wow Arthur, will you finish the lessons soon? Wait, you distract me now If you had not distracted me, I would have completed it a long time ago Let's play, then do the lessons First, I will finish the lessons, then we will play But I already want to play Blableds Okay, you still don't give me to finish the lessons Let's play first, And then I'll finish the lessons Come on, where are you coming here Bring in Who plays with what? let's better play different parts of blades Come on

Here, I already collected myself Now it will be called Voltrasprayzer What is Voltrasprayzer? Because here is the lid from the voltraek and the tip from the spraisen What are we playing for? Come on chocolate bar Do you have a chocolate bar? No Well, I also do not have

I would like to win a chocolate bar Did you mean lose the chocolate bar? Well, what is ready to run? Yes 3,2,1 Forward!!! * Play * I won!!! You see, already the chocolate would be mine Yeah, if a virtual chocolate

Well, do you want to play for something real? Come on, who will lose will do 10 squats Come on Well, are you ready? Yes 3,2,1 Forward!!! * Play * Aha ha ha, I won! * Crouches * Again, do we play squats? Are you ready? Yes 3,2,1 Forward!!! * Play * Eeeee, I broke you !!! * Put the remote * * Yawns * * Touches the pillow * * Crouches * * Lie down on the pillow * * Play * Everybody freaked out * Is looking * *Rises* * Play * No one won

Hee hee 3, 2, 1 Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop Huge request – I want to go to bed now Therefore, play something quiet What games are quiet? Well, a lot of quiet games But now we want to play it in the blades Guys, but she is the most noisy Can not be so Let's make absolute silence

Sit down, play, play something else Agreed? Yes, yes agreed All thanks, I went to sleep * Leaves * Oh, sorry What a pity? Let `s play

What play? we agreed with the Pope Do not play it This you said Yep And I was silent So I did not agree with anyone

Oh you sly Okay Let's run But if that, this was your idea Come on 3,2,1 Forward!!! * Play * I am the champion again! Are you ready? Yes

3,2,1 Forward!!! * Play * The first time you won Guys, well, I asked Can you turn it down? Yes you can Stop, find some other game and play OK, deal? Arthur, okay? yep David, agreed? Yep Well done

So this is David said we will play Gk, I think that everything happens on your initiative You're older Yep Alright enough Silence is complete

Yep Let's run What else we will launch? What is it? Dad? Yes Daddy will come again Well, let's close the door What would he have not heard Come on

Come on And let's who loses, that will be wrung out Come on 1,2,3 Forward!!! * Play * I broke you * Wrung out * * Turned on the other side * 3,2,1 Forward!!! * Play * I drilled yours

3,2,1 Forward!!! * Play * Nobody won again Yes Kho Artem, well, this is one of the most noisy games therefore I take everything

You will not play Well, that's played Well, let's quietly already play How we play, if Dad took the arena And let's play right here

It will be fun Listen it will be even quieter – Dad will not hear But it will be a trap Yes They will fall there Yes 3,2,1 Forward!!! * Play * Wow! * Play * All

I fell into the trap I won 3,2,1 Forward!!! * Play * Come on, come on My win !!! Wow! Saw your spin Yes

In the middle * Play Uuuuuu Husky boss Did not fall Haha 3,2,1 Forward!!! * Play * Mmmmmm ON YOU !! Come on! Uuuuuuu I thought you were trapping me

Aaaaaa I fell into the trap AS!!! You win 3 times with me Take it Come on 3,2,1 Oh, pa, pa, pa, pa And how do you run? I took the arena from you

And here we run here Here? Here is not convenient? So this is a reverse trap They fly in and out like this And continue to fight on In general, I understand

So when I took the arena did not help So for that there would be silence Give here the blades It's a pity All Quiet, quiet, quiet So

So Oooooh Oooooh Oooooh Oooooh This game is much quieter Let's play it and everything will be fine Collect something from Lego cool Lego, Lego do not want to play Lego What then? Let's come up with some other game

No, I want a label So Dad already took away the blades And forbidden to run Babyblades means Listen, and what if you make lego babbled

How so? Is it possible to do so? Let's try Come on I'll build a red one myself What are you doing? Why don't you also make a label? I'm just playing Come on, you pick up the blades Do I have to make you a label? Yes Why not you? Well, you come on

Okay I'll make you white So, this will be the basis on which it will spin Oooh fun already is Now the wings

You can also put such a chain Let me see Wait a minute I will attach the teeth here On, it will be yours Thank you And mine will be red

Well, let's get it faster I already want to run Wait And this will be mine And let me see On

* Spinning the bubbled * And let it be mine I have a red shirt right now So, so, so on the contrary it will be mine, but this is yours And I have a red T-shirt And I have red pants

This is how you launch it, it twists 3,2,1 * Play * I have a bad start * Play * This is what you started Does that mean I won? No, it's not fair at all You threw on top * Play * I won

* Play * Again you won * Play * Oh, you won Like a boss 🙂 Wow, class Yes class I myself did not expect

Funny turned out * Play * And Dad thinks we have no blades What is this? Guys, I took the banlades from you So we play Lego Wow

Class Right now I'll come, wait a second * Sings * Your arena Yep Let's just divide I'm still awake Anyway, you woke me up

For this, you are given the real blabables, so we divide them, and Lego for me Lego? Let's just all at once Everything is good for you to play Bye Bye On

And we had some great blades But u on the original Those were better Well, you give David Friends, write in the comments which is better? These are the original or those that are from Lego

AND BECOME LIKE *Music* Russian subtitles: GANAND


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