber Rich!

This is Watch Your Style Today I'm gonna be doing a video on some of the most exotic watches in the world and these watches fit in their own category

That category is, Crazy Watches! [opening music] Alright, so in the world of horology, there's a lot of different levels to this Watch Game You have everything from your everyday beater to your Holy Grail watches, to the heavy duty hitters that you want to really cause a statement But then you have these other watches that fall in a completely different category and those are crazy watches These are not just big boy toys for the uber rich These are statement pieces

There's statements for the people that made them and there's also statements for the people that own them A guy doesn't buy a million dollar watch because it's a million dollars He buys a million dollar watch because he wants to be different and that's usually where it gets to that point Anybody can go and buy, if you're finances allow it, a $100,000-watch at any big brand store that's easily available, but these unique pieces are more works of art than anything Of course they're exotic

Of course they're radical Of course they don't look like standard watches because that is the point There are supposed to be abstract, something over the top More than anything, they're conversation pieces You'd be surprised how many people own these watches and possibly not even wear them, but keep them to themselves locked away and every now and then they open up the safe to have a look at them

Have some whiskey It's for themselves They buy it for themselves They buy it to talk to other guys and I want to talk a little bit about these crazy watches with you So the first watch that I wanna talk to you that, for me, is just absolutely insane is this Jacob & Co Opera

Now, the three watches examples that I have for you here today all happen to be Jacob & Co And now today in 2017, Jacob & Co has really stepped it up and they're coming out with really over-the-top stuff For example, this Opera, which happens to be a Godfather Edition With a retail of $270,000 and it's limited to 18 pieces, this isn't just an entire domed shape crystal with a bunch of stuff going on This is really a piece of art

If you notice in the very center, there's actually a miniature Godfather sculpture Serious! Talking about right in the middle of this watch, the Godfather is sitting down and smoking a cigar The most important is when you hit this button, the whole entire dial, which is really the entire watch, is not even just the dial, rotates, playing the piano of the theme of the Godfather That to me are the characteristics that fit into a crazy watch Not only does it have a triple-axis tourbillon, and besides the fact it's just out of this world, including the glass enclosure, but those are the things that make a crazy watch

This is something that is out of this world! It looks like someone landed in a spaceship and had this watch on Another example would be this Twin Turbo Now, the Twin Turbo happens to have two triple-axis tourbillons, with a retail price of $360,000, it's obviously an exotic watch for the uber rich, but something about this piece is just says something else This is a statement watch This is not your average piece that you see on a day-to-day basis

Has a crank on the side to crank up the power reserve, something very unique The finishes on all these watches are superb I'm talking about it's done to perfection Has a minute repeater complication and something like this, in my opinion, falls into the crazy watch category Now, last but not least, if this isn't a crazy watch, I don't know what is

A lot of people think that a crazy watch has to do with just being expensive, but that's only part of the factors, OK? These are pieces of history Any way you look at it, this watch was made today and it may not be made again, but forever, this will be the Triangular Baguette Astronomia Now, ever since the release of the Astronomias, which completely, in my opinion, just blew the minds of anybody that follows watches They stepped it up with this Baguette version, which is completely out of this world And this for me also falls in the crazy watch category

Now, a guy that buys this type of watch, of course has the opportunity to buy any other watch And it's just like the piano collector that happens to obtain Napoleon's piano He's not buying the piano just because of the sound He's buying it because it's a piece of history and this piece right here is a piece of history With a retail price of $1

3 million, obviously it's not for everybody, but this right here is an incredible work of art You have to see this in person to really understand it Some guys that they say, �Well, it's too big Well it's kind of weird It doesn't look like a watch!� That's the whole point

It's a crazy watch It's to really go above and beyond It's when you already have all the watches that you can think of and you really wanna start having some really, really collectible and unique stuff Anybody can get some conservative artwork, like a Van Gogh and stuff like that, but then you start getting into the progressive art, where it starts getting a little bit more abstract, and for me, this is where the crazy watches fall into Now, as far as the Watch Game goes, it's pretty self explanatory

If you happen to own one of these and you do decide to take it outside, it's pretty much game over! Unless you're going to a club meet where everybody's just bringing crazy watches man, that would actually be an amazing thing to see In the Watch Game, I don't thinkit's just a no-brainer

There's nothing really to say here You're pretty much running the game with any one of these that's on the table, including the one that's on my wrist So feel free to comment how you feel about crazy watches and if you're in the market to buy a crazy watch, contact me at eric@crmjewelers And if you liked this video, please like and share Also, subscribe to our channel

My name is Eric This is Watch Your Style


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