there were toys that were beyond just normal toys they transcended even being toys because they were the things myths were made of in the Analog Age, there were only a couple ways to find out about new toys beside TV the store weekly paper inserts pamphlets that came with other toys or rumors you hear about someone who knows someone that went to school with someone that had a cousin that played with some toy once now I'm not talking any toy here I'm talking the biggest ones in the line the real prizes the toys that would make a true collector the toys that grew into myths you might not ever play with them you might not ever see them you might just hear whispers, gossip or lies shady deals going down in the back of the playground, trading, conspiring, friendships lost or formed just to see a toy you're lucky you get to see to see a glimpse of one you became a legend if you got to play with one you became immortal if you got to own one if you enjoyed today's episode please subscribe or visit Life In The Analog Age com for weekly comics each sold separately


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