Почему Давид РАССТРОЕН! В доме ПОЯВИЛСЯ BEYBLADE ! Для детей Video for Kids

Hmm Arthur, David come here I'm sorry, what?! look finally the package came and here Oh! It's the same ee baableyd -Yes! Well, what someone -My red – my red -Red, red -No, my red -I ordered myself red -I ordered myself red Guys, I generally suggest not to argue

about this and so David, guess which hand Red at David, blue at Arthur Hooray! Let's go play! Stop, stop, stop, guys play later -You have to clean the room -Well, almost And who will wash the floor, so let's half home, then you will play Oh-oh-oh So want to play in playboy but also wash the floor listen, and come on so – who will lose that will wash the floor prepare to wash the floor Ha ha ha I'll win Ha ha ha David is the best! -Are you ready? -Good You will see now how about fighting Three two one Forward! Ha ha ha, well, saw Get ready to wash the floor Go get a mop [David washes the floor] This is great David washed the floor, already almost all, and why Arthur does not wash? Well, because he, he won i lost What did you lose? nuuuu in bayblade – Well, I warned you, you can not play, especially on desire who lost that does something so if one more time I will take it from you and everything Do you understand? Agreed? -Yes! -Good By the way, we still have Gabarey -Oh, I will I! Oh class, yes class Look here for 10 candies each listen and come on who's gonna win the blades will take all the candy how much will I win It turns out you will have twenty candies -Class, come on -Bery – We're going to eat all the sweets

– Yeah, come on three, two, one, go! Great! Well, not that scary will you be lucky next time But all my sweets Why did I lose again Stop, stop, stop do not eat all the candy now i Come on, my candy is yours Good, come on! Three, two, one, go! Fuuuh, now your candy comes to me Three, two, one forward Artuuuurchik! Get up faster, it's time to wake up Come on, get up, get up faster Dad, come on so who wins in babbled he doesn't go to school Wow, not only that yesterday all day you played you poor brother younger completely beat, and today you are ready to play like that Well, I quickly got dressed for a minute because I’ll take the whole of the blades from you Yep good Like if you liked the video! and write in the comments who will win now! Me or david Have written? Three two one, go ahead! Eeeee, yayayaya !!


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