#ad Awesome Craft Hacks With Sugru

Today, I show you 3 lots of good craft hacks, what you can do at home, using Sugrut Sugru sponsored this video and asked me to try out the new DIY inventory When opened, there are 4 different colors of Sugrut

A texturing little thong can fit your finger And a texturing brush I'll show you later There is a small book, which shows Sugrut; how can you use Sugrut, It also has 16 projects that can be tested Who does not know what Sugru is, this is a shapable adhesive that can capture everything Feeling like Play Doh which you can easily change with your finger After 24 hours, it becomes a flexible eraser, what you can record I start with these wood, cabinet buttons I make my own prints

First you need an arc baking paper And draw the cupboard around it I'm doing 4 different breeds now Now draw a sample into the circle using a pencil I was drawing a day

As well as a heart, a leaf pattern, And finally a paw Next I bought a small white Sugrut and I pressed the door button I poured some soapy water on it And I pressed it on a smooth surface, to make the surface even After that, I squeezed the pattern to move the drawing to Sugru I let it dry for 24 hours

I did all this with the four To make Sugrut shape you will need some pointed object and gently cut the pattern Do not get angry if you do not get that accurate no problem Be careful When you're done you can use it Push out a little toner and try your print shop

These are pretty good and you can use them to create your own postcard Decorate douche cardboard, And make them a book cover This pattern, funny, is like an animal he would have walked through your lap The next thing I do, the personal mug Buy a pair of Sugrut in different colors And choose one I will use this yolk to make a small ticket Push it on the mug and smooth it with your fingers

Then I'll use a printing set to name my name Come on, no? For this I will use the gray Sugrut, to make a present for my friend If you want, you can use the little brush, to give some pattern to the surface If you want to use the ring, to be the surface that you want I use this set again And I'll throw out my friend's name When you're done or dip in the soapy water Then hit the Sugruba

It's easy to do and looks good It's a self-indulgent way to make a unique gift I make a big circle out of pink, and now I'll use my little print to try something on Sugruba I use a small green Sugrut to do it I put some letters down

If you want to cheat someone, your friend's mug a little so you can not catch it In the last idea, the Sugrut will be used, so that we can make them I use a little red to fill this heartbreaking pendant This is a bit long work, but when you do it will show off well Let it dry for 24 hours And then we put it on a necklace

If you like, you can make earrings I use a jewelery kit and I take one dose of Sugrut and form a heart My yard is somewhere and I make my pair If you have a nice robe or dagger you can also use it And you can do it with a custom holder

And make a medal of it Sugru is perfect for keeping any material, When it is dried, it will be a very powerful thing Bring something up, And fix it with clips When the medallion is dry, I'm in a chain And all in all, you have your own earrings and necklaces

I think it is very super thing for Sugru, is a useful product If you want to buy, you have a 15% discount by clicking on the link in the description I hope you enjoyed this video, if you want to see more, then click on my youtube channel Be careful, have fun Thank you for your attention!


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